Chromosome Abnormalities and Genetic Counseling , 3rd Edition

Chapter 1. Elements of Medical Cytogenetics

Chapter 2. The Origins and Consequences of Chromosome Pathology

Chapter 3. Deriving and Using a Risk Figure

Chapter 4. Autosomal Reciprocal Translocations

Chapter 5.Sex Chromosome Translocations

Chapter 6.Robertsonian Translocations

Chapter 7.Centromere Fissions, Complementary Isochromosomes, and Telomeric Fusions

Chapter 8.Inversions

Chapter 9.Insertions

Chapter 10.Autosomal Ring Chromosomes

Chapter 11.Complex Rearrangements

Chapter 12.Parental Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy

Chapter 13.Parental Autosomal Aneuploidy

Chapter 14.The Fragile X Syndromes

Chapter 15.Variant Chromosomes and Abnormalities of No Phenotypic Consequence

Chapter 16.Down Syndrome, Other Full Aneuploidies, and Polyploidy

Chapter 17.Structural Rearrangements

Chapter 18.The XY Female, the XX Male, and the True Hermaphrodite

Chapter 19.Chromosome Instability Syndromes

Chapter 20.Uniparental Disomy and Disorders of Imprinting

Chapter 21.Gametogenesis and Conception, Pregnancy Loss, and Infertility

Chapter 22.Parental Age Counseling and Screening for Fetal Trisomy

Chapter 23.Prenatal Diagnostic Procedures

Chapter 24.Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Chapter 25.Chromosome Abnormalities Detected at Prenatal Diagnosis

Chapter 26.Gonadal Cytogenetic Damage from Exposure to Extrinsic Agents