BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool)

Structure of This Book

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1. Hello BLAST

Part II: Theory

Chapter 2. Biological Sequences

Chapter 3. Sequence Alignment

Chapter 4. Sequence Similarity

Part III: Practice

Chapter 5. BLAST

Chapter 6. Anatomy of a BLAST Report

Chapter 7. A BLAST Statistics Tutorial

Chapter 8. 20 Tips to Improve Your BLAST Searches

Chapter 9. BLAST Protocols

Part IV: Industrial-Strength BLAST

Chapter 10. Installation and Command-Line Tutorial

Chapter 11. BLAST Databases

Chapter 12. Hardware and Software Optimizations

Part V: BLAST Reference

Chapter 13. NCBI-BLAST Reference

Chapter 14. WU-BLAST Reference

Part VI: Appendixes

Appendix A. NCBI Display Formats

Appendix B. Nucleotide Scoring Schemes

Appendix C. NCBI-BLAST Scoring Schemes

Appendix D.

Appendix E.


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