Diabetes and Carb Counting For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyle)) 1st Edition


Chapter 1. Delving into Diabetes and Carb Counting

Chapter 2. Exploring the Diabetes-Carb Connection

Chapter 3. Calling All Carbs: Recognizing Carbs in the Foods You Eat

Chapter 4. Tracking Carbs through the Body

Chapter 5. Finding Your Sweet Spot: The Right Amount of Carbs for You

Chapter 6. Timing Your Carb Consumption

Chapter 7. First Things First: Reading and Deciphering Food Labels

Chapter 8. Mastering Carb Counting and Portioning Fundamentals

Chapter 9. Adding Tools for Carb-Counting Ease and Accuracy

Chapter 10. Accounting for Variations in Digestion and Absorption Rates

Chapter 11. Rethink That Drink

Chapter 12. Let Me Call You Sweetie: Sugars and Substitutes

Chapter 13. Eating for Health and Happiness

Chapter 14. Reaping the Rewards of Fitness

Chapter 15. Getting a Handle on Hypoglycemia

Chapter 16. Keeping the Beat with a Healthy Heart

Chapter 17. Living with Diabetes throughout the Life Cycle

Chapter 18. Going Gluten-Free (Or Not): Does the Batter Matter?

Chapter 19. Beginning with Breakfast Menus

Chapter 20. Looking for Lunch Menus

Chapter 21. Delving into Dinner Menus

Chapter 22. Surveying Snack Ideas

Chapter 23. Ten Tips for Monitoring Your Blood Glucose

Chapter 24. Ten Tips for Controlling Carbs

Chapter 25. Ten Worthwhile Websites to Help You Manage Diabetes