Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future

Glossary of Recipe Ingredients

Agaricus blazei—This is a medicinal mushroom originally discovered in Brazil. It is now available as a powder or capsules via the Internet or in your local health food store.

Almond milk—A “milk” made by blending raw almonds with water and then straining the mixture through a mesh bag.

Angstrom minerals—Excellent-quality liquid mineral supplements.

Blue-green algae powder—Blue-green algae is typically dried into cakes; it may then be crushed into a powder.

Burdock root—A potent wild food/herb. Burdock is exceptionally high in the mineral iron. It is one of the best blood purifiers and is the most important herb for chronic skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It is a great food/herb for rheumatic (inflammatory) calcification conditions, especially those associated with psoriasis. Burdock’s bitter properties improve digestion and stimulate digestive juices and bile flow. Burdock is considered a diuretic, diaphoretic (increases perspiration), and a mucilaginous demulcent. The Chinese also consider burdock an aphrodisiac.

Camu Camu berry extract powder—The world’s greatest vitamin C source, brought to you as a superherb powder.

Cat’s Claw (uña de gato)—A popular special antiviral herb from South America.

Chanca Piedra—“The Stone Breaker.” This interesting South American herb is known to help remove bad calcium and calcium-forming organisms (nanobacteria) from the body.

Chlorella powder—A green algae superfood in dried and powdered form.

Chuchuhuasi—A tree bark from the Amazon. This wonderful herb supports the lower back, reproductive system, kidneys, adrenals, and knees.

Cistanche powder—Considered a wonderful aphrodisiac in the Chinese medicine tradition. This herb is available online or at some Chinese markets.

Cordyceps—An extraordinary jing herb that helps improve the kidneys and adrenals.

Crystal Manna (blue-green algae)—AFA blue-green algae, dried in flakes.

David Wolfe’s Wild Goji Berry Extract—An extract of wild Arizona goji berries made by David Wolfe and only available seasonally.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s “Crystal Energy”—A squirt-bottle containing the mineral silicon in solution with antioxidant hydrogen and other nutrients. Squirt this in your water to improve its quality, taste, and antioxidant content.

Dried AFA—This is dried, powdered AFA blue-green algae.

Dried marine phytoplankton—A powerful, concentrated superfood powder loaded with ATP (for energy), chlorophyll (for the blood), and EPA (for the brain).

Dulse seaweed—A red-purple seaweed native to the North Atlantic. This is a favorite of raw-foodists worldwide. Dulse goes great with mashed avocadoes.

E3Live™ flakes (blue-green algae)—E3Live™ is a brand name of AFA blue-green algae. This is the product in flaked form.

E3Live™ AFA crystal flakes or dried algae flakes—E3Live™ AFA blue-green algae in light flake form.

E3Live™ fresh liquid—An E3Live™ living-liquid AFA algae product. This product is shipped to you frozen in a bottle. Thaw the product for 24 hours in your refrigerator and then consume.

Eucommia bark powder—A wonderful jing herb from Chinese medicine. This herb helps support the lower back, pregnancy, the skin, reproductive energy, and the kidneys.

Fluffy Citrus—A type of Sacred Heart Chocolate bar.

Gold Rush™ Colloidal Gold—This extraordinary product, put out by the Elements for Life Company, is a beverage that helps to increase serotonin production by an unknown mechanism that helps protect us from stress. This product contains only Colloidal Gold and water.

Gynostemma herbal tea—A wonderful Chinese herb with similar properties to ginseng, yet with a more feminine energy.

Hemp milk—This milk is made from hempseed blended with water and strained through a strainer, nut-milk bag, or fine-mesh bag.

Ho shou wu—This is a wonderful, delicious, jing longevity herb used in Chinese medicine. Ho shou wu is a root with properties that stimulate the production of “feel-good” neurotransmitters. Available as chips or as a powder.

Horsetail—A silicon-rich superherb that helps increase bone density and strength. Sometimes known as shavegrass.

Hunza raisins—A wonderful, delicious green raisin variety.

Irish moss (a.k.a. Irish sea moss)—A nutritious seaweed that turns to a gelatinous consistency when mixed with liquids and allowed to cool.

Lion’s mane medicinal mushroom powders—This is the powder of the nervous system–rebuilding superherb known as Lion’s Mane.

Liquid zeolites—Zeolites are cleansing minerals (based on silicon) that can be liquefied and consumed to remove heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Lucuma powder—Lucuma is the “egg-fruit” of Peru. It is a delicious additive to chocolate and ice cream dishes.

Maca Extreme—A powdered form of maca extract. This product really delivers the aphrodisiac effects that maca offers. You can get more of the benefits of maca while eating less of it.

Manuka honey—A specific type of healing honey that comes from New Zealand. It possesses topical healing and stomach-rejuvenating properties.

Medicinal mushroom powders—The medicinal mushrooms are some of the most powerful herbs in the world. These mushrooms include reishi, chaga, maitake, shiitake, lion’s mane, and others.

MegaHydrate™—A hydrogen and hydrating antioxidant supplement developed by Dr. Patrick Flanagan.

Mesquite powder—Mesquite is the legume-fruit of a tree native to the Americas. Native Americans have used mesquite as a nonglycemic sweetener for thousands of years. Mesquite is rich in calcium, zinc, and fiber. Mesquite powder is available online and via health food stores.

Milk thistle seed—The seed of the milk thistle plant. They are generally considered to be the best food for rejuvenating the liver.

MSM powder—Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM) is a highly bioavailable form of the mineral sulfur. MSM possesses powerful rejuvenative, rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties.

Nama shoyu—A favorite type of soy sauce.

Nettle—A silicon- and iron-rich superherb known for its “stinging” properties when encountered in a hedge.

Non-GMO soy lecithin—This is the lecithin fraction removed from soybeans that have not been genetically modified. Lecithin is nutrition for the brain and nervous system.

NoniLand™ honey—NoniLand™ is a Hawaiian brand that supplies the best honey and noni superfood powder ever from pristine environments on the Hawaiian Islands. NoniLand™ honeys are extraordinarily rich in trace minerals and enzymes. NoniLand™ honeys range in color from clear yellows to amber red to nearly black. NoniLand™ honeys may even exceed Manuka honeys from New Zealand in healing properties.

NoniLand™ noni powder—This product consists of wild noni superfruits that are dried at low temperature and then slowly ground into a powder. This extraordinarily nutritious powder is easy to add to any lemonade, smoothie, shake, or salad dressing.

Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton—The brand name of an extraordinarily concentrated liquid marine phytoplankton product.

Orgono Living Silica—A joint-healing, mineralizing liquid concentrate of spring water. Orgono is highly absorbable. Its supportive qualities have been used throughout the world for more than twenty years to restore joint health, revitalize the skin, and reverse signs of aging.

Ormus Gold—This is David Wolfe’s leading product. Ormus Gold is a miraculous topical healing liquid made out of pure gold and silicon. David Wolfe’s Ormus Gold is the product of fourteen years of research and development. Ormus Gold is created by an alchemical process, whereby pure gold is transformed into a nonmetallic form and bound to the mineral silicon in a liquid solution. Ormus Gold was known to ancient civilizations and was said to possess magical healing properties.

Pau d’Arco—A powerful antifungal, anti-candida herb from South America. It makes a delicious tea.

Phycocyanin—The stem-cell producing, blue pigments in blue-green algae. This concentrated, powdered form of the algae is available online and in certain health food stores.

Pink salt—This is a full-spectrum rock salt that comes from a famous salt deposit in Pakistan.

Propolis tincture—An extract of bee propolis, a powerful healing substance bees produce out of sap and use to “protect their city.”

Psyllium hull—The seed or seed hull of the psyllium plant. This seed gels up into a nice fiber to help move and clean digestive waste from the intestines.

Pure Radiance C® Powder—A wonderful superfood product developed by the Synergy company. It contains the extraordinary vitamin C–rich camu camu berry powder.

Pure Synergy®—A green superfood powder containing the powders of sixty superfoods, foods, and superherbs.

Purple corn extract powder—This is an antioxidant-rich, purple corn kernel extract.

Reishi—A medicinal mushroom superherb known to have extraordinary health-giving properties. This superherb is known as a super immune booster.

Revitaphi™—A dynamic superfood and superherb green powder created by the Elements for Life company.

Rice protein—This is an excellent form of protein. It is better than soy, whey, or other forms of plant or animal protein.

Royal jelly—A special secretion the bees prepare that is fed only to the queen bee. This honey-like substance increases longevity in humans.

Sacha jergon—This is one of the great super-immunity and liver-cleansing superherbs coming out of the Amazon. Available in chips or as a superherb powder.

Sacred Chocolate™—This is the brand name of the most wonderful chocolate bar in the world (available in heart shapes).

Sprouted sunflower seeds—Raw sunflower seeds soaked in pure water for 6 to 8 hours in order to lower the enzyme inhibitors and increase the availability of nutrients.

Stevia (Vanilla Crème)—A sweetening agent and flavor that is nonglycemic and helps manage blood sugar levels.

Suma powder—This powdered root is one of the leading adaptogenic superherbs coming out of Brazil.

Sun Is Shining™ superfood powder—David Wolfe’s green powder superfood and superherb combination formula.

Sun Warrior™ barley—A brand of powdered barley product that contains beta-glucans for long-term energy.

Sun Warrior™ protein powder—This is a rice protein brand.

Super deer antler—Deer antler velvet is a hormone-building superherb from Chinese medicine. Please procure ethically harvested deer antler (the deer antler velvet can be acquired without killing or maiming the deer). Super deer antler is a liquid alcohol extract of deer antler velvet.

Super ionic minerals—A liquid mineral supplement containing ionic trace minerals.

Tocotrienols—Mechanically powdered rice bran. This is an extraordinary source of the vitamin E varieties known as tocotrienols.

Vita-Mix®—A high-speed blender brand. This is a recommended appliance for any superfood kitchen.

Wild jungle peanuts—A variety of original, beautiful, aflatoxin-free peanuts from Ecuador.

Yacon syrup—A syrup made out of the root of the giant sunflower plant indigenous to Peru.

Zeolites—A type of “super clay” that sponges up toxins such as heavy metals and volatile organic compounds from the body. Available as a powder or in liquid form.

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