Handbook of Clinical Anesthesia

Chapter 1 The History of Anesthesia

Chapter 2 Scope of Practice

Chapter 3 Occupational Health

Chapter 4 Anesthetic Risk, Quality Improvement and Liability

Chapter 5 Mechanisms of Anesthesia and Consciousness

Chapter 6 Genomic Basis of Perioperative Medicine

Chapter 7 Pharmacologic Principles

Chapter 8 Electrical Fire and Safety

Chapter 9 Experimental Design and Statistics

Chapter 10 Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 11 Respiratory Function

Chapter 12 Immune Function and Allergic Response

Chapter 13 Inflammation, Wound Healing and Infection

Chapter 14 Fluids, Electrolytes and Acid–Base Physiology

Chapter 15 Autonomic Nervous System

Chapter 16 Hemostasis and Transfusion Medicine

Chapter 17 Inhaled Anesthetics

Chapter 18 Intravenous Anesthetics

Chapter 19 Opioids

Chapter 20 Neuromuscular Blocking Agents

Chapter 21 Local Anesthetics

Chapter 22 Drug Interactions

Chapter 23 Preoperative Patient Assessment and Management

Chapter 24 Malignant Hyperthermia and Other Inherited Disorders

Chapter 25 Rare and Coexisting Diseases

Chapter 26 The Anesthesia Workstation and Delivery Systems

Chapter 27 Standard Monitoring Techniques

Chapter 28 Echocardiography

Chapter 29 Airway Management

Chapter 30 Patient Positioning and Related Injuries

Chapter 31 Monitored Anesthesia Care

Chapter 32 Ambulatory Anesthesia

Chapter 33 Office-Based Anesthesia

Chapter 34 Anesthesia Provided at Alternate Sites

Chapter 35 Anesthesia for the older patient

Chapter 36 Anesthesia for Trauma and Burn patients

Chapter 37 Epidural and Spinal Anesthesia

Chapter 38 Peripheral Nerve Blockade

Chapter 39 Anesthesia for Neurosurgery

Chapter 40 Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery

Chapter 41 Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery

Chapter 42 Anesthesia for Vascular Surgery

Chapter 43 Obstetrical Anesthesia

Chapter 44 Neonatal Anesthesia

Chapter 45 Pediatric Anesthesia

Chapter 46 Gastrointestinal Disorders

Chapter 47 Anesthesia and Obesity

Chapter 48 Hepatic Anatomy, Function and Physiology

Chapter 49 Endocrine Function

Chapter 50 Anesthesia for Otolaryngologic Surgery

Chapter 51 Anesthesia for Ophthalmologic Surgery

Chapter 52 The Renal System and Anesthesia for Urologic Surgery

Chapter 53 Anesthesia for Orthopaedic Surgery

Chapter 54 Transplant Anesthesia

Chapter 55 Post Anesthesia Recovery

Chapter 56 Critical Care Medicine

Chapter 57 Acute Pain Management

Chapter 58 Chronic Pain Management

Chapter 59 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Chapter 60 Disaster Preparedness