The Whole Health Diet: A Transformational Approach to Weight Loss


I often describe myself as a holistic problem solver. I’ve performed tens of thousands of nutritional therapy consultations—in both the private and corporate sectors—over the past three decades and have managed to successfully solve a majority of the health care problems I’ve been confronted with. Unfortunately, many of the patients that I’ve counseled arrive at my doorstep only after the medical orthodoxy has given up on them. Sadly, my office is all too often “the last stop.”

They’ve come to me seeking nutritional assistance for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder—the list goes on. Not so surprisingly, many of them are overweight when I first see them. Rarely, if ever, have I put any of them on formal weight loss diets, yet, oddly enough, a vast majority of them lose the weight they need to, and manage to keep it off.

My commitment has always been to help patients attain and maintain vitality by teaching them to cultivate some modicum of holistic integrity, and to save a life whenever possible. I’ve always operated under the assumption that if I can help people to achieve balance in body, mind, and spirit, I will have put them in the best position to heal what ails them. As far as dealing with patients who suffer from being overweight and from obesity, my philosophy and approach have always been exactly the same. To my way of thinking, these problems are the natural result of a lifestyle that’s devoid of holism. The only real antidote for these afflictions is a commitment to conscious living and a dedication to cultivating balance in body, mind, and spirit. It will never be about calorie-counting diet fads. Truth be told, it’s about holistic transformation—optimal nutrition, emotional freedom, and spiritual sentience.

Meanwhile, as America gourmandizes on empty calories, amasses incalculable pounds, and sabotages its collective body, mind, and spirit, it becomes increasingly desperate for effectual solutions. And as it continues its desperate search for answers, it exposes its aggregate predilection for false promise and specious, push-button solutions that don’t work. Moreover, there is some question as to which worriment is worse—its addiction to food or its obsession with spurious solutions. There seems to be no end to America’s “purple pill” mentality. We appear insistent on clinging to the notion that the next quick fix is “the one.” Meanwhile, the knaves are lined up at our door and, as always, they’re all too willing to take advantage of our desperation and gullibility. We continue to exhibit a high tolerance for their spin, in spite of the fact that their sham solutions remain infinitely ineffectual.

The cold, hard truth is if we’re ever to resolve this dreadful dilemma, we must first be willing to dig down deeper. The diet du jour cannot solve this problem. We’re not gaining weight simply because we’re eating too much. We’re eating too much because we’re broken. We’ve become so averse to feeling the pain at the root of our “dis-ease” that we’re now driven to distraction with food. Weight loss dieting alone cannot get to the bottom of this problem. If our failed history of dieting tells us anything about solving this problem, it’s that it is time for us to stop “mowing the weeds.”

Our current pandemic weight problem is representative of a disease that’s causally rooted in dis-ease. Anything short of a wholehearted commitment to heal ourselves in body, mind, and spirit will merely result in more failure, and the only thing that we’ll lose is more money.

The Whole Health Diet is the antidieting diet plan. It’s very much about state-of-the-art, optimal nutrition, but it’s also about arriving at your ideal weight as the natural result of attaining and maintaining your holistic balance. The WHD escorts the reader through a profound shift in consciousness. By adroitly making the connection between weight and metabolism, emotion, nutrition, physiology, brain (mind) neurology, and spirituality, the WHD provides the reader with the details of “how to” attain true holistic balance and wellness. I believe that by doing so, it’s providing the only real solution to the problem of overweight/obesity.

The WHD addresses the unpopular truth about weight gain and obesity. Based on the belief that we are living in a time of great transformation, this means people are at last ready to hear the truth about this problem. The WHD starts with the idea that this problem is representative of a disease that is causally rooted in the dis-ease of the human heart.

Dis-ease is to disease what a droplet is to a flood. Every disturbing emotion that trickles to the heart flows until it overflows. So it is with this distressing problem. Obesity and being overweight are the clear results of overeating, but the real hunger problem is in the heart.

It’s not hard to understand why so many Americans are currently overweight and obese from food addiction. In today’s world, hearts are broken early and often. Our personal and cultural pains run deep. We’re living our lives at such a breakneck pace that we no longer have any time for our deeper emotional needs to matter. For many, the more ceaseless the stress, the more that love and peace become a distant memory.

As we awaken each day to reports of a slumping global economy, human rights violations, and the growing threat of terrorism, we’re constantly reminded that we’re living in a world of great uncertainty. Stress, depression, anxiety, confusion, pain, and suffering have all become part of our de-evolutionary norm.

The greater our pain and suffering, the stronger is our drive to seek pleasure. The more we hurt, the more we eat. The more we eat, the greater our likelihood of gaining weight. The false promise of fad weight loss dieting only serves to further the confusion, pain, and suffering. Most of these bogus weight loss programs are nothing more than serpentine revenue machines, designed to feed off of the desperate. As far as the few legitimate programs that do exist, most are simply not equipped to support their respective dieters in the attainment and maintenance of their holistic balance, and far fewer of them still are capable of providing the proper guidance and inspiration necessary to help them rise above their dysfunctional relationship with food.

This conflicting cycle of feeling out of control, overeating, gaining weight, never really understanding why, and then rushing into the next new fad diet program is positively ruinous. If we are ever to experience the true lasting results we so deserve, we’ll need to start looking much deeper. In order for our solutions to be more effective, they will have to take us much deeper.

The Whole Health Diet plan represents a radical departure from the flawed mind-set of fad dieting. My previous book Whole Health boldly and clearly spells out a plan to empower readers to attain true wellness and balance—asserting that in so doing they will, in time, naturally gravitate to their ideal weight. In short, the present book asserts that it’s only by maintaining a holistically balanced lifestyle, with the assistance of quantum energy healing practices, that this problem can be permanently solved. If we are to turn the key that opens the door beyond the threshold to a place of new possibilities, we’ll have to put aside our natural resistance to change.

We’re living in a time of great change. Everything is reformatting; everything including us. Who we are—how we live, love, and heal—is currently in a state of great flux. We are in the midst of an identity crisis of unparalleled proportions. This season of change is a time of deepening for us all. Many of our mechanistic systems and theories are now becoming obsolete. They are anachronistic solutions equipped to deal with problems from a different time. From the material perspective everything appears to be the same, but based on what we’ve learned from the 2011 Nobel Prize–winning research of Saul Perlmutter, Adam G. Riess, and Brian P. Schmidt, the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. Thus, our energy and the energy of everything around us is now vibrating at a significantly higher frequency than ever before. Never before have our minds been so filled with thought, our hearts so swollen with emotion, and our spirits so effulgent with quantum possibility. Our perceptions of reality and baselines for possibility are being superconsciously reformatted. The fading illusion of a structurally supportive, three-dimensional reality and five-sensory absoluteness is literally dematerializing. The classical is giving way to the quantum. As we awaken to this energy-based reality, we’re beginning to discover that we’re far more than mere material beings, bound by corporeal limitation. Rather, we are multidimensional energy beings with an infinite capacity for extrasensory possibility.

Our once-predictable material world—and all that it programmed us to accept as possible—is suddenly undergoing sweeping changes. Once governed by the material parameters of classical mechanics, our understanding of science, health care, nutrition, and life in general has been forever altered as we’ve been invited to take a quantum leap into the void.

The energetic frequencies that emanate from within our expeditiously evolving minds and hearts are now vibrating at an extraordinary pace. The rapid expansion of each human microcosm is part of an infinite cause-and-effect loop. We are both the receivers and the transmitters of radical change. The cosmos is changing, and we are the cosmos. Never before have we thought so much, dreamed so much, felt so much, and done so much. And as much as we’re doing today, we’ll do even more tomorrow. With all the repercussive demands and growing pains associated with this expansion, our list of needs also grows ever longer. We’ll need more love, care, healing, and understanding. We’ll also need more energy to emanate from our love, care, healing, and understanding—because as our light expands, tension from any darkness will be released. As our personal growing pains intensify, our healing systems are forced to keep pace.

Now any medicine that comes solely in the form of the blade or the pill is no longer sufficient. At last the doctor’s touch is as important (if not more important) than either. Moreover, any physicians who fail to understand that both they and their patients are not merely anatomical beings, but multidimensional beings with vital energy needs, will simply be outmoded. Furthermore, any patients who fail to engage in holistic, bioenergetic disease prevention will remain bound and trussed to a life of chronic disease and pharmaceutical dependency.

Our future is arriving at last, and as the revised picture of health care gradually unfolds before us, it will continue to reveal a very different sort of image from what any of us might have ever imagined. We’ll find that it’s not about neoteric machinery, space-age technology, or state-of-the-art chemistry. In fact, it will no longer be based on mechanistic principles. More and more, we’ll see that the new burgeoning age of health care will be about the exploration of the vital life force and the extrasensory potential of human energy. You and I are about to become our own physicians, and we’ll soon see that we’ve always possessed the miracle medicine that we’ve long been waiting for, within our own energy field. And we’ll also soon discover that once whole, we will no longer have to lose weight over and over again. For, after having attained the lasting fulfillment of holistic balance, we’ll no longer feel driven to fill ourselves full.