Chinese Holistic Medicine in Your Daily Life: Combine Acupressure, Herbal Remedies & Qigong for Integrated Natural Healing

An Integrated Approach to Natural Healing

Chapter 1. First Concept: Qi, the Energy of Life

Chapter 2. Second Concept: Meridians, the Pathways of Health

Chapter 3. Third Concept: Yin and Yang, Polarities, and Balance

Chapter 4. Introduction to the Internal Organs

Chapter 5. Zang: The Yin Organs

Chapter 6. Fu: The Yang Organs

Chapter 7. Pathogenesis: The Origins of Disease

Chapter 8. Introducing Patterns of Disharmony

Chapter 9. Selected Patterns of Disharmony

PART 2. Holistic Self-Care with Chinese Medicine

Chapter 10. Diagnosis: Finding the Root of the Problem

Chapter 11. Tools and Practice of Chinese Medicine: Holism and Integration

Chapter 12. Acupressure Self-Care: Your Healing Hands

Chapter 13. The Acupressure Points: Names, Locations, and Functions

Chapter 14. Chinese Herbs: Nature’s Healing Allies

Chapter 15. Chinese Herbal Formulas

Chapter 16. Introduction to Qigong: Harnessing the Energy of Life

Chapter 17. Qigong Practices for Each Organ

Chapter 18. Prescriptions: Restore and Maintain Inner Harmony

Concluding Remarks

Glossary of Western Drug Actions

Appendix 1. Point Location by Body Region

Appendix 2. Chapter Notes