Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health

23. Jelqing: Step-by-Step

       Jelqing doesnt require extreme pressure for it to work. The goal is to push the blood up the penis, not force it. Use a graceful, light grip.

Starting Position

       You can either sit or stand while doing this exercise, but many men find that its most comfortable to sit down with their legs spread apart. Either way, keep your back straight and allow gravity to do its work—centralizing the blood to your pelvic region.

Erection Level

       Your erection level should be between 40 and 75 percent.

Remember to warm up for ten minutes before attempting the jelq.

The Jelq


1.     Lather your penis with lubrication and bring your penis to desired erection level.

2.    With either hand, use your thumb and pointer finger to create an OK-grip around the base of your penis. Place the grip as close to the pubic bone as possible.

3.     Apply pressure to the grip and slowly move it up the penis. The ideal pressure is one that does not hurt, but effectively milks your penis.

4.     Stop the grip directly before you reach the head (do not jelq the head of your penis). You have completed one jelq. Each jelq should take approximately two to three seconds.

5.     Immediately take your other hand and repeat the same process. Switch hands each rep until you reach the desired number of reps.

Extra Jelq Tips!

Add a stretch:

       If part of your goal is to gain length, then give your penis a quick tug after each jelq. This light, gentle stretch should take no more than half a second.

Jelq backwards:

       Several penis exercisers attest that jelqing in a backwards motion has allowed them to build a thicker base. To jelq backwards, simply push the blood towards the base of your penis rather than towards the head.

Use time as your counter:

       You can record your workouts two ways. The first way is to count reps. Counting reps can become tiresome when you are doing an exercise that requires more than a hundred reps. The second way is to use time as your counter. For example, a jelq lasts roughly two to three seconds, which translates into roughly 250 jelqs every ten minutes. Many men find that timing ten minutes is easier than counting all 250 jelqs.

If youre uncircumcised, try pulling back your foreskin:

       It doesnt matter if youre uncircumcised or circumcised when performing penis exercises. However, many uncircumcised men report that its more comfortable to use one hand to draw back the foreskin and the other hand to jelq.

Avoid placing pressure on the top of your penis:

       Your dorsal nerve runs along the top of your penis and it is like the spinal cord of your penis sensitivity. In short, it allows your penis to keenly feel sensation. If you place an exorbitant amount of pressure on this sensitive area, you may cause damage that could temporarily lead to less sensitivity.

Common Jelqing Questions!

“Is there another way to grip when jelqing?”

       The OK-grip is the most common grip, but its not the only one. Anything that pushes blood up your penis will work. Another notable grip is the pincher grip. To form the pincher grip, place your index finger on one side of your penis and your thumb on the other side. When complete, the grip looks as if you are pinching your penis.

       Both the OK-grip and pincher grip are effective. The pincher grip, however, puts less pressure on both the underside and the head of your penis. For variety, switch it up and rotate the two grips. For another variation of the pincher grip, put your index finger on the underside of your penis and your thumb on the upper side.

Do I really need a lubricant to jelq?

       Not exactly, but I recommend that you use lubrication to learn how to jelq. Think of it this way: Lubrication is to jelqing as training wheels are to riding a bicycle. Jelqing without lubrication—also known as dry jelqing—causes skin irritation for several men, which often leads to darkening of the penis and other unwanted side effects. Skin irritation is especially more apt to occur in the beginning, when you are first learning how to jelq.

       Yet, after the initial two or three weeks, many men find that the skin irritation is minimal. So once you master the jelq, feel free to experiment. The dry jelq may not cause you any problems. If you attempt dry jelqing, use a lighter grip than when wet jelqing.

       Another way you can dry jelq—and possibly avoid skin irritation—is to keep the OK-grip in constant contact with the same spot of skin for the entire jelq (rather than pushing the grip up the skin). Using this method, it may be hard to complete a jelq with one single stroke (from the base to the head). Therefore, jelqing the shaft in two or three strokes might be necessary. For example, start at the base of your penis and jelq to mid-shaft Then re-grip and go from mid-shaft to the head of your penis. (Note: many men have trouble understanding this exercise with words and pictures alone. For more clarity, go to for a video.)

       If you find that the skin irritation isnt a problem for you, dry jelqing does have its pros. The biggest pro of dry jelqing is that its great if youre performing penis exercises in secrecy and you are not telling your significant other, as it doesnt require cleaning up lubrication afterward. Dry jelqing is also easy to do in places where wet jelqing is impracticable. For example, you can perform a few dry jelqs during bathroom breaks. Another pro of dry jelqing is that its less arousing, which is beneficial if you find yourself continually getting erect while jelqing.

       Another alternative that doesnt require lubrication is using a jelq simulator. This device provides the same effect as the jelq, often with even more consistency, and generally doesnt require the use of a lubricant. You can read more about jelq simulators in Appendix A under the section Penis Enlargement Devices.

I always get an erection when I try to jelq. How do I fix it?

       The jelq is an arousing exercise. Eventually, with enough practice, you will be able to rise above this problem. In the meantime:

Ø     Try to calm your arousal with your mind. Take deep breaths and relax.

Ø     Stop, let your erection subside, and resume.

Ø     Use the pincher grip to focus the pressure on the left and right side of your penis. Switching to the pincher grip often works because the OK-grip stimulates the underside of your penis, which is an extremely arousing area.

Ø     Try getting up and walking around for a minute or two while you jelq. This will circulate your blood throughout your body.

Ø     If all else fails, try dry jelqing.

Jelq Assignment

1.     Obtain a lubricant

2.     Jelq for ten minutes (approximately 250 jelqs)

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