The Toxin Solution

How to Use This Book

The Toxin Solution will help you learn why toxins are now the primary cause of chronic disease and what you can do to get them out of your body. The book offers a four-pronged approach to accomplishing that which includes:

1. Understanding where toxins are found and how they cause disease.

2. Preparing your detoxification systems to eliminate toxins quickly and safely.

3. Undergoing intense detoxification.

4. Following simple guidelines for a toxin-free life.

Chapters 1 and 2 present in-depth scientific explanations for the necessity to avoid and eliminate toxins to support your health. However, you do not need to understand this science to follow the book’s program. You can jump ahead to the programmatic chapters and follow the steps below. (Another option is to use the summary guidance in the Appendix Protocol Summary.) It’s inadvisable to skip ahead to the intense detox in week 9, as you must fully prepare your body to excrete the toxins before you start releasing them from your tissues and fat stores.

Step 1. Preparation for the Nine-Week Program (Chapter 2)—The Causes of Toxic Overload

Before launching into the nine-week program, you will learn how to protect yourself and improve health by stopping new toxins from entering your body. There is little value to getting toxins out if you keep putting more in.

Step 2. Weeks 1 and 2 (Chapter 3)—The Two-Week Jumpstart Diet

During these two weeks, you focus especially on decreasing food sources of toxins, while providing the baseline nutrients you need to support a successful detox.

Step 3. Weeks 3 and 4 (Chapter 4)—Clean Up Your Gut

Due to several factors in modern life—especially the medicinal and agricultural use of antibiotics—most people have a very toxic gut that is constantly overloading the liver. During these two weeks, you will kill off the unhealthy gut bacteria, absorb the toxins they release as they die, reseed your gut with healthy bacteria, and promote gut regeneration.

Step 4. Weeks 5 and 6 (Chapter 5)—Restore Your Liver

When healthy and well-functioning, the liver eliminates the many chemicals modern life exposes us to. During these two weeks, you will take nutrients and herbs to clean out your liver and improve its detoxification function.

Step 5. Weeks 7 and 8 (Chapter 6)—Revive Your Kidneys

As the second-most-important detoxification organ, the kidneys are vulnerable to the most long-term damage from toxin exposure. Improving their function is critical for toxin elimination and long-term health. During these two weeks you will follow a very sophisticated protocol to improve blood supply to the kidneys and promote their function.

Step 6. Week 9 (Chapter 7)—Intense Full-Body Detox

Once your body is ready, you will use saunas, nutrients, and diet to release toxins from your cells and fat stores. If you become too uncomfortable, or feel sick, slow down the process. (This step can be repeated several times if needed and in the future, as long as you maintain healthy gut, liver, and kidney function.)



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