Do It Your self Herbal Medicine


Using herbs for your mental well-being can involve making teas, tinctures, infusions, balms, bath salt, and much more. Make the process of total self-care a little easier by using some of the following tools.

Bath Pillow: Use an inflatable bath pillow to enjoy complete relaxation while taking herbal baths to ease stress and anxiety. They are easy to find at drugstores and department stores.

Essential Oil Diffusers and Pendants: With a diffuser, you can enjoy aromatherapy at home or at the office. Use an aromatherapy pendant to treat yourself to a constant stream of uplifting, soothing, or relaxing fragrance.

Meditation: There’s no need to change who you are or spend a lot of money on a meditation coach. You can easily access guided meditations online, often for free. Use this tool to help bring your mind to the desired state quickly and easily.

Music: Soft music helps the mind relax, while songs with rhythmic beats promote an energetic feeling. Soothing music or the sounds of nature can help mask irritating noise and help you relax or sleep. Incorporate music into your herbal treatments to help foster the desired mood.

Tea Ball: Also known as a tea infuser, a tea ball is a small reusable strainer that holds dried herbs inside your cup or teapot, allowing the water to penetrate while making the brewing process a little bit tidier. Kitchen stores, department stores, and online retailers carry a variety of these tools.