Thai Herbal Medicine: Traditional Recipes for Health and Harmony

APPENDIX 3. TTM Suppliers and Schools

Where to Purchase Thai Herbs

While one is not likely to find a medicinal Thai herb shop in countries outside Thailand, many edible Thai herbs that have both culinary and medicinal uses can be found in Asian grocery stores in Western countries. In addition, there are many medicinal Thai herbs that can easily be found in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine supply shops. In addition to these possibilities, when looking for Thai herbs you may try the following suppliers. Please note that we do not guarantee quality of product or service.


United States

Makes small-batch traditional Thai herbal formulas (with magic).


United States

Sells Thai herbal compresses as well as bulk herb mix for making your own compresses.


Bangkok, Thailand.

Sells many medicinal Thai herbs in capsules and teas. Ships internationally. Most likely it will not say this on the packaging, but generally capsules in Thailand are made from rice, and are therefore vegetarian and vegan friendly.


Bangkok, Thailand

Sells Thai herbal compresses. Ships internationally.



Primarily sells spa products, but is one of the few European retailers that has Thai herbal compresses and some herbal formulas.

Where to Study Thai Herbal Medicine

A dedicated student may be able to find practitioners in Thailand who will share some formulas or other teachings (especially if the students speaks Thai, or comes with a translator), but this will take effort. A comprehensive program in Thai herbal medicine remains difficult to find if one does not speak Thai fluently.


Portland, Oregon, United States

At present, the Naga Center offers the only in-depth and hands-on curriculum in Thai herbal medicine that we know of in the English language.

Where to Study Thai Herbal Compress Massage

The branch of TTM that is most accessible to non-Thais is the bodywork. Thai massage schools that cater to travelers in Thailand are abundant and easily found with a quick online search. Many such schools include instruction in herbal compress massage. We have listed a few below that are known to place extra emphasis on this practice. The schools and teachers listed here are ones that, at the time of this writing, we know to integrate Thai herbal compress massage into the larger practice and theory of TTM.


Newington, Connecticut, United States


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Portland, Oregon, United States


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Rome, Italy


Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


Chiang Mai, Thailand


Index by Common Thai Name

This index lists the common thai names of the medicinal substances described in Chapter 6 of this book, with both systems of transcription. Refer to the index of common English names above to find them in the book.

an-chan see butterfly pea

anchan see butterfly pea

bai dtoie see pandanus

bai toei see pandanus

bayn-jà-mâat see chrysanthemum

benchamat see chrysanthemum

bor rá pét see guduchi

boraphet see guduchi

buabok see asiatic pennywort

bua-bòk see asiatic pennywort

bua luang see lotus

bua-lŭang see lotus

chá aym tâyt see licorice

cha khiao see green tea

cha phlu see wild pepper leaf

chá pluu see wild pepper leaf

chaa kĭeow see green tea

cha-em thet see licorice

champa see champaca

chan paet klip see star anise

chan thet see sandalwood tree

chee fà-ràng see culantro

chetta mun phloeng see plumbago

chi farang see culantro

chum hèt tai see foetid cassia

chum-hèt-tâyt see candelabra bush

chumhet Thai see foetid cassia

chumhet thet see candelabra bush

dee bplee see long pepper

di pli see long pepper

din-sŏr phong see white clay

dinsophong see white clay

dòk-jan see mace

dòk kam fŏi see safflower

dok khamfoi see safflower

dokchan see mace

dong deung see gloriosa lily

dongdueng see gloriosa lily

dtà-krái see lemongrass

dtam-leung see ivy gourd

dtôn fìn see opium poppy

dtôn kwí-nin see chinchona

dtôn mòn see mulberry

fà-ràng see guava

fa thalai chon see andrographis

fáa-tá-laai-john see andrographis

fák tong see pumpkin

fakthong see pumpkin

farang see guava

gà-teu see zerumbet ginger

gaa-rá-buun see camphor

gaan phluu see clove

gam má tăn see sulfur

gam-yaan see myrrh

gan chaa see marijuana

gleua sà-mùt see sea salt

glûay see banana

gòht chiang see angelica

gòht grà-dùuk see costus root

got hŭa bua see sichuan lovage

grà chaai see finger root

grà-dang-ngaa see ylang ylang

grà-dùuk gài see chicken bone

grà jíap see roselle

grà tiam see garlic

grà-waan see cardamom

gràprao see basil

grèt sà-rá-nàe see menthol

gù-làap-mon see damask rose

hà-nú-maan bprà-săan gaai see hanuman prasan kai

haeo mu see nutgrass

hâew mŏo see nutgrass

hanuman prasan kai see hanuman prasan kai

hŏi naang rom see oyster shell

hoi nangrom see oyster shell

hom daeng see shallot

hŏm daeng see shallot

hŏm gài see chicken bone

hom kai see chicken bone

hom see onion

hŏm see onion

in-tá-nin nám see crepe myrtle

inthaninnam see crepe myrtle

jam-bpaa see champaca

jan bpàet glèep see star anise

jan tâyt see sandalwood tree

jàyt moon plerng see plumbago

kà-mîn see turmeric

kà-mîn ôi see zedoary

kà-nŭn see jackfruit

kàa see galangal

kâao see rice

kammathan see sulfur

kamyan see myrrh

kancha see marijuana

kanphlu see clove

karabun see camphor

kathue see zerumbet ginger

kha see galangal

khamin see turmeric

khamin-oi see zedoary

khanun see jackfruit

khao see rice

khing see ginger

khun see golden shower

khuun see golden shower

kĭng see ginger

kluay see banana

kluea samut see sea salt

kot chiang see angelica

kot hua bua see sichuan lovage

kot kraduk see costus root

krachai see finger root

krachiap see roselle

kradangnga see ylang ylang

kraduk kai see chicken bone

kraphrao see basil

krathiam see garlic

krawan see cardamom

kret saranae see menthol

kulap mon see damask rose

lá-hùng see castor oil plant

lahung see castor oil plant

lam yai see longan

lamyai see longan

lép meu naang see rangoon creeper

lepmuenang see rangoon creeper

luk chan see nutmeg

luk tai bai see stonebreaker

lûuk-dtâi-bai see stonebreaker

lùuk jan see nutmeg

má-gleua see ebony tree

má grùut see kaffir lime

má-kăam-bpôm see amalaki

má-dtoom see bael

má-hăa-hĭng see asafoetida

má-kăam kàek see senna

má kăam see tamarind

má-kam-dee-kwaai see soap nut

má lá gor see papaya

má-lí see jasmine

má-mûang see mango

má naao see lime

ma phráao see coconut

má-rá kiî nók see bitter gourd

má rum see moringa

má yom see otaheite gooseberry

màak pûu màak mia see ti plant

mahahing see asafoetida

makham khaek see senna

makham pom see amalaki

makham see tamarind

makhamdikhwai see soap nut

makluea see ebony tree

makphumakmia see ti plant

makrut see kaffir lime

malako see papaya

mali see jasmine

mamuang see mango

manao see lime

mang kút see mangosteen

mangkhut see mangosteen

maphrao see coconut

mara khi nok see bitter gourd

marum see moringa

matum see bael

mayom see otaheite gooseberry

nám pêung see honey

nám-dtaan bpèuk see palm sugar

nam phueng see honey

namtan puek see palm sugar

nga see sesame seeds

ngaa see sesame seeds

ngèuak bplaa mŏr see sea holly

ngueak pla mo see sea holly

nói nàa see sugar apple

noina see sugar apple

nom see milk

oi see sugar cane

ôi see sugar cane

op-choie see cinnamon

opchoei see cinnamon

pá-yaa yor see snake grass

pàk-bûng see morning glory

phak bung see morning glory

pàk-bûng-tá-lay see railroad vine

phak bungthale see railroad vine

pàk grà chàyt see water mimosa

pàk krâat hŭa waen see paracress

phàk-chee see coriander

phak chi see coriander

phak khrat hua waen see paracress

phak krachet see water mimosa

phaya yo see snake grass

phimsen see borneol

phlai see cassumunar ginger

phlu see betel leaf

phluu see betel leaf

phrik khi nu see mouse pepper

phrik thai dam see black pepper

pim-săyn see borneol

plai see cassumunar ginger

prík-kêe-nŭu see mouse pepper

prík tai dam see black pepper

raang jèut see purple allamanda

rak yai see lacquer tree

rák yài see lacquer tree

rangchuet see purple allamanda

sà-dao see neem

sà-mŏr-pí-pâyk see bibhitaki

sà-mŏr-tai see haritaki

sà-rá-nàe see mint

săan sôm see alum powder

sadao see neem

sàkáan see sakaan

sakhan see sakaan

samo phiphek see bibhitaki

samo thai see haritaki

sansom see alum powder

sàp-bpà-rót see pineapple

sapparot see pineapple

saranae see mint

sôm kàek see garcinia

som khaek see garcinia

som o see pomelo

sôm oh see pomelo

takhrai see lemongrass

tamlueng see ivy gourd

tăo en òn see wax-leaved climber

táp tim see pomegranate

thao en-on see wax-leaved climber

thapthim see pomegranate

thian khao plueak see fennel

thian sattabut see anise

thianban see garden balsam

thong phan chang see snake jasmine

thurian see durian

tian bâan see garden balsam

tian ging see henna

tian-kâao-bplèuak see fennel

tian king see henna

tian sàt dtà-bùt see anise

ton fin see opium poppy

ton khwinin see chinchona

ton mon see mulberry

tong-pan-châng see snake jasmine

tú rian see durian

wâan hăang jor-rá-kây see aloe

wâan nám see calamus

wan hang chorakhe see aloe

wan nam see calamus

ya en yuet see plantain

ya kha see woolly grass

ya nuat maeo see cat’s whisker

yaa en yêut see plantain

yâa fà-ràn see saffron

yâa-kaa see woolly grass

yâa naang see yanaang

yaâ nùat-maew see cat’s whisker

yafaran see saffron

yanang see yanaang

yo see noni

yor see noni

Index by Latin Name

This index lists the Latin botanical names of the medicinal substances described in Chapter 6 of this book. Refer to the index of common English names above to find them in the book.

Acanthus ebracteatus see sea holly

Acmella oleracea see paracress

Acorus calamus see calamus

Aegle marmelos see bael

Allium cepa see onion

Allium cepa var. aggregatum see shallot

Allium sativum see garlic

Aloe barbadensis see aloe

Aloe vera see aloe

Alpinia galanga see galangal

Amomum testaceum see cardamom

Ananas comosus see pineapple

Andrographis paniculata see andrographis

Angelica sinensis see angelica

Annona squamosa see sugar apple

Apis spp. see honey

Artocarpus heterophyllus see jackfruit

Azadirachta indica see neem

Boesenbergia rotunda see finger root

Borassus flabellifer see palm sugar

Camelia sinensis see green tea

Canaga odorata see ylang ylang

Cannibis sativa see marijuana

Capiscum frutescens see mouse pepper

Carica papaya see papaya

Carthamus tinctorius see safflower

Cassia acutifolia see senna

Cassia alata see candelabra bush

Cassia fistula see golden shower

Cassia tora see foetid cassia

Centella Asiatica see asiatic pennywort

Chloranthus erectus see chicken bone

Chrysanthemum morifolium see chrysanthemum

Cinchona calisaya see chinchona

Cinnamomum camphora see camphor

Cinnamomum spp. see cinnamon

Citrus aurantifolia see lime

Citrus hystix see kaffir lime

Citrus maxima see pomelo

Clinacanthus nutans see snake grass

Clitoria ternatea see butterfly pea

Coccinia grandis see ivy gourd

Cocos nucifera see coconut

Commiphora myrrha see myrrh

Cordyline fruticosa see ti plant

Coriandrum sativum see coriander

Crocus sativus see saffron

Cryptolepis buchanani see wax-leaved climber

Cucurbita maxima see pumpkin

Cucurbita moschata see pumpkin

Curcuma longa see turmeric

Curcumin zedoaria see zedoary

Cymbopogon citratus see lemongrass

Cyperus rotundus see nutgrass

Dimocarpus longan see longan

Diospyros mollis see ebony tree

Durio zibethinus see durian

Eryngium foetidum see culantro

Ferula assafoetida see asafoetida

Foeniculum vulgare see fennel

Garcinia cambogia see garcinia

Garcinia mangostana see mangosteen

Gloriosa superba see gloriosa lily

Glycyrrhiza glabra see licorice

Hibiscus sabdariffa see roselle

Illicium verum see star anise

Impatiens balsamina see garden balsam

Imperata cylindrica see woolly grass

Ipomoea aquatica see morning glory

Ipomoea pes-caprae see railroad vine

Jasminum spp. see jasmine

Lagerstroemia speciosa see crepe myrtle

Lawsonia inermis see henna

Ligusticum wallichii see sichuan lovage

Mangifera india see mango

Melanorrhoea usitata see lacquer tree

Mentha spp. see menthol

Mentha spp. see mint

Michelia champaca see champaca

Momordica charantia see bitter gourd

Morinda citrifolia see noni

Moringa oleifera see moringa

Morus alba see mulberry

Musa spp. see banana

Myristica fragrans see mace

Myristica fragrans see nutmeg

Nelumbo nucifera see lotus

Neptunia oleracea see water mimosa

Ocimum tenuiflorum see basil

Orthosiphon aristatus see cat’s whisker

Oryza sativa see rice

Pandanus amaryllifolius see pandanus

Papaver somniferum see opium poppy

Phyllanthus acidus see otaheite gooseberry

Phyllanthus emblica see amalaki

Pimpinella anisum see anise

Piper betel see betel leaf

Piper interruptum see sakaan

Piper longum see long pepper

Piper nigrum see black pepper

Piper sarmentosum see wild pepper leaf

Plantago spp. see plantain

Plumbago spp. see plumbago

Potassium aluminium sulfate see alum powder

Psidium guajava see guava

Punica granatum see pomegranate

Pyllanthus niruri see stonebreaker

Quisqualis indica see rangoon creeper

Rhinacanthus nasutus see snake jasmine

Ricinus communis see castor oil plant

Rosa damascena see damask rose

Saccharum officinarum see sugar cane

Santalum album see sandalwood tree

Sapindus rarak see soap nut

Saussurea lappa see costus root

Schefflera leucantha see hanuman prasan kai

Sesamum indicum see sesame seeds

Syzgium aromaticum see clove

Tamarindus indica see tamarind

Terminalia belerica see bibhitaki

Terminalia chebula see haritaki

Thunbergia laurifolia see purple allamanda

Tilacora triandra see yanaang

Tinospora crispa see guduchi

Zingiber cassumunar see cassumunar ginger

Zingiber officinale see ginger

Zingiber zerumbet see zerumbet ginger

Index by Taste

The medicinal tastes are discussed in detail in Chapter 2, and are mentioned repeatedly throughout the book. This index lists medicinal substances by their tastes. Refer to the index of common English names above to find them in the book.

Aromatic Pungent: angelica, anise, borneol, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, coriander, costus root, fennel, lemongrass, mint, nutgrass, nutmeg, star anise

Astringent: alum, amalaki, bael, banana, bibhitaki, cassumunar ginger, coriander, culantro, durian, ebony tree, green tea, guava, haritaki, hanuman prasan kai, henna, honey, lacquer, lotus, mango, mangosteen, myrrh, nutmeg, papaya, pomegranate, tamarind, turmeric, zedoary

Bitter: aloe, amalaki, andrographis, asiatic pennywort, basil, bitter gourd, borneol, calamus, candelabra bush, champaca, chinchona, coriander, crepe myrtle, culantro, durian, finger root, foetid cassia, galangal, golden shower, guduchi, haritaki, hanuman prasan kai, jasckfruit, jasmine, long pepper, moringa, need, papaya, sandalwood, sesame, soap nut, stonebreaker, sugar cane, turmeric, wax-leaved climber, yanaang, zerumbet ginger

Chum: angelica, asafoetida, durian, garden balsam, moringa

Cooling: aloe, borneol, butterfly pea, chrysanthemum, guduchi, ivy gourd, mangosteen, mulberry, pineapple, plantain, railroad vine, snake grass, ti plant, water mimosa, white clay

Fragrant/Cool: angelica, champaca, chrysanthemum, coriander, damask rose, jasmine, kaffir lime, lotus, menthol, myrrh, pandanus, pomelo, rangoon creeper, saffron, sandalwood, sichuan lovage, ylang ylang

Heating: anise, asafoetida, bael, black pepper, calamus, camphor, cassumunar ginger, castor oil plant, durian, ebony tree, gloriosa lilly, honey, mango, moringa, mouse pepper, noni, plumbago, rangoon creeper, safflower, sakaan, sea holly, shallot, tamarind

Mild: angelica, cinnamon, costus root, sichuan lovage

Oily: banana, coconut, costus root, jackfruit, lotus, milk, moringa, pumpkin, rangoon creeper, rice, sesame, sichuan lovage, sugar apple, ti plant

Pra: camphor, henna

Salty: coconut, oyster shell, sea holly, sea salt

Sour: alum, amalaki, bibhitaki, garcinia, golden shower, haritaki, kaffir, lime, mango, mulberry, otaheite gooseberry, papaya, pineapple, pomegranate, roselle, senna, tamarind

Spicy/Hot: basil, black pepper, clove, durian, finger root, galangal, garlic, ginger, hanuman prasan kai, long pepper, mace, moringa, mouse pepper, onion, sakaan, wild pepper leaf, zedoary, see also Aromatic Pungent

Sweet: anise, bael, banana, basil, bibhitaki, coconut, coriander, culantro, durian, fennel, ginger, golden shower, honey, jackfruit, licorice, longan, mango, mangosteen, milk, moringa, mulberry, palm sugar, papaya, pineapple, plantain, pomegranate, pumpkin, rice, safflower, senna, sesame, sugar cane, wax-leaved climber, woolly grass

Tasteless: cat’s whisker, moringa, morning glory, mulberry, purple allamanda, snake grass, ti plant, water mimosa, yanaang

Toxic: betel, camphor, candelabra bush, cassumunar ginger, foetid cassia, gloriosa lilly, marijuana, opium poppy, paracress, pomegranate, rangoon creeper, snake jasmine, sugar apple, sulfur