The Tao of Paleo: Finding Your Path to Health and Harmony


“What has it got in its nasty little pocketses?” ~ Gollum

JS: What, indeed, precious?

JG: Creepy.

JS: Yep. So now we’re at the part of the book where we want to put some pretty cool stuff in your paleo pocketses.

JG: Nicely turned.

JS: Thank you. Basically, what we’re going to do is give you some tools that will help you along as you set off in search of your paleo Tao.

JG: To help you on your unexpected journey.

JS: You’re making a hobbit of aggravating the Tolkien estate. And I hear they are very litigious.

JG: That’s a bad bad hobbit…OK, OK. No more of those references.

JS: We’re going to start with a series of WEBSITES and BOOKS that we believe are of excellent general interest and will help the paleo newbie and the grizzled grass-fed guzzler alike. And no one paid us to put these in here - they are here because they are good solid, trusted sources and can really help you.

JG: The alliteration store called and they want it all back.

JS: Tough titty. First and foremost we’d like to direct you to The Tao of Paleo website at Jason and I will continue to shock, awe, and amaze you with a stunning series of superb articles, blog posts, and podcasts.

JG: You’re not going to stop, are you?

JS: You can have my alliterations when you pry them from my frozen, grass-fed fingers.

JG: Next, we’d like to recommend the website of one of the true titans of The Paleo Movement…

JS: It’s contagious, isn’t it?

JG: Robb Wolf. Robb, originally a research chemist, is an accomplished nutritionist, author of the bestseller , and the co-owner of NorCal Fitness. Robb’s website at is a terrific repository of knowledge on every aspect of the paleo lifestyle.

JS: Sitting up there with Robb in the Paleo Pantheon is Mark Sisson.

JG: Mark is a former elite long distance runner and triathlete. His series of books are a must read, although his primal take on nutrition is slightly different from orthodox paleo.

JS: Mark’s blog, Mark’s Daily Apple, at, is an invaluable resource with a handy searchable database of Mark’s concise and well-written articles and blog posts.

JG: Dr. Loren Cordain is the granddaddy of the modern Paleo Movement. He essentially made the whole kit and caboodle famous with his bestselling book The updated 2010 addition, should most certainly be on your bookshelf, or in your electronic reader, or chiseled onto some stone tablets for you to carry around as you wander aimlessly through the desert.

JS: Or whatever. It’s a great book. Also visit Dr. Cordain’s website at

JG: We’ve found two great websites that will allow you to connect with paleo friendly healthcare practitioners in your area. Primal Docs is a network of over eight hundred professionals around the country. You can find them at

JS: The Paleo Physician’s Network, at, is another key resource that will help you find health professionals who practice in a paleo way.

JG: We’d also like to give a paleo shout out to Katy Haldiman, skilled nurse, podcaster, nutritional therapist, and personal trainer based in the Northern California Bay Area. Katy can help you make healing changes in your life through the power of real food. She consults worldwide via Skype. Find Katy at or at

JS: She’s also brilliant, sexy, and an all-around totally awesome paleo babe.

JG: She happens to be Joe’s significant other. Lucky dog, that

Joe is.

JS: Woofity woof.

JG: If you’re a Facebooker, we’d like to recommend you join The International Paleo Movement Group (IPMG). This online community is comprised of over twelve thousand members from around the world, ranging from the merely curious to the hardcore paleo nerd. Joe is one of the administrators of this group, and he’d be happy to welcome you aboard.

JS: Absolutely. There’s no better place to meet new paleo friends and discuss any and every facet of the paleo lifestyle with your fellow tribe members. On a daily basis, group members post dozens of helpful links, interesting articles, inspiring progress photos, and tasty paleo recipes. You can find IPMG here:

JG: If you’re looking for inspiration, I might suggest a great book put together by a certain close friend of mine.

JS: You have one of those?

JG: I was talking about you, smarty pants.

JS: Oh. Well…considering the fact that you’re about to give me a shameless plug, I’ll allow the familiarity…this time.

JG: How generous of you. My friend Joe is the author of . It’s like paleo chicken soup for the soul.

JS: The book is a compilation of the stories of fifty-nine real people - each of whom saw their lives transformed after finding the paleo lifestyle. Many of them cured conditions like multiple sclerosis, heart disease, Hashimoto’s, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, high blood pressure, and others, by finding their paleo Tao. And I give a large portion of the profits to charity, just like Jason and I do with this book.

JG: Joe’s story is in there too. And it has progress pictures!

JS: Mostly for people like you who don’t read so good.

JG: What about people like you who don’t grammar so good?

JS: Touché. Or threeché. What number are we on?

JG: Visit…and buy Joe’s book. He really needs the money.

JS: Sigh.

JG: For a scientific yet accessible take on the paleo path, take a look at J. Stanton’s J is a talented paleo researcher and also an accomplished writer of fantasy novels. His website is filled with useful tidbits and thoughtful articles. And he is really tall.

JS: If you’re the kind of paleo geek who enjoys reading research abstracts, we’d direct you to PubMed, a vast searchable database of articles and studies on biomedical research. You can get a first-hand look at all the studies we’ve mentioned in the book and dive deep into the science behind paleo. Visit Pubmed at

JG: Finally we’d like to mention The Paleo Movement Online Magazine, at Our friend Karen Pendergrass, the Paleo Princess, has assembled an impressive website filled with interviews, tips, blog posts, recipes, and other useful stuff. It’s updated weekly, and Joe sometimes posts there.

JS: I don’t think she’d like being called a princess. More like a honey badger.

JG: Aren’t there princess honey badgers?

JS: No.

JG: Fine. Visit the website anyway.

JS: Speaking of Pendergrasses, we also want to mention Karen’s dad David Pendergrass, Ph.D. who teaches graduate biochemistry courses at Kansas University. He is an expert in the biochemistry of paleo. Dr. Pendergrass has a book coming out soon which he co-authored with Christina Lianos called The Smartest Loser. When it comes to understanding how food affects your brain, this book is fabulous. Check it out.

JG: And thanks to Dr. Pendergrass for scientific insight which helps move The Paleo Movement forward.

JS: Here here. OK, let’s move on and talk about helping you find what to EAT. As we promised, we’ve got a complete three-month course of paleo recipes from our friend Orleatha Smith. You can find the meal plan in the back of this book.

JG: You can either follow the meal plan precisely or you can pick and choose recipes on an as-needed basis, or just save it for future reference if you’re more of a do-it-yourself type.

JS: Exactly.

JG: Orleatha is a paleo holistic nutritionist par excellence. She’s also an author, speaker, mom, and she holds a masters degree in education. Visit her website at

JS: We love us some Orleatha.

JG: We sure do.

JS: If you’re looking for a great paleo cookbook, Jason and I love Sara Fragoso, pint-sized paleo powerhouse and master chef. Her Everyday Paleo series of cookbooks is filled with thousands of delicious recipes that are all solidly paleo. You can visit Sara’s website at

JG: When it comes to paleo vittles, our buddy Jadah Holland is another superstar. Her terrific blog, Salted Paleo, is filled with great recipes that Jadah either invents or kitchen-tests herself.

JS: Jadah’s food pictures make my mouth water. As does Jadah herself.

JG: She’s darned cute, that’s for sure.

JS: Check out her website at and tell her we sent you.

JG: At which point she will probably ban you.

JS: Nah. She likes us.

JG: Maybe.

JS: We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our good buddy Jimmy


JG: Especially since he wrote a foreword for the book.

JS: True.

JG: Jimmy is a bestselling author, podcaster, television personality, and blogger extraordinaire. His personal story is amazing - he lost over 180 pounds using the paleo template. His book series is a must read.

JS: He sure found his own Tao.

JG: Yep.

JS: Although many might benefit from a higher intake of carbs than Jimmy generally recommends, he’s a legit luminary of The Paleo Movement. We highly recommend his books, including his most recent magnum opus Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL is wrong with my numbers? This is the first book in his Clarity series and it’s terrific. Visit Jimmy’s website at

JG: Thanks again for the foreword, Jimmy. We left the money on the dresser.

JS: Hope you don’t mind that it’s in pennies.

JG: You might be asking yourself where to find all the high- quality meat, fish, poultry, fruit, and vegetables we mention ad infinitum.

JS: We suggest that you start by looking for local farmers. Often, grass-fed meat and organic fruits and veggies are closer than you think. Many farmers or groups of farmers have started meat- share programs, where you commit to weekly or monthly deliveries of seasonally available products for a fixed period of time. A good state-by-state directory can be found at

JG: Of course, you can visit your local grocery store. High quality chains like Wegman’s, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s have huge selections of well-raised meat and organic vegetables and fruit.

JS: Most supermarket chains are seeing the growing demand for quality food and have responded accordingly with larger organic food sections, and prices are steadily lowering.

JG: I travel for a living and that creates a number of paleo problems.

JS: Very true. We generally do not recommend you consume the

preservative-laden food-like materials provided for your

sustenance on airplanes, for example.

JG: Nope. If you travel, you’re going to need a source of healthy paleo road chow. You might not be in a position to carry your own personal refrigerator around either, so it’s likely that you’ll need a source of nutrition that can be stored at room temperature.

JS: If you’re fond of seafood, we recommend tinned wild-caught salmon, tuna, mackerel, or sardines from a reliable vendor like Wild Planet. Just open the can and add a little mustard, hot sauce, or the paleo-friendly condiment of your choice when it’s time to mac out.

JG: If you prefer land-based vittles, consider buying a dehydrator and making your own grass-fed jerky or pemmican. It’s not difficult. However if you consider that an overly ambitious project, Joe and I know of a few excellent purveyors of portable meat-meals.

JS: Steve’s Original Paleo Goods is a favorite. They offer grass-fed beef and chicken jerkies and sticks as well as grainless crunch bars that are an excellent source of carbs. They will ship your order right to your home and it’s always high quality. Check out their website at

JG: A bag of jerky, some beef sticks, a crunch bar, and a few tablespoons of almond butter makes a solid paleo meal and saves you from the choice of either starving or ingesting something that only remotely resembles real food.

JS: One thing we love about Steve’s is that they donate a large chunk of their revenues to Steve’s Club - a fitness program for economically challenged, at-risk kids.

JG: Yep. A company with a mission and a heart.

JS: We can also recommend Epic bars - meat bars that come in your choice of beef, turkey, or bison. All three flavors are grass- fed/pastured, organic, and taste delicious.

JG: Epic will also ship their products to your door. Visit them at

JS: We also like Nick’s Sticks, grass-fed beef and pastured turkey sticks from Nick Wallace of Wallace Farms, in Keystone, Iowa. Nick’s Sticks are GMO, MSG, gluten, antibiotic and hormone-free. They are shelf-stable, reasonably priced, and they taste delicious. Order them online at

JG: When it comes to learning how to MOVE, we’ve included a set of paleo workout templates at the end of the book. They are general in nature but they will give you a solid framework for your movement program. If you are unfamiliar with any of the exercises we mention, please contact a physical trainer you trust to demonstrate the proper techniques.

JS: That’s a really important point. If you are inexperienced in exercise, or even unfamiliar with the workouts we’re recommending, you absolutely need to hire a fitness professional to help you.

JG: Don’t just walk into a gym and hire the first trainer you meet. Conduct your search like you would conduct a job interview. Get referrals from trusted sources. Make it clear that you want guidance in a paleo-centric exercise program - sprinting, lifting heavy weights, and moderate HIIT training.

JS: Make sure any trainer you consider is on board with these types of workouts, understands the basic paleo movement template, and is willing to train you in this way. If you start hearing about cardio, hour-long metcons, or spinning, you might want to politely walk away.

JG: Maybe back away slowly. They can smell your fear.

JS: If you are unable to find a local fitness professional that meets this criteria, we will recommend some excellent virtual options shortly. First, however, let’s touch on something else.

JS: We mentioned how important it is to combine movement with flexibility. Before you initiate a workout program or look for a trainer, we’d highly recommend you invest in a copy of Dr. Kelly Starrett’s .

JG: Kelly Starrett is a genius in the science of increasing human flexibility in order to optimize health and performance. You can learn more about Dr. Starrett and his revolutionary flexibility program on his website,

JG: It’s absolutely critical that you combine flexibility with movement in order to prevent injury and get the most out of your workouts.

JS: Yep. We can’t go any further without reminding you about our friend Darryl Edwards, the Fitness Explorer, and his PRIMALity program.

JG: Darryl is not only a paleo nutritionist and author but also an expert in the area of physical training. His emphasis is on movements that improve your ability to perform daily, recreational, and extraordinary physical tasks effectively.

JS: He’s passionate about helping humans recover their inborn sense of play, and reincorporating it into challenging and fun workouts. We love his book Paleo Fitness. You can check it out at

JG: Darryl is based in London, UK, but he travels around the world conducting Primal Playouts and he can train you remotely regardless of your location.

JS: Not to mention he also wrote us a nice foreword for the


JG: And I didn’t even have to dress up in my Britney Spears outfit and beg him.

JS: Fortunately for him. Check out Darryl’s website at or his Facebook page at

JG: We mentioned Sara Fragoso and her awesome recipe books, but along with her partner, Jason Seib, she also runs a virtual physical training program at

JS: Jason is the owner of CPC Fitness and Fat Loss in Clackamas, Oregon and the author of The Paleo Coach, a stellar introduction to the paleo lifestyle.

JG: We love Jason and Sara’s informative and entertaining free weekly podcast. And for reasonable rates, their staff of virtual trainers will provide you with all the expertise and personal attention you need to learn to work out effectively and safely.

JS: Sara, Jason, and EP Lifefit are the perfect choice for experienced paleo online training.

JG: When it comes to SLEEP we remind you how important quality rest is to becoming a healthy human.

JS: We think adequate sleep is perhaps the most underestimated aspect of finding your Tao. Remember that sleep has a tremendous effect on hormones like cortisol, leptin, ghrelin, and glucagon, which in turn, have a dramatic impact on your body composition and overall health. It’s critical to get good, solid sleep.

JG: That’s why we need to mention our friend Dan Koifman. He’s a skilled sleep coach. He will teach you to master the mysteries of circadian rhythms and learn how to effectively biohack your body, all with the goal of helping you sleep better and more soundly.

JS: Dan’s also an accomplished inventor, presently working on a set of glasses designed to enhance and improve rest. He’s based in New York City but he consults virtually to clients located around the world.

JG: You can contact Dan at his Facebook page:

JS: You can’t find your paleo Tao without mastering the mental game. Some of us need professional assistance to deal with the way we FEEL.

JG: You’ll benefit from getting your mind right, just as you will from getting your diet, exercise, and sleep straightened out.

JS: Our friend Cinnamon Prime is a professional mindset coach.

JG: We also have our suspicions that she’s actually a ninja. Or Batman. Or both.

JS: Coach Prime helps her clients rewire their brains so that they can better achieve their health and fitness goals.

JG: She’s a master at helping you understand why you might have failed in the past and how to acquire the mindset to succeed in the future. She will teach you the ins and outs of paleo and exercise, empower you to create your own meal plans, and help you build a workout regimen.

JS: “This is not the food you’re looking for.”

JG: “This is not the food we’re looking for.”

JS: “Move along.”

JG: Your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me, boy. But Coach Prime’s will work on everyone.

JS: Most importantly, Coach’s clients don’t go on diets or exercise programs. They learn how to make permanent and lasting lifestyle changes.

JG: You might even say that Coach illuminates the path to finding your paleo Tao.

JS: She’s like a bigass floodlight of righteous paleo candlepower.

JG: Right on. Find Coach at her website - - or email her at She is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, but she can work with you anywhere via phone, email, or Skype chat.

JS: Or just look for her in the Bat Cave. Or wherever ninjas hang out when they aren’t throwing sharp starry things at people.

JG: We’d like to mention our buddy Jackie Chatman as well.

JS: Aside from being a warm, wonderful lady, Jackie holds a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a degree in holistic nutrition as well.

JG: Jackie runs Eating for Wellness, a lovely retreat nestled in the warm desert springs of Southern California. She offers a four-day, three-night program that includes a comprehensive introduction to healthy eating with an eye toward a kindly and holistic approach to mental and physical health.

JS: She also offers nutrition counseling, meal planning, and other services for individual, couples, and family. She’s a master at helping you make the mind/body/nutrition connection in a welcoming and accepting setting.

JG: If you can’t make it to Jackie’s place, she’d be glad to work with you virtually. Visit her website at or give her at call directly at 213-822-2634.

JS: We’ve certainly failed to mention lots of terrific resources in this chapter. If you’re one of our paleo friends and we haven’t given you a nod, we apologize, and assure our readers it’s not because you aren’t awesome. There’s a growing paleo community out there, and every day it is producing even more talented coaches, insightful writers, brilliant scientists, skilled doctors, and terrific chefs.

JG: And more regular folks like us, who find their paleo Tao and manage to change their lives for the better.

JS: If you know of a great paleo resource that we failed to mention here and you’d like to let the community know about it, visit our website at and send us a message. We’d be glad to add your recommendation to the Resources section of our website.

JG: The more the merrier. And buy Joe’s book. He gives half the proceeds to charity - and he needs the money. He’s been wearing the same underwear for a week now.

JS: I like these. The leopard print is extraordinarily paleo and very flattering.

JG: I guess washing them didn’t occur to you.

JS: Not so much.

If you find an error or have any questions, please email us at Thank you!