The Whole Health Diet: A Transformational Approach to Weight Loss



The Scope of the Problem

According to the World Health Organization, 3.4 million people globally are dying each year from being overweight or obese.1 Studies show that being chronically overweight and/or obese significantly increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, lung disease, kidney disease, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease, and depression. Moreover, some research even reveals significant health risks associated with being moderately or slightly overweight.

For example, in 2004 Frank Hu of the Harvard School of Public Health authored a study in which 115,000 women ages thirty to fifty-five were followed for nearly a decade, and those who were as little as 5 percent overweight were 30 percent more likely to develop heart disease.2 Those women who were only mildly to moderately overweight incurred a risk of heart disease 80 percent higher than that of their counterparts. Those women who were 30 percent or more overweight were 300 percent more likely to develop heart disease.

One in three adults worldwide are currently overweight or obese. One widely accepted medical definition of obesity is a five foot, nine inch adult who weighs over 202 pounds. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 69 percent of Americans are overweight and 35 percent are obese, burdening the nation with an annual health care cost of $150 billion.3 Moreover, experts say that a majority of U.S. residents will be obese by the end of the next two decades, with obesity rates as high as 60 percent in as many as thirteen states by the year 2030. To date there are no effective, long-term solutions. Hundreds of millions of Americans diet continuously, spending tens of billions of dollars on weight loss each year, yet according to most studies conducted over the past fifty years, approximately 95 percent of all diets fail within the first year and less than 3 percent of people who take weight off keep it off for at least five years.

The CDC employs body mass index (BMI) as the standard for determining degrees of overweight and obesity. BMI is the measurement of body fat based on height and weight. It is calculated by dividing weight in pounds by height in inches squared times a factor of 703.

There are a number of reliable Internet sites that can help with BMI computation. A BMI of 18.5 or lower is considered underweight. A BMI of 18.6 to 24.9 represents the norm. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is overweight, and a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese. According to a recent study performed by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, which calculated the average BMIs of 177 countries, the United States has the fifth highest BMI in the world. Here’s a sampling of some national BMI averages for comparison:4

Japan 21.93

China 22.86

Italy 23.49

France 23.56

Spain 24.52

Germany 25.32

United Kingdom 26.19

United States 27.82

In spite of the recent deluge of diet theories and fad weight loss programs, our national BMI average continues to rise.

The average American now weighs twenty-three pounds more than his or her ideal body weight. With two-thirds of America now overweight or obese, the perception regarding the average body type is shifting as well. Studies that have looked at our changing attitudes about being overweight are beginning to show that younger generations of overweight Americans are now starting to perceive themselves as part of a healthy norm. “It’s quite clear that people are changing their idea of what an acceptable body size is,” says Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School. “As the average body weight goes up, there’s more acceptance of heavier body types. This, in turn, clears the path for even more people to put on weight.”5

Our culture now perceives being overweight as being part of the norm.

Over the past fifty years ours has become a “supersized” and “special-sized” culture, custom designed to facilitate the emerging “bigger body” trend. We’ve been steadily increasing the portion sizes of the fast foods and sugary beverages sold in restaurants, movie theaters, sports arenas, malls, food carts, and delis over the past two generations. Prior to the late 1960s, the largest soda sold at any fast food counter was only seven ounces, which pales in comparison to today’s sixty-four-ounce “Double Gulp.”

We’ve created more spacious seating options for virtually all of our public transportation systems, theaters, theme park rides, and stadiums. Our gurneys, operating tables, ambulances, and coffin sizes have all become much wider and longer as well. Over the past fifty years America has gradually adapted itself to being larger. Worse, being overweight has become such a cultural norm, the mind-set is now embedded in our younger generation.

The population of overweight children in the United States is growing at a disturbingly accelerated rate, as one-third of our children are now considered overweight or obese. This represents a statistical tripling over the past forty years. Obesity has moved ahead of drug abuse and tobacco as the current number-one health concern among parents in the United States.

Childhood obesity is responsible for a wide range of serious health problems once common only in adults, such as elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure. Kids’ health problems caused by being overweight or obese are likely to be lifelong and, in some cases, life threatening. Perhaps the dire nature of this tragedy was best summarized by former surgeon general Richard Carmona when he said, “Because of the increasing rates of obesity, unhealthy eating habits, and physical inactivity, you may see the first generation that will be less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.”6

Kids have become considerably more sedentary, now spending 90 percent of their free time in front of a computer screen, playing video games, or watching television. Today’s busy family has considerably less time to shop for and prepare healthy, home-cooked meals. Time constraints, virtual lifestyle, and palate programming are among the many influences that are seeding the next generation of overweight, obese, and unhealthy Americans. It’s clear that we’re speeding headlong into a disaster, with no rescue plan.

Currently, there are more than a hundred popular dietary theories, most of which contradict each other—and none of which have proven particularly effective. Proponents of each insist that successful weight loss can be negotiated by simply following a diet program aligned with its code. For instance, one theory promotes following the fifteen-thousand-year-old diet of your Paleolithic ancestors, claiming that it’s naturally synchronized with your gene map. Another theory subscribes to the premise that you can best maximize your nutritional efficiency by consuming those foods that are aligned with your blood type. There are many similar such theories that are based on the diets of Okinawans, French women, Hindus, and Buddhists.

According to the Food Addiction Institute, most diets have a success rate of between 10 and 30 percent.7

Weight Watchers is widely believed to be the most successful diet program in the world today. Expert estimations of their success rate are between 5 and 10 percent. Despite such failure rates, diet programs continue to attract droves of new and repeat dieters.

Nearly one-third of our entire nation takes up dieting every year. According to ongoing research, fad dieting simply doesn’t work. Moreover, studies show that a majority of dieters who buy into the latest fad diets each year are increasingly likely to be among the “serial dieter” population. Considering these disheartening facts, one can only arrive at the conclusion that fad diets are not designed for the benefit of the dieter. Fad diets are designed for the benefit of their designers. There’s no doubt that we have a very serious and costly problem on our hands, for which there is presently no viable solution.

Among the many reasons why diets don’t work is that they’re based on an overly simplistic, one-size-fits-all theory and they fail to address the deeper emotional roots of overeating behaviors. In order to have any real hope of solving this grave problem, we’ll need to start thinking out of the box—thinking more broadly and much deeper about our broken selves, and our attraction to being fixed by food.

Most of our current metabolic problem-solving models are based on physical, calorie-counting strategies. They clearly don’t work. They fail to take into account the fact that besides being material, physical beings, humans are also composed of subtle mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. Truth be told, our minds, emotions, and spirits all play a significant role in shaping the human behaviors that profoundly influence our relationship with food.

The calorie-counting approach to fixing this problem is merely a reflection of a fading, decades-old way of thinking. We’ve been programmed by our mechanistic, cultural downloading to think and problem-solve in overly simplistic material terms. When it comes to tackling the problem of an increasing overweight and obese population, so much mental, emotional, and spiritual energy lies at the core that there can be no lasting relief provided by mere calorie counting.

Today, we lead exceedingly stressful existences. Our day-to-day anxieties have never been so paralyzing. The greater the pressure, the more mentally, emotionally, and spiritually reactive we become. The more reactive we become, the more susceptible we are to the quick fix—and a good food fix is never far away.

More than ever before, we’re in need of more “whole solutions”—solutions that address the mind, emotion, and spirit, not just the body. The present solutions are doing us absolutely no earthly good. In fact, they’re fast becoming part of the problem. It’s time we stopped changing our diets and started transforming our consciousness.

University of Missouri researchers recently discovered that a non-diet, “Eat for Life” approach, one that focuses on a conscious, intuitive lifestyle and eating habits, is far more effective than traditional weight loss programs at improving body image and decreasing eating disorders. The focus of this study was to get subjects more tuned in to their own bodies and minds—to get them to become more familiar with their own internal physical, emotional, and mental cues for hunger and fullness rather than calorie counting and weighing on scales.

An Obsolete Problem-Solving Mentality

Fad dieting hasn’t yet, nor will it ever, solve the problem of a chronic overweight and obese America. It reflects decades of erroneous thinking and corrupt intentions. Moreover, it reveals an antiquated, matter-based mentality that can’t really solve any problems very well, because matter doesn’t even exist.

As author Daniel Quinn explains in Ishmael, we are all captives of “a story Mother Culture is telling us.” Our culture has been stuck in a time warp for nearly a century now. We can’t seem to escape the ancient Aristotelian world of solid forms. Everything we believe we can and can’t do—the scope of all our problems and our problem-solving potential—is based on an obsolete perception of reality. And so, based on this flawed, matter-based thinking, millions of people around the world will once again count their caloric intake today, take a brisk walk around the block, and jump on the scale in hopes of losing weight. Ours remains a world of solid forms insistent on hanging on for dear life to the dictates of a bygone Newtonian era.

Sir Isaac Newton first published his Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica on July 5, 1687. In this work Newton formulated the laws of motion, gravity, and classical mechanics that would shape our view of the physical universe for more than three hundred years. By expounding on the interrelationship between the physical concepts of force, mass, and acceleration, Newtonian mechanics laid the foundations for matter-centric thinking. Matter then was believed to be the binding substance that held the universe together. For the better part of three centuries, and still even today, matter-based reality continues to remain the standard by which we live, love, learn, and problem-solve. During the first part of the twentieth century a new and very different story of reality would start to emerge thanks in part to the likes of Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and Werner Heisenberg.

Max Planck, a Nobel Prize–winning physicist and the founder of quantum theory, was among the first paradigm-shifting scientists to awaken the world to the reality that matter doesn’t exist. Planck said, “There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”8 He emphasized that matter is but a mirage, and that the energy of consciousness is, in fact, the true binding substance of the universe. Planck remains a central figure in the consciousness shift to a more energy-centric reality. His work profoundly inspired and ultimately influenced the work of Albert Einstein.

In his groundbreaking theory of relativity, Einstein reinforced an emerging reality that was based on energy rather than matter—a reality in which the perceptible is continually created by the imperceptible. When he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921, the world was suddenly forced to acknowledge that the universe was composed of 99.999 percent energy.

In 1932, Werner Heisenberg was awarded his Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering a way to formulate quantum mechanics in understandable matrices.

In the span of one generation, reality as we’d known it had been turned upside down. Après Planck, Einstein, and Heisenberg, reality would never be the same. Tables, chairs, and people like you and me—once thought of as solid material objects—were now understood as masses of imperceptible energy governed by very different laws. A world and universe once seen as solid ice cubes was now more like flowing water. The centuries-old classical mechanics of Aristotle and Sir Isaac Newton were at once supplanted by a quantum view. Reality would never be the same, but it would take quite a while for our minds to grasp the fact.

Astonishingly enough, nearly a century after Einstein’s theory of relativity, the prevailing perception of reality in our world continues to center on the laws of Newton’s classical mechanics, material biology, and five-sensory perception. In fact, all the hierarchies that currently govern our way of life are still materially based. For example, the material hierarchy that presently sets the standard for our practice of medicine, nutrition, and weight loss progresses from cell, to tissue, to organ, and finally to organism. It somehow manages to ignore all the hierarchical elements that precede the cell, namely molecules, atoms, and particles. All but disregarding the Nobel-winning work of Planck, Einstein, and Heisenberg, our world remains insistent on reducing an energy-based cosmos down to its five-sensory level of understanding. We continue to cling to the belief that life begins at the cellular level. We’re material beings, our food is composed of material properties, and the only way we can effectively lose weight is by reducing material calories. We’ve got to get over our Newtonian hangover!

Matter doesn’t exist. Everything is energy, including you, me, and the foods we eat. But we don’t have to take a quantum leap to wrap our heads around this stuff. There are much simpler ways of looking at it. For example, we’re abundantly aware of the potential health effects of negative thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts and emotions are imperceptible energies that elude our five senses, yet they’re more than capable of imposing dramatic effects on our material cells. Some recent studies have shown that a great deal of our chronic overweight and obesity problem is directly related to negative thoughts and feelings. We must remember that everything is energy. Thoughts and feelings are energies, as are the foods we eat. Our practice of medicine, nutrition, and weight loss can be energetically adapted to meet our present weight loss needs with far greater efficiency.

I’ve worked with thousands of patients over the past three decades, and together we’ve repeatedly demonstrated the remarkable healing and weight loss potential of energy. Drawing from quantum theory, the Whole Health Diet presents effective energy-healing applications that exceed the limitations of the present matter-based problem-solving approaches to health care and weight loss. Before learning about these remarkable energy-healing applications, we’ll have to first change our thinking and expand our awareness.

A Shift in Awareness

Classical, matter-based thinking would have us believe that the only way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. While there’s little question as to whether or not this is true, the data tell us that it’s likely to be true for only a short while. Based on my years of experience, one reason why most diets fail within the first year is because energy, typically in the form of human emotion, ultimately gets in the way. Our conscious mind represents the logical thinking center within us that makes the New Year’s resolution to lose weight and join a health club, but this part of our mind has only enough muscle to process two thousand bits of information per second. Neuroplasticity research (Dr. Richard Davidson) has established this as the rate at which the conscious mind processes information. A bit represents a mathematical parameter affecting the mind’s processing of information. Our unconscious mind, representing our storehouse of emotional memories, mostly negative, can process up to four hundred billion bits of information per second. Quantum, energy-based thinking tells us that if we really marshaled the powerful energy of our mental intention we could lose weight by simply manifesting the pounds off.

There: I give you a moment to pick up your book, which I’m quite certain just fell to the floor.

According to the laws of quantum mechanics, consciously directed intent is capable of altering the behavior of the fundamental concepts that appear to us as matter. But this isn’t any “ready-access, push-button” stuff here. This requires a significant change of mind.

Quantum, energy-based thinking may be directed only from our superconscious mind. Only superconsciousness has access to the quantum energy matrix—a thought domain of unlimited manifest power. Now the time has come for us to open the door to this mind state of infinite possibility. But before we do, we first need to understand a bit more about the transformational shift that’s leading us there. Many aren’t aware of it, but we are currently undergoing a collective shift in consciousness. This shift is nature’s way of expanding awareness as part of a greater cosmic evolutionary growth.

In the world of energy, change is natural. As Einstein would remind us, energy is always in a state of flux. Energy could be defined as power in motion—motion generated by vibrating particles that produce wave frequency. Waves rise as the result of amassing energy, ultimately reaching a crescendo. Once the wave hits its peak it begins to release energy as it decays, ultimately giving way to a new cycle. All the energy in the universe progresses through this cycle of beginning, middle, end, and new beginning. The wave is therefore a perfect metaphor for understanding the present cosmic shift. Everything, including us, is in a constant state of change, and our present changes are swift and dramatic. Every facet of our existence has been in an ascending wave cycle and is now fast approaching a tipping point. It’s as if everything in our lives has been sped up and intensified—everything including (and especially) our problems. While the world news headlines have never been particularly good, they have never been quite so bad.

At the time I was writing this book, Israelis and Palestinians were at war in the Gaza Strip, Pro-Russian rebels had shot down a commercial airliner over the Ukraine, Syrian troops had advanced on rebels in a contested Damascus suburb, a powerful earthquake had killed hundreds in southern China, Islamic terrorists in Iraq had killed Christian children and buried Christian refugees alive, and there was rioting in the streets in Ferguson, Missouri. The world has always been in turmoil, but nothing quite like this. Problems that have always been bad appear to be worsening.

One of the many ways in which our problems as a species manifest themselves is in our worsening national obesity dilemma. In 1985, America had an adult obesity rate of 15 percent. Today the rate has risen to nearly 30 percent, almost doubling over the past thirty years. As is true with every aspect of nature, the cosmos will ultimately cleanse itself from the rising tensions of negative energies. As when low pressure and pollution build up in the atmosphere, nature’s response is a good hard cleansing rain. If ever there was a need for a transformational cleansing of human consciousness, it would be right now. More than ever we need to hit the reset button in our minds in order to transcend our present transgressions.

For many of us, any change is disorienting. This prospect of radical change will probably seem overwhelming to some. Though we’re not likely aware of it, the gradual changes that are a part of a greater transformation are taking place in our lives even as I write this—it’s just difficult to notice because it’s all unfolding incrementally and unsuspectingly.

Every day for what may seem like an eternity, we wake up at the same time, drink the same coffee, eat the same breakfast, kiss the same lover on the same lips, pull the same car out of the same garage, and drive the same route to the same workplace. Then one day out of the blue, we have a stunning revelation that the relationship or job we’ve had for years is simply no longer aligned with our changing needs. Suddenly our reality is transformed, and our whole world is turned upside down. Although it may be difficult for us to pinpoint, our radical life shift is likely prompted by a series of subtle shifts in our thinking that have taken place gradually over the course of time. This long-term, incremental cause-and-effect process represents how transformation manifests from an energy perspective. In the world of energy, change may be best described as an infinite cycling of causes and effects, ultimately amassing to transformational tipping points and resulting in a higher level of action.

Change is constantly happening around us, within us, and through us. It’s a symbiotic process. All forces great and small are forever influencing and being influenced by each other’s changes, as together they drive each other closer to transformation and a more evolved action. It’s transformational thinking that opens the door to the quantum matrix of infinite possibilities. By thinking bigger thoughts, we cultivate the kind of mind-set that allows us to rise above our ever-evolving problems. But we have to be willing to stretch our minds.

We’ve been weaned on finite material—thoughts about things like coffee cups, breakfasts, good-bye kisses, and getting to work on time. But when it comes to the quantum transformation of our mind, everything—especially the prospect of possibilities—becomes infinitely expansive. Remember, in the world of energy, there is constant change perpetuated by symbiotic cause and effect. We are all presently shifting into quantum consciousness, in part because of influences from surrounding energies. The higher the energy frequencies that we’re linked to, the more expansive will be our changes, and the more expansive our changes, the more powerful our transformational shifting. It’s like a game of quantum cause-and-effect Ping-Pong—and it’s presently playing out with great speed and intensity. Yesterday’s “future shock,” in which too much change happened in too short a period of time, has simply become today’s “transformational shift.” Our thinking has been sped up and intensified by all the events surrounding us.

I was utterly astounded to hear that scientists from NASA reported that there are approximately 150 million Earth-like planets, likely capable of facilitating life, within our own galaxy alone. I couldn’t help but think about all the truly astonishing changes that now take place during the course of a single lifetime. I also thought about how mightily they’ve contributed both figuratively and literally to the reshaping of our expanding minds.

We are all part of an interconnected circle of life that manifests cycles of perpetual movement and changes. This ever-evolving energy loop extends from self to family, neighborhood, community, city, state, nation, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, multiverse, cosmos, and back to self. And though it may be our inclination to think locally, all our changes and transformations are directly tied to a constant flow of ever-changing events that extend from far beyond the orbit of our mundane, terrestrial existence. The cosmos to which we are inextricably bound is forever changing its form. With each of our thoughts and actions we influence everything that happens in the infinite distances beyond, just as their energies return to influence our evolving changes. If energy drives change, symbiosis shapes it. This “bigger picture” perspective is in evidence everywhere in nature. You don’t have to look very far to see the energy-based power of cosmic interconnectedness.

Imagine, if you will, a large hurricane system extending over a two-thousand-mile area. Such a system would surely impose life-changing and life-threatening effects on many thousands of people, places, and things in a number of global regions for a great many days. Also, imagine the far-reaching cataclysmic potential of a solar flare. Solar flares, or magnetic storms, occur when extremely high concentrations of energy that have built up in the solar atmosphere are suddenly released. Solar flare radiation is emitted across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, capable of sending shockwaves through the core of the Earth, causing extensive blackouts and dramatically altering communications networks. And since humans are electromagnetic beings, solar flares have even been shown to affect our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and our physical health.

Every form of energy in the cosmos is engaged in an endless dance of cause and effect—the music has never been so loud and our dance steps have never been so frenzied. This present cosmic season of change is one of great turbulence. You can’t help but feel that something very different is in the air, as the magnitude and scope of our problems are far greater than ever before. Take a good look deep within and all around you. Look at yourself, your family, friends, neighborhood, community, nation, and world. Everywhere you look, there are serious problems. Problems like never before. Most of what were once our most effective problem-solving strategies have at once been rendered powerless.

The magnitude of our current obesity problem has at last become so panoptic that instead of turning to yet another dietary solution, we now need to start looking at the fundamental flaw in ourselves—our thinking and our consciousness. As our problems continue to amass energy, it’s time for us to match their destructive force with a more highly evolved problem-solving power. At the risk of overstating the obvious, we can’t hope to solve space shuttle problems with a horse-and-buggy mentality. As long as we insist on employing the same inefficacious, timeworn solutions, this dilemma will only continue to worsen.

The real solution to this problem begins with the transformation of our thinking. The present solutions are both ineffectual and corrupt, as they fail to equip, empower, and inspire the dieter for any lasting success, choosing instead to capitalize on their desperation and vulnerability.

Calorie-counting fad diets come and go, continuing to find new ways to feed us the same old “leftovers” with a new spin. And while the angles of their spin may appeal to our curiosity, they’re simply putting a different color lipstick on the same old pig. Regardless of whether they’re evoking the Bible, South Beach, or Hollywood, they’re just leading us down the same old tired, worn path to nowhere.


The WHD challenges us to transform our anachronistic, matter-based consciousness—to eradicate our self-limited thinking and to envision ourselves as problem solvers with total access to a matrix of infinite possibility.

Imagine awakening to the newly discovered awareness that half your life story is unrealized. Imagine making the stunning discovery that there’s a quantum, extrasensory reality that stretches far beyond the five-sensory biological programming that’s been obstructing your panorama. Imagine exercising your extrasensory power for the first time and finding out that your power is capable of transforming your life, your health, your metabolism, and your weight loss potential. Imagine discovering that you can regulate the emotion, mood, and thought energies that affect your eating behavior and your calorie-burning potential. Imagine learning that you and every one of the seven billion people you share the planet with have a unique energy signature, similar to DNA. Imagine that each and every form of food on the planet also has its own unique energy signature. Your energy DNA is different from your neighbor’s, and blueberries have an energy DNA that’s different from strawberries’. Imagine that there is an easy-to-learn system that can effectively help you determine how to balance your energy DNA with the energies of all the foods you eat so as to help you burn calories with maximum efficiency. Finally, imagine that there is a personalized diet system for you and you alone that enables you to optimize your health and maximize your weight loss potential by holistically balancing all your life force energy.

As you are about to discover, the Whole Health Diet is just such a system.

Transformational Solutions for Weight Gain and Obesity

The WHD presents you with a holistic, bioenergetic approach to metabolic weight loss management. This book goes on to tackle the problems of weight gain associated with emotional eating (i.e., addiction), but the thing that separates the WHD from all other diet plans is its time-tested, energy-based nutritional and metabolic healing protocols. It teaches you how to develop and maintain your own personalized, energy-calibrated nutrition plan. The WHD guides you through a series of lesson plans teaching you how to energetically self-diagnose your glandular calorie-burning potential. This book also shares a number of therapeutic energy exercises that allow you to rebalance your metabolic deficiencies. In addition, you are taught how to electromagnetically test yourself for metabolic food intolerances. By identifying the foods that support and the foods that sabotage your body’s calorie-burning potential, you’re able to customize a dietary map to follow for greater weight loss efficiency.

Dietary weight loss programs are based solely on cellular matter (cells and calories). Fad diet designers continue to focus their pitches purely on the science of weight loss, failing to take into consideration the importance of life-changing energies. Millions of serial dieters fail to keep weight off not because of calorie reduction failure, but rather because of recurrent, deep-seated, negative emotional and mental thought patterns. The energies generated by these chronic, agonizing patterns assert a physiological influence that can have a profound effect on vital glands and organs, ultimately impairing the potential for optimal weight loss. Subtle energies such as these govern every aspect of our lives, yet because they elude our five senses we’ve struggled to fully understand them.

Our world is just now beginning to embrace healing energy applications once common only to Eastern culture. Growing numbers of us are turning to acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki, and qigong for healing and weight loss. The centuries-old effectiveness of healing arts such as these validates the presence and emphasizes the vital importance of unseen life force energy.

“Life force energy” is a term representing a concept that has been understood for millennia. It refers to the imperceptible vital essence that embodies all living things, the current of life, and the essence of vitality within all cells, tissues, organs, and organisms. As in my earlier book Whole Health, in this book I have devised a series of therapeutic energy protocols intended to assist readers who are striving for greater holistic health. Holistic health equals balanced metabolism, which results in ideal weight.

There are three major components of the WHD’s therapeutic energy protocols:

1. SUPERCONSCIOUS ENERGY. Most of our lifetime is spent in conscious and unconscious mental states that reflect our wishing, striving, attaining, and surrendering. That is to say, our mind wishes for certain results that we can then strive for until either we attain them or we decide to surrender. Our conscious mind represents limited attainment power that’s generally of a pretty positive nature. Our unconscious mind, on the other hand, represents a far greater force—but of a more defensive, if not subversive, nature.

Everything is energy, even consciousness. The word “energy” implies flux and variability, and so it is with human consciousness—which can be as low as the ocean floor or as elevated as the uppermost regions of the stratosphere. Most of us typically vacillate between an elevated conscious intention, such as a resolution to lose weight, and an unconscious impulse to sabotage such a plan. On any given day, we’re likely to come up with 1,000 good intentions and 1,001 reasons not to follow through with them. This is business as usual, with the never-ending battle between our conscious and unconscious mind. Few of us are even aware of this frustrating process, and fewer of us still are aware of the fact that we have the power to actually do something about it. Instead of being randomly dictated to by the vicissitudes of our ever-changing mind, we can choose to lock into a higher thought frequency. It’s all about being conscious of our consciousness. This can take us beyond our limited consciousness—the unconscious game of Ping-Pong—to a state of superconscious mind.

Nowadays, superconscious mind is often associated with exceptional human function (EHF). Extraordinary human potentials that defy the known laws of physics are currently being researched by the governments of Russia, China, and the United States. EHF research has scientifically affirmed the infinite latitude of the human mind. Conscious mind is limited. Unconscious mind is defensive. Superconscious mind knows no limitation. This is why the WHD seeks to help you access your superconscious mind. No more yo-yo dieting. No more Ping-Pong mentality. Quantum mechanics has proven that with properly focused intent, you have the superconscious potential to think your weight off. You will discover exactly how to engage the powers of your superconscious mind for the purposes of enhancing your weight loss potential in later chapters.

2. ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY. Mother Nature provided us with an extremely efficient and reliable defense system, since one of her top priorities is the survival of our species. Our defense system is principally made up of our intrinsic cardiac ganglia, brain, and nervous system. The intrinsic cardiac ganglia comprise bundles of afferent nerves that, among other things, provide us with extrasensory awareness—awareness that is transmitted bodily by neural electricity. The human body produces about .025 volts of ambient electricity at ten cycles per second. The science of medicine frequently implements scanning methods such as EEGs, EKGs, and MRIs to observe the body’s electrical properties for diagnostic purposes. The charge produced by the higher cognition from our intrinsic cardiac ganglia generates a biofeedback response that relays its perceptions via our nervous system and on to our body’s global electromagnetic pathways. This electromagnetic response can be implemented for energy-based self-diagnosis, therapeutic balancing, and food intolerance testing.

Over the past three decades I’ve developed the Whole Health healing and diet plans and perfected their trademark Electromagnetic Muscle Testing system for the express purposes of providing readers with tools to assess organ strengths and weaknesses, identify food intolerances, and engage therapeutic balancing techniques. These electromagnetic energy-based protocols are what separate the WHD from all other diet plans. The EMT techniques elevate the dieting experience far beyond a generalized one-size-fits-all approach. They provide you with the wherewithal to design your own personalized plan and assist you in keeping up with the fluidity of your ever-changing metabolic and nutritional needs. As you will clearly see in the chapters that lie ahead, your electromagnetic energy field is a precious wellspring of accessible information that will help you transform your dieting experience.

3. LIFE FORCE ENERGY (QIGONG AND ENERGY MEDICINE). The energy that animates life and binds the cosmos may elude the five human senses, but its power remains ever available to anyone with enough extrasensory perception, conscious intent, and discipline to master the art of directing it. The Chinese have developed many detailed practices that have enabled them to master the art of directing life force energy for generations.

In Chinese the word qi (pronounced “chee”; also spelled ch’i) means “energy” and the word gong means “mastery.” Qigong is an ancient healing art form whose origins are said to go back some three thousand years. The ancient Chinese had an innate understanding of the ways of qi. They instinctually knew that, though imperceptible, qi represented the greatest power in the cosmos. Thus, they developed eight systems of martial arts and healing arts to attain mastery of life force energy for their self-defense and healing. Qigong continues to be a remarkably effective life force energy practice for millions of people worldwide.

The WHD teaches you how to perform diagnostic qigong exercises to help you pinpoint those organ systems that are most out of balance and sabotaging calorie-burning potential. The book goes on to show how to perform qigong exercises to balance those glands and organs most in need, thus enabling you to maintain a more efficient metabolism in the long term.

Before going on to transform your dieting experience by detailing these remarkable difference-making energy therapies, we must first uncover the real root of the problem by getting right to the heart of the matter.