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Communism dampened sex in Hungary. Or so the theory goes. Until the country's liberation in 1989, “men didn't have access to magazines like Playboy or Hustler, full versions of the Kama Sutra, or even porn Web sites,” says Agnes Beregszászi, a sex columnist in that country. “Now that these are available, Hungarian men are all of a sudden being exposed to many new ideas, and they are overly excited to try new things in bed.”

And so it is that our international survey revealed that Hungarian men try the most number of positions during sex. Of course, there's a pretty good chance that, left to their own devices, hungry Hungarians would eventually have figured out most of these configurations on their own! Certainly, a willingness to try new positions, to experiment with what feels good—and with what feels really, really good—is the hallmark of a good lover.


Number of positions in the average man's sexual arsenal:

















United States



World average  


What follows in this chapter should not, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered a comprehensive overview of the options available to you. In fact, we hope you'll consider this a challenge. Every couple is different. Some positions are just better for some people, depending on your body types, preferences, and whether or not you like to watch what's going on.

In most of the ancient pillow books and illustrated sex manuals, the positions are sequenced, so that one naturally gives way to another, and another, and another. From these simple combinations, the permutations and combinations are virtually limitless, bounded only by your physical abilities and what brings you pleasure. We hope that you'll start in one of the positions we've suggested and then take her around the world! Dedicate yourself to finding a way to add on, to modify, and to generally freak it up so that it's the best possible fit for the two of you tonight.

Talking Her Into It

At Men's Health, we often answer some version of the following question: “I want to experiment with different positions in bed. How can I convince my wife/girlfriend/playmate to go along for the ride?”

Here are some suggestions.

Read all about it. An illustrated Kama Sutra is really a beautiful thing to behold—and looking through it together can be both educational and arousing. Make a sexy present of it—beautifully gift-wrapped and left under her pillow, or the last Christmas stocking stuffer after the kids have gone to bed. As you go through it together, you can ask her if she sees anything she'd like to try.

It's worth noting that a lot of erotic art exists not so much as an educational tool (“Insert Tab A into Slot B”) but to whet the appetite, so to speak. Even if you stick to your top three and never make it into Downward Facing Sparrow in the Wilderness of the Moon Grotto, you'll benefit from the inspiration.

If you'd prefer an updated version, try Anne Hooper's Kama Sutra, which uses tasteful photographs.

Segue. Lots of the positions you'll find in this chapter are easy to transition into from more traditional positions, like missionary or spooning. Move a [insert appropriate part here] slightly, and see what reaction you're getting after a few thrusts. If she's into it, you're going to know it; if she gets quiet or seems uncomfortable, you may want to rewind.

Be careful—she doesn't want to be flipped around like a rag doll. And if you sense that she's close to coming, stay put! “Unlike men, women can lose an orgasm almost in the midst of having one,” says Ian Kerner, PhD, a sex therapist and the author of She Comes First.

If you encounter resistance, find out why. “Women tend to be much more anxious about their route to orgasm,” says Christine Webber, a British psychotherapist and sex columnist for Netdoctor UK. “She might be avoiding a position because she knows it won't be easy for her to come.”

Webber recommends that you talk about trying it in spite of this, by saying something like “We may find it difficult to come this way, but maybe we could see whether we like it for a little while anyway?” Promise that if it doesn't deliver the right pressure to the right points, you'll finish off elsewhere.

Blindfold yourself. Many women who are insecure about their bodies stick to the missionary position because you can't see their bodies that way. We know—in the heat of passion, seeing her is a boon, not a drawback. But she can't hear it, in the way that you can't hear the thing about putting the toilet seat down.

Some of the positions in this chapter really will test the strength of her gym membership. If keeping the lights low and the compliments coming isn't good enough and there's something you really want to try, tell her you'll wear a blindfold. If you really can't see her because your eyes are covered, she'll do a lot more with you, to you, and for you.

Be sensitive. Be aware that there's a psychological aspect to many of the positions. Being on top, for instance, can make her feel much more powerful, while doggy style can make her feel degraded and dehumanized. (And if you're not already confused, what if we tell you that's not always a bad thing?)


What's your favorite position for sex?


He Said   

She Said   




Doggy style 









Make it clear to her that you understand that what happens between you in the bedroom is play—a no-fault zone, if you will—and that it's not going to come back to haunt her. As long as there's respect and good communication, it can all be part of the game, says Julianne Balmain, San Francisco–based coauthor of The Kama Sutra Deck: 50 Ways to Love Your Lover. “The bedroom should be a place where we can walk away from ‘real life,’” she says. “Sometimes, the things we want aren't politically correct. A woman wants a partner who understands that liking to be spanked and to have your hair pulled doesn't translate to how she wants to be treated in the rest of the relationship.”

Make it clear to her that what happens between you in the bedroom is play—a no-fault zone.

And keep to your promise: “One of my boyfriends and I used to talk dirty to one another—about what kind of a nympho slut I was, and how I wanted to go with all his friends, and all that stuff. It got both of us turned on—I loved it. Then one night, we were having a fight, and he made a very ugly comment about me, based on something I'd said when we were doing our role play,” says Christophe, a magazine editor in Paris. “I broke up with him the next day and never looked back. For me, someone who would use something we had done in bed together against me during a fight wasn't someone I wanted to be with at all.”

Make her come. Great sex is the ultimate carrot, right? Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, and there are a couple of ways to make that happen during intercourse. You can do it using the base of your penis and your pelvic bone. You can do it with your hands or a vibrator. She can do it with her hands or a vibrator. It doesn't matter how it happens, as long as it happens.

And perhaps the best way to get her to go outside her comfort zone is to indicate that you're willing to go there as well. If there's something you'd like to try, why don't you swap? Tell her that if she indulges your whim to try the position on page 217, you'll finally agree to have a go with the toy on page 196.

A Note to the Literal-Minded

Throughout this chapter, we refer to the surface you're propped up against as “a bed.” In practice, there might be or there might not be a mattress, headboard, etc., involved in your personal proceedings. Sex in a bed is nice—but there are other places to get it on (see Chapter 12 if you need some suggestions.) So please be clear: Our use of the word bed is merely a shortcut for our convenience—not a suggestion. Feel free to substitute “refrigerator shelf,” “bondage table,” “chandelier”—whatever works for you.

Old Asian Dogs Know Plenty of Tricks

There are a number of unbeatable sources for new sexual positions from rich, ancient cultures, many hundreds of years old.

The first, the Kama Sutra, you're probably at least anecdotally familiar with—after all, it's pretty much synonymous with a catalog of sex positions. Not to mention the fact that we've mentioned it umpteen times in this very book. In his book Sexual Reflexology, Mantak Chia references The Classic of the Arcane Maid, an ancient Taoist text in which “The elemental maid discloses the Art of the Bedchamber to the Yellow Emperor.” In it are outlined The Four Attainments, The Nine Essences, The Five Desires, The Five Symptoms, The Ten Movements—and yes, The Nine Postures. Throughout this chapter, we've included some of the Arcane Maid's names for these positions, which are quite beautiful—if improbable!

Another major source is The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight, originally written in Arabic by Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Nafzawi—wait for it—sometime in the 15th century. It was translated into French, and then into English in the 19th century.

The Perfumed Garden contains, among other things, a list of thirty-odd very amusing names for the penis (“the rummager” and “the creeper” were our favorites), a list of names that you can call the genitals of animals, which will certainly come in handy, treatments for sexual dysfunctions, and homemade remedies to increase penis size, not a single one of which we endorse.

Some of the advice in The Perfumed Garden falls into the “dubious” category; for instance, we are not sure that you can cause a lion to flee simply by exposing your genitals to him, and we certainly would not recommend it as your first line of defense. However, The Perfumed Garden does contain an illustrated guide to at least 11 essential sexual positions—the classics.

The first is, of course, the missionary position. And according to the results of a survey we conducted on, this is still the go-to move for 42 percent of men worldwide. So let's start there.

The Missionary Position

A.K.A.: Venus observa, Soaring Phoenix

How to do it: Your partner is lying on her back; you're between her legs.

Why you like it: It's comfortable and there's lots of friction.

Many women report that the upside-down orgasm is unparalleled.

What she likes about it: Though this is a difficult position for her to come in—one of the hardest, in fact—she still likes it because it feels intimate.

You can kiss one another, you can look one another in the eyes.

Spicing It Up!

One position, a million variations. Okay, maybe not a million—but a lot. What she does with her legs—and what you do with your body—really influences how it feels, for both of you.

To wit:

image When she has her knees up and her legs spread, you'll be able to make deep, slow strokes that generate less friction.

image On the other hand, when she clasps her feet together behind your back, you'll really feel like she's holding on to you. (Ancient Taoist texts refer to this position as Sheltering the Reclining Pine.)

image If she raises one leg, the resulting tilt in her pelvis will put her G-spot in the line of fire.

image If she's flexible, push her thighs back, parallel to the bed, so that her knees are near her ears. The Perfumed Garden calls this the second position and recommends it for the uh, poorly endowed. Even if you're not, you'll certainly enjoy how deep this allows you to get, and it's the best view you're going to get of her backside without turning her around. But you're really going spelunking in this position, so she'll want you to be careful about depth and position of entry if you're packing serious heat.

image Pull her thighs and buttocks up so that they're resting on your lap. This isn't super-comfortable for her back, but it works beautifully for the bits that matter.

image For more stimulation, have her lower her knees so that she's lying flat on the bed. Need even more friction? You'll get it if she closes her legs and you put your knees outside of hers.

image For a very intimate, and surprisingly hot variation, stop moving—almost. Use just the tiniest movements to maintain an erection. In Taoist sexuality, this is called Morning Prayer, and the goal is complete physical and mental connection and reaching a sexually meditative state. It's worth checking out.

image A technique called CAT (it stands for coital alignment technique) allows you to stimulate her clit with your pubic bone and the very base of your penis. In the missionary position, lie down so that your chest is in full contact with hers. You're going to feel like you're riding slightly higher up on her body than you usually would in this position. Using small movements, rock back and forth. She can wrap her legs around yours to give her the leverage to push back. This is the eleventh position of The Perfumed Garden, called Touching Soles because trying to touch the soles of your feet with hers will put her pelvis in the right position. Many women unable to come in the standard missionary position give the CAT two thumbs up: “This is the only way I can come just from intercourse,” says Mary, an Australian nurse. “Without exaggeration, it changed my life!”

image If she's amenable, healthy, and flexible, you may want to consider moving her head and upper back so that they're off the bed. She can put her hands on the floor (similar to The Wheel Pose in yoga) for support. Many women report that the upside-down orgasm is unparalleled.


One of the easiest ways to revolutionize the missionary position is right in plain sight on every bed in America: the pillow.

What are you waiting for? Pull it out from under her head, and stick it under her lower back, so that her pelvis is tilted up toward you. You can stand or kneel between her legs. If she likes, she can open her knees wide and cross her ankles behind your legs (this is sometimes called the Butterfly Position).

If you like the way this works, you might want to check out some props. Liberator Shapes ( are velvet cushions in a variety of shapes—a wedge, a ramp, a cube, and a half-moon, among others—that you can incorporate. The wedge in particular is designed to give you an “orgasm-optimum” 26-degree pelvic tilt, maximizing contact between your body and her clitoris.

image She lies so that her rear end is almost at the edge of the bed; you stand on the floor with her feet up around your shoulders. Having your feet on the floor lends a lot of power to your thrusting, and feels very dominant as well. (This position is known as Seagulls Flying.)

image Most sexual positions can be vastly improved by the addition of large quantities of warmed oil. But this really works some wonders for the missionary position. Massage oil is best, but any vegetable oil in the pantry will do. (Be careful to avoid your genital area if you're using condoms—oil and latex don't mix.)

The Shoulder Holder

A.K.A.: Wild Horses Leaping

How to do it: You're on top; her legs are up in the air, pushing against your torso, her feet up around your ears.

Why she likes it: If she slides her feet down so that they're planted on your chest, she can really control how you hit her G-spot.

Why you like it: This position narrows the vagina, so she feels tighter. Or you feel bigger, whichever. This is also a good position in which to get two perfectly full, round handfuls of ass.

Try this: Rock side-to-side or in an up-and-down motion. If she's very flexible, you can make this position very intimate by lowering yourself so you're face to face.

If she does yoga, she can push herself into the position known as Shoulder Stand, with her hands supporting her midback, and the majority of her body weight on her shoulder blades and the back of her neck. She shouldn't move her neck from side to side in this position, though, so don't jar her too much—and be careful, because this position allows for some deep thrusting indeed.

Doing the DOG

A.K.A.: Dragons Twisting

How to do it: Not to be confused, of course, with doggy style, which is something else entirely; this DOG stands for “Dual-Orgasm Position.” In the missionary position, she has one leg up, one leg flat on the bed. You direct your thrusts toward the inner thigh of her raised leg. This is a nice change from the shoulder holder, and a good choice if she's less flexible.


Many couples really enjoy sex during pregnancy. And while we most often hear about women whose sex drive is diminished during this time, the hormonal swings can very well go in the other direction, making her considerably more interested than usual. “The only thing on Earth that could convince me to have another kid is pregnancy sex,” says Mark, a writer in South Africa.

The change in her body can be refreshing, especially in a long-term relationship. “It felt like being unfaithful! She is ordinarily very slender; now suddenly there were these big beautiful breasts and hips,” says Alejandro from Madrid. “And she smelled and tasted different to me as well. I tell her we should have another baby so I can visit my ‘mistress.’”

If she's in the last months of pregnancy:

image Have her lie on her back while you lie on your side next to her. If you're right-handed, lie on your left side. She raises her right leg, and you pass your right leg between her legs and enter her from the side.

image Or have her lie on her back with her feet almost at the bottom of the bed. That way you can stand and enter her without putting weight on her belly.

image Another option, of course, is for her to be on top. This way, she controls the depth of penetration and the speed at which events proceed.

It's a good idea to talk about sex at your prenatal visits with her doctor; if you have questions, it's better to ask. And please note that if your partner is at risk for premature labor, you should avoid intercourse—and, in fact, any sexual arousal at all, including nipple play, which can prompt the release of oxytocin, a hormone that triggers contractions.

The Spider

How to do it: Sit down on the bed or floor with your legs out in front of you. Lean back about 15 degrees, supporting yourself with your arms. Ask her to sit facing you and help her lower herself onto your penis while she leans back and supports her body with her arms behind her. Her knees should be bent and near your shoulders. Alternately, from the missionary position, sit back and pull her toward you while you both lift your knees.

What you like about it: “This is one of the few positions where the union of sexual organs is visible for both partners,” says Mahinder Watsa, MD, a sex therapist in India. “That translates into an increase in sexual excitement.”

What she likes about it: “Physically, it allows her to feel a deeper, more intense, more intimate stimulation than missionary, with less friction,” says Candida Royalle, a producer of femme-friendly adult films and a veteran adult-film star.

The X

How to do it: Lie down on the bed or floor with your legs out in front of you. She straddles you with one of her thighs under you and the other atop you, and then she leans back until your body is between her legs. Hold one another's hands for support and to enable movement.

What you like about it: There isn't a lot of movement, so it slows you down. And there's nothing better if you're a leg or foot man.

What she likes about it: Your thigh is in prime position for some delicious clitoral grinding goodness.

Her on Top

You on Bottom

A.K.A.: Fish Linking Scales

How to do it: Lie down on your back, with your legs together. Your partner is straddling you, with her knees on the bed.

What you like about it: The view. And having less control than you usually do can be very relaxing.


You're on top. She wants to be. But you get only so many revolutions before someone's on the floor. Try lying across the width of your bed, instead of lengthwise. You can flip over—and over and over and over—without falling off. Well, not as soon as you'd fall off if you were lying the other way, anyway.

What she likes about it: She can move in circles instead of up and down, or with a side-to-side vibration that some couples find very sexy indeed. She can lean forward even more and grind her clit against your pubic bone (you may feel some tenderness the next day—otherwise known as the sexiest bruise on Earth).

What to watch out for: In these positions, there's a lot to watch, and not much to watch out for. Except this: When she gets very excited in the woman-on-top positions—as she is likely to do!—she can get a little careless, and if she comes down wrong on your erection, it can not only ruin your good time, but cause serious problems later (see “The Ultimate Ouch” on page 16 for more details). So, if she's totally lost in the throes of ecstasy, you may want to keep your wits about you, just to make sure that nobody gets hurt.

Easy Rider

How to do it: Lie down on your back, with your partner straddling you on her knees. She arches her back so that she's leaning backward at a 45-degree angle, supporting the weight of her body on the palms of her hands. You raise your hips, thrusting shallowly and stimulating the upper walls of her vagina.

What you like about it: Because you share control of speed and depth, you have more control over when you come than if it's all in her, uh, hands. Plus, the view is fantastic. As are her fingers on your balls.

What she likes about it: You have lots of access to her clitoris, and she has quite a bit of control over the depth and speed of the thrusting. “That significantly improves her chances of reaching orgasm,” says Judith Seifer, PhD, professor of sexual health at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.



How to do it: She straddles you with her feet flat on the bed, effectively squatting on your penis. You rest your elbows on the bed, and use your hands to support her hips, rising to meet each thrust. (This is sometimes referred to as Cowgirl's Helper. But you can call it Cowboy if it makes you feel better.)

The Cowgirl position affords you a triple-X view of all the goodies.

What you like about it: This affords you a triple-X view of all the goodies. And the position she's in means that her ass will be bouncing up and down on your balls, if you like that sort of thing.

What she likes about it: Lots and lots of control. But it does take some pretty strong legs for her to maintain this for any period of time, so make sure you're doing your part.

Reverse Cowgirl

A.K.A.: Wild Ducks Flying Backward

How to do it: She squats on top, feet flat on the bed. But instead of facing you, she faces your feet.

What you like about it: The view.

What she likes about it: The G-spot stimulation.

Straight-Leg Reverse Cowgirl

A.K.A.: The Italian Chandelier. We have no idea why it might be called this, and we were too embarrassed to ask a real Italian person. There's also a rumor circulating on the Internet that it burns 972 calories for the woman on top. Let's make a deal—we tell you how to do it, and for the rest, you're on your own, okay?

How to do it: You lie on your back facing up, and she's on top of you facing up, legs straight, with her weight resting on her arms.

What you like about it: The weirdness?

What she likes about it: Besides the fact that it's a killer triceps workout?

Lazy Cowgirl

How to do it: She's in Reverse Cowgirl position, but instead of sitting up, she lies down. Because she can't move much, in this position, you do most of the work with your hips.

What you like about it: You've got lots of access to the front of her body. And, unlike Reverse Cowgirl, you control how fast and hard the action goes.

What she likes about it: You've got lots of access to the front of her body.

The Amazon

How to do it: Getting into this position requires some doing, but it's very fun once you're there. Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Your partner will effectively sit on your thighs, facing you, while she lowers herself on to your erection, with one foot on each side of your abdomen. Then, you'll wrap your legs around her waist. Holding hands can help her to stay balanced, or she can reach around with one hand to touch your balls.

What you like about it: It's nice to let someone else drive every once in a while, isn't it?

What she likes about it: “This is a great position for women who don't have strong-enough quads to be on top for a long time,” says Laura Muller, a sex advisor in Brazil and author of 500 Questions on Sex. “It lets the woman control penetration and also leaves one hand free to caress her clitoris.”

The Trapeze

How to do it: You sit with your legs open and she sits on top of you. You take hold of her wrists as she relaxes her body and leans backward until she falls back completely. “It's important that the woman be fully relaxed, and succumbs totally to her lover, as he pulls her to him, provoking the necessary friction for the sexual act,” says Mabel Iam, an Argentinian psychotherapist, television host, and author of Sex and the Perfect Lover.

What you like about it: It's very sexy to have this much control.

What she likes about it: It's very relaxing to relinquish this much control.

The Face-Off

A.K.A.: Humming Ape Embracing the Tree

How to do it: You sit on a chair, she faces you on your lap.

What you like about it: The fact that her legs are supported means that she can bounce around on top of you. Do this one in front of a mirror and you'll have a very erotic view of her back and butt.

Do the Face-Off in front of a mirror and you'll have a very erotic view of her back and butt.

What she likes about it: She's on top. But her legs are supported, so that she can go for a long time, unlike other positions which require her to have and use a lot of leg strength. It's also a good way for her to deliver a nonverbal lesson about what kind of rhythm she likes. Also, your hands are free.

The Man Chair

How to do it: You sit up with your legs straight, arms behind you for support. She sits on top of you, and then puts her legs on top of your shoulders, leaning back on her arms for support.

What you like about it: The feeling of her butt and thighs against your torso, and being able to watch.

What she likes about it: The G-spot stimulation.

You Behind Her

Doggy Style

How to do it: She's on her hands and knees. You kneel behind her and enter.

What you like about it: “It's the most arousing position for men, because it's the most primal,” says Linda Banner, PhD, a sex therapist in San Jose, California, and the author of Advanced Sexual Techniques. Angle your penis upward for more friction.

What she likes about it: The angle allows for deeper penetration, which ups your chances of stimulating her G-spot, especially if you angle your penis down a little. Plus, you're hands-free for a reach-around. She can direct the angle of entry by lowering and raising her chest off the bed, and she can move her hips—whether from side to side, or by backing into you.

Doggy style can make her nervous for the same reason it makes you so hot—it's primal.

What to watch out for: Both parties like it when you really grab her hips and go to it. But be careful—you can get very deep, and at the wrong angle, you can hit the mouth of her cervix. “Like getting kicked in the balls,” Allie, a bartender in Edinburgh, says succinctly. Doggy Style is also not recommended for women with a history of back pain.

This position can be complicated emotionally, as well. It can make her nervous for the same reason it makes you so hot: It's primal. There's no eye contact. There's no smooching. There's nothing even approximating a cuddle about it. “I have to feel pretty comfortable with someone to be into Doggy Style,” says Allie. “It can feel a little degrading. Of course, that's exactly what I like about it when I'm with someone I do trust!”

The Downward Dog

A.K.A.: Stepping Tigers

How to do it: As with Doggy Style, she faces away from you, with you entering from behind. But instead of being on her hands, so that her back is like a table, she's facedown, leaning on her elbows, with her hips and rear end raised in the air.

What you like about it: This position creates a snug fit, “making you feel larger,” says Rebecca Rosenblat, a Toronto sex therapist and the author of Seducing Your Man.

What she likes about it: Since you're thrusting up just slightly, the bottom of your penis massages her vaginal wall right where her G-spot is located. Bonus: “This position lengthens her vaginal wall,” says Pedro Otero, a sexologist in Spain, “which in turn tightens her around your penis and makes you feel bigger to her.”

If she's slightly off the mattress, her nipples are going to rub back and forth on the bed with every thrust.

Try this: Move your hips from side to side as well as pushing into her.

Belly Flop

A.K.A.: Cleaving Cicadas

How to do it: She lies down on her front. You enter from behind. You can either extend your arms to keep your weight off her, or you can (at least partially) rest your chest on her back. A reach-around is always a nice touch as well—especially if she likes to have her legs straight when she comes.

What you like about it: If her legs are together, it's very tight.

What she likes about it: This is a very intimate version of a from-behind position.

Try this: With her facedown and you on top, have her cross her legs, and position yours outside of hers. Her vagina will feel tighter, and the added friction means more pleasure for you.

Side by Side

Side by Side and Face to Face

How to do it: You both lie on one side, facing one another. She has one leg over your hip. Initial penetration can be difficult; it may be easier to start out with one of you on top and roll off to the side. In this position, neither one of you is expending a lot of energy, which makes it great for lazy nights.

What you like about it: The intimacy. And her breasts rubbing up against you. But you can't penetrate very deeply, and movement can be difficult, so you may need to shift to a different position in order to come.

What she likes about it: This position is very intimate. Not only are you facing each other, allowing for kissing and eye contact, but the length of your bodies are touching. “My favorite for cold Russian nights!” says Anzhela, a randy Russkie lab technician.


A.K.A.: Mandarin Ducks Joining

How to do it: You both lie on your sides, with you behind her, propped up on your elbow. She raises her top knee and puts her top leg behind your butt, while you penetrate from behind.

The Spoons position is basically a cuddle with penetration, and you have great access to her clit.

What you like about it: It's lazy, and it gives you great access to the whole front of her body. This is the ideal position for a late-night interlude.

What she likes about it: Not only does this position involve little effort on her part, but the angle of penetration stimulates her G-spot and enables you to play gently with her nipples and, of course, her clitoris. “Because your chest will be hugging her back, you can coordinate your breathing, your rhythm, and thus be lulled into a very gentle and intimate togetherness,” says Agnes Beregszászi, a sex columnist in Hungary. In other words, it's basically a cuddle with penetration, and you have great access to her clit. Good for late pregnancy.

The Pretzel

How to do it: She lies on one side (for the sake of argument, let's say her right side). You kneel between her legs, straddling her right leg, and curling her left leg around your right side. She won't have a lot of mobility, but you can use your hands on her hips to adjust the position.

What you like about it: It's the same ultra-deep penetration of doggy-style sex.

What she likes about it: There's no loss of intimacy, as there can be with doggy style. And it doesn't hurt her back, as being rammed from behind sometimes does.


Standing Rear Entry

How to do it: She bends over with legs spread or with one leg up on a staircase. You're behind her, holding her hips.

What you like about it You're in a natural position to cup her breasts.

What she likes about it: It's very animalistic, which can be a turn-on for her.

Try this: We like this one right in front of the bathroom mirror; she can lean on the sink for support, and you can see—well, everything. Or try it in the shower, especially if you have one of those detachable shower-heads, which will provide a welcome change from (or addition to) your magic fingers.

The Wheelbarrow

How to do it: Carefully. Ultimately, you'll be standing, holding her thighs, which are in the air, while her hands rest on the ground. To get there, start with her on all fours near the end of the bed. You penetrate from behind, she maneuvers her hands off the bed, and you walk together—like the wheelbarrow race you remember from Field Day at camp.

What you like about it: The weirdness.


In positions where it's beneficial for her to be tipped forward, suggest stilettos. It's not just hot, but practical. At Men's Health, we're nothing if not practical.


You've heard about couples becoming clamped at the crotch; in 1980, the British Medical Journal even published a London doctor's 1947 recollection of penis captivus in which a couple was brought into the ER on one stretcher. But occurence of this intriguing phenomenon has never really been proved. If your partner's vaginal muscles begin to spasm violently during intercourse (a condition called vaginismus), it'll cause her pain and you to feel mild tightness, but there's little chance it'll lead to a love lock.

What she likes about it: The weightlessness. And by all accounts, the orgasm achieved when the head is lower than the body is something to write home about.

What to watch out for: Don't. Drop. Her.


There you have it—and there are a million more, if the two of you are willing to get creative. Have fun!