Atlas of Anatomy

38 Surface Anatomy

Surface Anatomy

Fig. 38.1   Surface anatomy of the skull and nuchal region


Q1: Injecting a bolus of anesthetic two thirds of the way up the posterior border of the sternocleidomastoid would accomplish what task?

Q2: What palpable bony landmark would you use to auscultate the venous blood in the confluence of the sinuses?

Fig. 38.2   Surface anatomy of the face and neck


Q3: What are the boundaries of the lateral cervical triangle (posterior triangle)? Name two structures within this region that supply motor innervation to the muscles of the upper limb.

Q4: What are the boundaries of the carotid triangle? Name one non-vascular component of the vertical neurovascular bundle within the carotid sheath located in the carotid triangle.

Q5: What is the anatomical structure referred to as the “Adam's apple”?