The Tao of Paleo: Finding Your Path to Health and Harmony



“Words are like a finger pointed at the moon. If you watch the finger, you will miss the moon.” ~ Buddhist Proverb

JS: It’s a valid question.

JG: Absolutely. After all, you paid good money for , or maybe you are leafing through this chapter trying to decide if you want to buy. You deserve to know more about what this book is all about, and also what WE are all about.

JS: The reality is, there’s nothing special about either of us. I’m from the West Coast. Jason’s from back East. We’re both just a couple of average Joes.

JG: Actually, you’re an average Joe. I’m an average Jason.

JS: -_-

JG: Sorry.

JS: We both have regular jobs, mortgages, and typical American lives. Yeah, we both went to college. Yes, we go to the gym, but you’re not going to see us curing cancer, on the cover of fitness magazines, or spot us on the red carpet at Hollywood premiers with a starlet on our arm. Neither of us are training to go fight in the Octagon. At least not this year.

JG: Both of us are single dads. We’re each on the back side of forty. Also it’s important to note we’re not serial killers.

JS: Dude…

JG: Well, at least I’m not.

JS: There’s only one thing special about us, and that’s the real reason we wrote this book - because the paleo lifestyle literally changed our lives. We used to struggle with injuries and low energy. Our workouts made us tired and we didn’t sleep well at night. Literally, everything we thought we knew about nutrition, exercise, and wellness - things we had been told all our lives - all of it was completely wrong.

JG: In each of our cases, someone reached out to help us make the transition to a fuller, healthier life.

JS: As I recall, in your case, that someone was me.

JG: True.

JS: Shortly after adopting the paleo lifestyle, each of us felt so energetic, so healthy and well, that we wanted to share our experiences and knowledge with our family and friends. We suddenly saw that the people close to us were living much like we were before we discovered paleo - the people we cared about were overweight, unhealthy, unhappy, unwell and in many cases on medication. We wanted to help them feel like we felt.


JS: (rolls eyes) Easy there, tiger.

JG: Well, we were pretty darned excited, anyway.

JS: Yep. Jason and I started leading people toward the paleo path, hoping that we could help others. Our dear friend Karen Pendergrass, author, blogger, creator of the International Paleo Movement Group, and all-around paleo ninja, calls this “paleoing it forward.”

JG: And paleo it forward we did. Both of us reached out to friends and family, offering them the same help we received. We enjoyed helping others transform their lives every bit as much as we enjoyed transforming our own.

JS: Even more. And that brings us to the purpose of this book.

JG: Exactly. We’re writing this book to keep paleoing it forward to the widest possible audience. And also so I can buy a yacht. And a small Caribbean island.

JS: Goddarn it Jason…

JG: A rowboat and a few bags of dirt?

JS: Moving on. We’ll do our best to lay out the basics of paleo - not just the eating but the overall philosophy from our point of view - the way we eat, the way we exercise, the way we rest, and the way we play. Should you require more information, we will also point you in the direction of terrific books, websites, podcasts, blogs, and other sources from some paleo pros who can fine-tune your transformation. At the end of the day, it will all help you find the right paleo path for you. And you might find us just a little bit entertaining along the way.

JG: Me, yes. You not so much.

JS: Moving on…

JG: There are some basic tenets of paleo that we all agree on, but in the end everyone is different. You can look at this book like the “finger pointing at the moon.” We ask that you don’t get absorbed in the minutiae because then you’ll miss the big picture. We’re pretty confident that if you look where the finger is pointing, you’ll discover the paleo lifestyle that works for you. In other words, you’ll see the moon, and end up in a healthier and happier place. We are going to ask something of you first, though. We need you to open your mind and realize that much of what you read here will probably be very different than what you’ve always believed is true. You must unlearn what you have learned.

JS: People ask us all the time if living the paleo lifestyle will make you healthier. We can only say that we - and hundreds of others we know - have lost large amounts of fat, built lean muscle, increased flexibility and functional strength, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, increased restful sleep, and lowered stress - all of which are strongly correlated by the best science to overall health, wellness, and quality of life. And many of us have abated all symptoms of diseases that they thought they had to manage for the rest of their lives.

JG: We don’t mean to suggest that this path is going to lead to rapid results for absolutely everyone.

JS: No. Everyone is different. Although we can’t promise you quick results, we can promise you a path to lasting health.

JG: We are going to present you with solid science and hard evidence. However, don’t be surprised when we mention some things that are contrary to what you’ve always heard about living in a healthy way.

JS: It’s very likely that just like us, most of what you thought you knew about being healthy is wrong. We’re going to fix that.

Trust us, you’re going to feel terrific. Your body will get leaner. You will feel more energetic. You will sleep more soundly. You will manage stress better. Each day will begin to look more like an adventure and less like a chore. We wrote The Tao of Paleo to paleo it forward to you - to help you live a healthier, happier, and more satisfying life.

JG: In short, to help you become what we like to call “PAF.” That means Paleo as Fu…

JS: Yo! Jason! This is a G-rated book!

JG: Oh yeah. Sorry. :(



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