The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications

Copelandia spp.


Ink Caps




Coprinaceae (Ink Caps)


Some of the psychoactive mushrooms originally assigned to this genus are now classified in the genus PanaeolusPanaeolus cambodginiensisPanaeolus cyanescensPanaeolus tropicales (cf. Panaeolusspp.).


The following species of the genus Copelandia contain psilocybin (Allen et al. 1992, 93**; Ott 1993, 309*):


Copelandia anomalus (Murr.) Sacc. et Trott.

Copelandia bispora (Malencon et Bertault) Sing. et Weeks

Copelandia chlorocystis Sing., Weeks et Hearns

Copelandia mexicana Guzmán

Copelandia westii (Murr.) Sing.


None of these species is known to have or to have had a traditional use (cf. Weeks et al. 1979).



See also the entries for Panaeolus cyanescensPanaeolus spp., and psilocybin.


Weeks, R. A., R. Singer, and W. Hearns. 1979. A new psilocybian species of CopelandiaJournal of Natural Products 42:71–74.