Healthy Eating for Kids: Teaching Your Child to Eat Healthy in a Fast Food World

Ten: Healthy Experiences From People Who Decided To Eat Healthy

There are several children who attended my daycare that were overweight. Eventually, the children got to a normal weight. No diet plan was provided to the children - they just ate more fruits and vegetables instead of sweets. I also increased the water intake. All of the children also participate in physical activity for an hour throughout the day. I also noticed that the children who had weight problems when they started daycare and then lost weight appeared to be happier and more confident.

I also instruct a Health and Nutrition class at a local college in my city. I have already seen some great health changes in a few of my students in the three years I’ve been teaching there. Some of them have completely stopped drinking Red Bull and substituted it for green teas and water. Other students make their own children smoothies for dessert instead of giving them McDonald shakes. Quite a few students decided to join exercise classes, and some students have told me that after a few exercise classes they have gained more stamina and energy. Based on the healthy eating information, some of the college students feed their own children more fruits and vegetables. The children’s biggest influence for eating fruits and vegetables was seeing their parents eating them, and the parents made the mealtime fun.

One of the student’s first assignments is to take their Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a person's weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. A high BMI can be an indicator of high body fat. BMI can be used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems, but it is not diagnostic of the body fat or health of an individual. There is also a BMI calculator for children as well ( All of the students are informed that finding out their BMI is a non-judgment format, and none of their information is shared. The students have the chance to find out where they are in regards to their health. They can then take the steps they need to become healthier.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being a role model for your children. You already read that I changed my eating habits from the first chapter. However, my former assistant has become healthier while working at daycare as well. She has lost 10 pounds and ten inches. My mother has also lost 80 pounds in one year. She told me that her biggest motivation was based on how my husband and I looked. My mom also mentioned that she is now fitting in clothes that she could not wear from 30 years ago. Again, we did not participate in any diet plan - we just ate foods that benefit our blood type, and avoided all the foods that are harmful or toxic to our bodies. We still eat out every so often. However, we look at the menus online before go to a particular restaurant, and we plan and choose foods that suit our blood type. Here is a website to learn about the types of foods for your blood type.

These few experiences and the information from the book will motivate you to take charge of your children’s health. If you are already doing that, then keep at it, and perhaps you have gained a few helpful nuggets to make your journey easier for you and your family. Most parents invest a lot into their children, especially their education. However, when children are healthy then their education can really soar. Please do not take this information lightly, as our future is dependent on it. We do not want to come to a generation where the parents outlive their children because of unhealthy lifestyles. Start slowly when it comes to children, and begin to change one unhealthy habit at a time. It will take a little creativity on our part, but our children are so worth it.