Do It Your self Herbal Medicine





Hops are the female flower of the hops plant. If you’ve ever done a pub crawl, you’re aware of one of the biggest medicinal benefits of hops: its sedative effects. Over the years the herb has since been shown to be effective at triggering weight loss, treating menstrual symptoms, soothing anxiety, and balancing moods. And not just when it’s brewed and packed in a beer can. It’s used today in a variety of preparations from teas to anti-aging skincare.

Did You Know?

Thanks to its popularity in home brewing (versus home healing), it’s estimated that in pre-war times, nearly three-quarters of hops production was DIY at-home blends. (There’s no record on how much was drunk out of a mug versus put into a medicine tincture.)


Herbal Power

MEDICINAL: Treats anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, mood issues (like irritability, tension, excitability), stomach cramps, intestinal issues, nerve pain, and indigestion; balances hormones; promotes sleep; detoxes liver.

COSMETIC: Treats overworked, dry, or irritated skin; heals and moisturizes skin.

Application Methods

•Apply as a cream, lotion, toner

•Drink as a tea or tonic

•Use in a bath

•Use as a tincture


Hops are considered safe and nontoxic. However, some people should take care when using because they can make depression worse. They also simulate estrogen so avoid if you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. Hops may also interact with anesthesia, causing the patient to experience heightened effects. Hops are known to be harmful to dogs.

Other Names

Humulus Lupulus

Lupuli Strobulus

Pi Jiu Hua

Locating & Growing

If you’ve got rich, deep soil with southern exposure, you’re in business. Keep the plant well watered and give it a place to climb.