Motoyama & Davis: Smith's Anesthesia for Infants and Children, 7th ed.


The project of revising a classic medical textbook presents many opportunities and challenges. The chance to review the many new developments that have emerged in pediatric anesthesia since the publication of the last edition of Smith's Anesthesia for Infants and Children in 1996 and to evaluate their effects on clinical practice have indeed been exciting. As always, we are deeply indebted to the extraordinary work done and commitment made by Dr. Robert M. Smith. Beginning shortly after World War II, Dr. Smith pioneered pediatric anesthesia in the United States. Between 1959 and 1980, he published the first four editions of his book, Anesthesia for Infants and Children. His work made this textbook a classic, establishing a quality and record of longevity. Editions 1st through 4th were written almost exclusively by Dr. Smith, with the exception of the chapter on respiratory physiology by E.K. Motoyama. Since the late 1980s, when Dr. Smith passed the book to the current editors, the subsequent 5th and 6th editions and now the new 7th edition have utilized the talents and expertise of many renowned pediatric anesthesiologists throughout North America. The 7th edition has been expanded further by the addition of new chapters and new contributors. The new edition has added DVD capabilities to further enhance the book's educational potential. These additions reflect the continual growth and complexity of the specialty of pediatric anesthesia.

Our ability to maintain this book's standard of excellence is not just a reflection of the many gifted contributors but is also a result of the level of support that we have received at work and at home. We wish to thank the staff members of the Department of Anesthesiology at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for their support and tolerance.

Our special thanks go to David Chasey, Editorial Assistant, as well as Susan Danfelt and Patty Klein, Administrative Assistants, of the Department of Anesthesiology, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, for their many hours of diligent work on the book. We are appreciative of the photographic material supplied to us by various current and former members of the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh staff. The credits for photography go to Dr. Brian Gronert; Ellen Kretchman, CRNA; David Wagner, CRNA (Anesthesiology); Drs. Charles Bluestone, Sylvan Stool, Robert Yellon (Otolaryngology), and Basil Zitelli (Pediatrics). The cover for this edition was created by Kaoru Kawasaki, graphic designer.

Our special thanks also go to Elsevier's Natasha Andjelkovic, Publisher; Ann Ruzycka Anderson, Senior Developmental Editor; and Mary Anne Folcher, Senior Project Manager, for their editorial assistance.

Finally, as with the previous two editions, we are deeply indebted to our family members, Yoko, Eugene, and Ray Motoyama and Katie, Evan, Julie, and Zava Davis, for remaining loyal, for being understanding, and for providing moral support throughout the lengthy and, at times, seemingly endless project.

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