Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health

Part I The Truth Revealed

Chapter 1. MYTH: Penis Enlargement is Impossible

Chapter 2. Other Common Penis Myths

Chapter 3. What’s Average?

Chapter 4. Does Size Matter?

Part II The ABCs of Penis Exercising

Chapter 5. Where Do You Stand?

Chapter 6. Where Do You Want to Be? Choosing a Goal

Chapter 7. The Building Blocks of Penis Exercising

Chapter 8. The Basic Principles of Penis Exercising: The Circle of Gains

Chapter 9. Principle 1: Obtain Adequate Rest

Chapter 10. Principle 2: Gradually Increase the Intensity

Chapter 11. Principle 3: Pay Attention to Your “Body Clues”

Chapter 12. Side Effects are Possible

Chapter 13. Look Bigger, Feel Bigger

Chapter 14. Pornography and Penis Exercising

Part III The Fundamental Penis Exercises

Chapter 15. The Importance of the Kegel

Chapter 16. Kegel Exercises

Chapter 17. Kegel Pitfalls

Chapter 18. The Importance of Warming Up

Chapter 19. Warming Up, It's That Easy

Chapter 20. On the Safe Side

Chapter 21. Jelqing

Chapter 22. Your Erection Level

Chapter 23. Jelqing: Step-by-Step

Chapter 24. Stretching

Chapter 25. Basic Stretching: Step-by-Step

Chapter 26. The JAI Stretch: Quick & Easy

Part IV The First 5 Weeks

Chapter 27. Basic Beginner’s Routine

Chapter 28. Alternative Beginning Routines

Chapter 29. Your Unique Goals

Chapter 30. Your Unique Penis

Chapter 31. Putting the Circle of Gains into Practice

Chapter 32. Maximizing Gains

Chapter 33. Overcoming Possible Side Effects & Minor Setbacks

Chapter 34. The End of the First 5 Weeks

Part V After the First 5 Weeks

Chapter 35. Advancing

Chapter 36. Advanced Exercises

Chapter 37. Increasing the Intensity of Your Exercises

Chapter 38. Basic Advancing Routine

Chapter 39. Alternative Advancing Routines

Chapter 40. Plateaus and Breaks

Chapter 41. Cementing Your Goal

Appendix A: Eleven Questions Men Ask Relating to Penis Exercising

Appendix B: The Penis Anatomy

Appendix C: Exercise Guide & Advanced Exercises

Appendix D: Penis Exercising Resources

Appendix E: Penis Exercising Success Stories

Appendix F: Survey Results: Does Ejaculating After a Penis Exercising Workout Influence Your Gains?

Appendix G: Glossary

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