Pediatric Cardiology Board Review


ABG  arterial blood gas

ACE  angiotensin-converting enzyme

ADH  antidiuretic hormone

AH  atrium - His

AICD  automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator

ALCAPA  anomalous left coronary artery arising from the pulmonary artery

ALTE  apparent life-threatening event

AP  aortopulmonary

APV  absent pulmonary valve

ARB  angiotensin receptor blocker

ARF  acute rheumatic fever

ARVC  arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy

ASD  atrial septal defect

AV  atrioventricular

AVM  arteriovenous malformation

AVSD  atrioventricular septal defect

BAS  balloon atrial septostomy

BMI  body mass index

BP  blood pressure

bpm  beats per minute

BT  Blalock–-Taussig

CBC  complete blood count

CHD  congenital heart disease

CHF  congestive heart failure

CMR  cardiac magnetic resonance

CNS  central nervous system

CP  constrictive pericarditis

CPAP  continuous positive airway pressure

CPVT  catecholamine sensitive polymorphic ventricular tachycardia

CRP  C-reactive protein

CS  coronary sinus

CT  computed tomography

CVP  central venous pressure

CW  continuous wave

CXR  chest X-ray

DBP  diastolic blood pressure

DCM  dilated cardiomyopathy

DCRV  double-chambered RV

df  degree of freedom

DKS  Damus–Kaye–-Stansel

DORV  double-outlet right ventricle

ECG  electrocardiogram

ECMO  extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

EF  ejection fraction

EFE  endomyocardial fibroelastosis

EKG  electrocardiogram

ERP  effective refractory period

ESR   erythrocyte sedimentation rate

FEV  forced expiratory volume

FiO2  fraction of inspired oxygen

FISH  fluorescence in situ hybridization

FRC  functional residual capacity

HCM  hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

HDL  high-density lipoprotein

HLHS  hypoplastic left heart syndrome

HR  heart rate

HV  His-ventricle

IAA  interrupted aortic arch

ICD  implantable cardioverter defibrillator

ICU  intensive care unit

IE  infectious endocarditis

INR  international normalized ratio

IPAH  idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension

IRT  isovolumic relaxation time

IVC  inferior vena cava

IV  intravenous

IVS  interventricular septum

JET  junctional ectopic tachycardia

LA  left atrium

LAD  left anterior descending

LAO  left anterior oblique

LBBB  left bundle branch block

LCA  left coronary artery

LDL  low-density lipoprotein

LIV  left innominate vein

LLSB  left lower sternal border

LMCA  left main coronary artery

LMWH  low molecular weight heparin

LPA  left pulmonary artery

LQTS  long QT syndrome

LSVC  left superior vena cava

LUSB  left upper sternal border

LV  left ventricular

LVEDP  left ventricular end diastolic pressure

LVEDV  left ventricular end diastolic volume

LVEF  left ventricular ejection fraction

LVH  left ventricular hypertrophy

LVOT  left ventricular outflow tract

LVOTO  left ventricular outflow tract obstruction

MAPCA  major aortopulmonary collateral arteries

MDE  myocardial delayed enhancement

MPA  main pulmonary artery

MRI  magnetic resonance imaging

MVP  mitral valve prolapse

MVV  maximum voluntary ventilation

NICU  neonatal intensive care unit

NPV  negative predictive value

PA  pulmonary valve atresia or pulmonary artery

PAC  premature atrial contraction

PAH  pulmonary arterial hypertension

PAPVC  partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection

pCO2  partial pressure of CO2

PCWP   pulmonary capillary wedge pressure

PEP  positive expiratory pressure

PDA  patent ductus arteriosus

PFO  patent foramen ovale

PGE  prostaglandin E

PICU  pediatric intensive care unit

PIG  peak instantaneous gradient

PJRT  permanent junctional reciprocating tachycardia

PO  per os (by mouth)

PPS  peripheral pulmonary stenosis

PPV  positive predictive value

PR  pulmonary regurgitation

PRF  pulse repetition frequency

PVC  premature ventricular contraction

PVR  pulmonary vascular resistance

PW  pulsed-wave

PWP  pulmonary wedge pressure

RA  right atrium

RAP  right atrial pressure

RBBB  right bundle branch block

RBC  red blood cell

RCA  right coronary artery

RCM  restrictive cardiomyopathy

RF  rheumatic fever

RHD  rheumatic heart disease

RLSB  right lower sternal border

ROC  receiver operating characteristic

RPA  right pulmonary artery

RPCW  right pulmonary capillary wedge

RUPV  right upper pulmonary vein

RV  right ventricle

RVED  right ventricle end diastolic

RVEDP  right ventricular end diastolic pressure

RVH  right ventricular hypertrophy

RVOT  right ventricular outflow tract

RVSP  right ventricular systolic pressure

SA  sinoatrial

SBP  systolic blood pressure

SCD  sudden cardiac death

SD  standard deviation

SEM  standard error of the mean

SLE  systemic lupus erythematosus

SPAMM  spatial modulation of magnetization

SVASD  sinus venosus atrial septal defect

SVC  superior vena cava

SVR  systemic vascular resistance

SVT  supraventricular tachycardia

TAPVC  total anomalous pulmonary venous connection

TDI  tissue Doppler imaging

TEE  transesophageal echocardiography

TOF  tetralogy of Fallot

tPA  tissue plasminogen activator

TSH  thyroid-stimulating hormone

TTE  transthoracic echocardiography

TVI  time velocity integral

UVC  umbilical venous catheter

VAT  ventilatory anaerobic threshold

VEC  velocity-encoded cine

VF  ventricular fibrillation

VQ  ventilatory:perfusion

VSD  ventricular septal defect

VT  ventricular tachycardia

WPW  Wolff–Parkinson–White



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