Biopsy Interpretation of the Liver, 2nd ed

Chapter 1. A Brief History of Liver Biopsy

Chapter 2. Indications for Liver Biopsy

Chapter 3. Technical Considerations

Chapter 4. Anatomic Considerations

Chapter 5. Examination of the Liver Biopsy

Chapter 6. Embryology and Developmental Considerations

Chapter 7. Nonspecific Reactions of the Liver

Chapter 8. Acute Viral Hepatitis

Chapter 9. Chronic Hepatitis (Chronic Necroinflammatory Disease of the Liver)—Grading and Staging

Chapter 10. Autoimmune Hepatitis and Related Disorders

Chapter 11. Effects of Drugs and Toxins on the Liver

Chapter 12. Granulomas

Chapter 13. Alcoholic Liver Disease

Chapter 14. Metabolic Disorders

Chapter 15. Hemochromatosis and Other Iron-related Disorders

Chapter 16. Copper Storage Disorders (Wilson Disease, Indian Childhood Cirrhosis, and Menkes Disease)

Chapter 17. Small Bile Duct Disorders

Chapter 18. Large Bile Duct Disorders

Chapter 19. Vascular Disorders

Chapter 20. Cirrhosis, Hepatic Fibrosis, and Noncirrhotic Portal Hypertension

Chapter 21. The Liver in Systemic Disorders

Chapter 22. Bacterial, Spirochetal, Rickettsial, Chlamydial, Protozoal, and Helminthic Causes of Hepatitis

Chapter 23. Benign Tumors and Tumor-Like Conditions

Chapter 24. Primary and Metastatic Malignant Tumors of the Liver

Chapter 25. Transplantation Pathology

Chapter 26. Evaluation of Cholestasis

Chapter 27. Differential Diagnosis: Common Liver Biopsy Problems

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