Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers



Congratulations. You’ve learned more about the habits of a highly effective brain than most practicing doctors today. If you haven’t already begun to change a few things in your life based on what you’ve read, now is your chance. In this section of the book, you’ll follow a four-week program, during which you’ll shift your diet from relying on carbs and rehabilitate your body back to optimal health. This will be the place where you feel vibrant, energetic, and mentally sharp. It’s also where any doctor who examines your blood work will applaud you for having excellent control of your blood sugar, inflammatory markers, and even cholesterol level. It’s the place we all dream of being—and it’s much closer than you think.

Making lifestyle changes, even small ones, can seem overwhelming at first. You wonder how you can avoid your usual habits. Will you feel deprived and hungry? Will you find it impossible to keep this new lifestyle up forever? Is this program doable given the time you have and the commitments you’ve already made? And can you reach a point where following these guidelines is second nature?

This program is the answer. It’s a simple, straightforward strategy that has the right balance of structure and adaptability to honor your personal preferences and power of choice. You will finish my four-week program with the knowledge and inspiration to stay on a healthy path for the rest of your life. The closer you stick to my guidelines, the faster you will see results. Bear in mind that this program has many benefits beyond the obvious physical ones. Optimal brain health (and a smaller waistline) might be first and foremost on your mind, but the rewards don’t end there. You will see change in every area of your life. You will feel more confident and have more self-esteem. You’ll feel younger and more in control of your life and future. You’ll be able to navigate through stressful times with ease, have the motivation to stay active and engage with others, and feel more accomplished at work and home. In short, you will be happier and more productive. And your success will breed more success. When your life becomes richer, fuller, and more energized as a result of your efforts, you won’t want to revert to your old, unhealthy lifestyle. I know you can do this. You must, for yourself and your loved ones. The payoffs—and the potentially calamitous consequences if you don’t heed this advice—are huge.