Complete Nurse's Guide to Diabetes Care, 3rd Edition



Chapter 1. Nurse’s Roles Evolve in Diabetes Care and Education

Chapter 2. Diagnosis and Classification

Chapter 3. Prevention and Risk Reduction

Chapter 4. Nutrition Therapy: Healthy Eating and Regular Physical Activity

Chapter 5. Issues Associated with Obesity

Chapter 6. Treatment Strategies for Type 1 Diabetes

Chapter 7. Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes

Chapter 8. Self-Management Practices: Problem Solving

Chapter 9. Acute Complications of Diabetes

Chapter 10. Cardiovascular Complications

Chapter 11. Peripheral Arterial Disease

Chapter 12. Ocular Changes with Diabetes

Chapter 13. Diabetic Nephropathy and End-Stage Renal Disease

Chapter 14. Dental Issues in Patients with Diabetes

Chapter 15. Dermatological Changes Associated with Diabetes

Chapter 16. Peripheral and Autonomic Neuropathy

Chapter 17. Evaluation and Management of the Diabetic Foot

Chapter 18. Diabetes Education and Ongoing Support in the Management of Diabetes

Chapter 19. Behavioral Strategies for Improving Self-Management

Chapter 20. Cultural Context of Diabetes Prevention and Self-Management Education

Chapter 21. Economic Costs of Diabetes

Chapter 22. Complementary and Alternative Approaches

Chapter 23. Living with Diabetes

Chapter 24. Depression, Anxiety, and Eating Disorders

Chapter 25. Polypharmacy

Chapter 26. Diabetes Technologies

Chapter 27. Diabetes Technologies

Chapter 28. Children with Diabetes

Chapter 29. Diabetes in Older Adults

Chapter 30. Diabetes Care in Assisted Living and Long-Term Care Facilities

Chapter 31. Common Comorbidities

Chapter 32. Diabetes and Cancer

Chapter 33. Cystic Fibrosis–Related Diabetes

Chapter 34. Diabetes Care in the Inpatient Setting