Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 3ed.

SECTION 1: Fundamentals


Chapter 1. Clinical pelvic anatomy

Chapter 2. Human embryogenesis

Chapter 3. History and examination

Chapter 4. Imaging in obstetrics and gynaecology

SECTION 2: Gynaecology

Chapter 5. Paediatric gynaecology

Chapter 6. Disorders of sex development (DSD)

Chapter 7. The normal menstrual cycle

Chapter 8. Amenorrhoea

Chapter 9. Infertility

Chapter 10. Early pregnancy care

Chapter 11. Heavy menstrual bleeding and dysmenorrhoea

Chapter 12. Pelvic pain

Chapter 13. Endometriosis

Chapter 14. Premenstrual syndrome

Chapter 15. The menopause

Chapter 16. Genital prolapse

Chapter 17. Urinary incontinence

Chapter 18. Ovarian neoplasms

Chapter 19. Uterine neoplasia

Chapter 20. Cervical neoplasia

Chapter 21. Gestational trophoblastic disease

Chapter 22. Disorders of the vulva

Chapter 23. Gynaecological surgery

SECTION 3: Reproductive health

Chapter 24. Sexually transmitted infections

Chapter 25. Sexual problems

Chapter 26. Termination of pregnancy

Chapter 27. Contraception

SECTION 4: Pregnancy and the puerperium

Chapter 28. The physiology of pregnancy

Chapter 29. Strategies to improve global maternal and neonatal health

Chapter 30. Antenatal care

Chapter 31. Postnatal care

Chapter 32. Medical disorders in pregnancy

Chapter 33. Prenatal diagnosis

Chapter 34. Obstetric haemorrhage

Chapter 35. Small babies

Chapter 36. Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy

Chapter 37. Prematurity

Chapter 38. Multiple pregnancy

Chapter 39. Fetal haemolytic disease

Chapter 40. Labour

Chapter 41. Monitoring of the fetus in labour

Chapter 42. Induction of labour

Chapter 43. Pain relief in labour

Chapter 44. Precipitate labour and slow labour

Chapter 45. Malpresentations and malpositions

Chapter 46. Obstetric emergencies

Chapter 47. Operative delivery

Chapter 48. When a baby dies

Chapter 49. Neonatal resuscitation

Chapter 50. Neonatal care

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