First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS

Section 1. Guide to the USMLE Step 2 CS

Section 2. The Patient Encounter


Doorway Information

Taking The History


How To Interact With Special Patients

Challenging Question and situations


The Patient Note

Section 3. Minicases


Confusion/Memory Loss

Depressed Mood

Psychosis. Dizziness

Loss Of Consciousness. Numbness/Weakness

Fatigue And Sleepiness. Night Sweats

Insomnia. Sore Throat

Cough/Shortness Of Breath

Chest Pain

Palpitations. Weight Loss

Dysphagia. Neck Mass

Nausea/Vomiting. Abdominal Pain

Constipation/Diarrhea. Upper GI Bleeding

Blood In Stool. Hematuria

Other Urinary Symptoms. Erectile Dysfunction


Vaginal Bleeding. Vaginal Discharge

Dyspareunia. Joint/Limb Pain

Low Back Pain

Child With Fever. Child with GI Symptoms

Child With Red Eye. Child with Short Stature. Behavioral Problems in Childhood

Section 4. Practice Cases

Case 1. 46-Year-Old Man with Chest Pain

Case 2. 57-Year-Old Man with Bloody Urine

Case 3. 51-Year-Old Man with Back Pain

Case 4. 25-Year-Old Man Presents Following Motor Vehicle Accident

Case 5. 28-Year-Old Woman Presents with Positive Pregnancy Test

Case 6. 10-Year-Old Girl with New-Onset Diabetes

Case 7. 74-Year-Old Man with Right Arm Pain

Case 8. 56-Year-Old Man Presents for Diabetes Follow-up

Case 9. 25-Year-Old Woman Presents Following Sexual Assault

Case 10. 35-Year-Old Woman with Calf Pain

Case 11. 62-Year-Old Man with Hoarseness

Case 12. 67-Year-Old Woman with Neck Pain

Case 13. 48-Year-Old Woman with Abdominal Pain

Case 14. 35-Year-Old Woman with Headaches

Case 15. 36-Year-Old Woman with Menstrual Problems

Case 16. 28-Year-Old Woman with Pain During Sex

Case 17. 75-Year-Old Man with Hearing Loss

Case 18. 5-Day-Old Boy with Jaundice

Case 19. 7-Month-Old Boy with Fever

Case 20. 26-Year-Old Man with Cough

Case 21. 52-Year-Old Woman with Jaundice

Case 22. 53-Year-Old Man with Dizziness

Case 23. 33-Year-Old Woman with Knee Pain

Case 24. 31-Year-Old Man with Heel Pain

Case 25. 18-Month-Old Girl with Fever

Case 26. 54-Year-Old Woman with Cough

Case 27. 61-Year-Old Man with Fatigue

Case 28. 54-Year-Old Man Presents for Hypertension Follow-up

Case 29. 20-Year-Old Woman with Sleeping Problems

Case 30. 2-Year-Old Girl with Noisy Breathing

Case 31. 21-Year-Old Woman with Abdominal Pain

Case 32. 65-Year-Old Woman with Forgetfulness and Confusion

Case 33. 46-Year-Old Man with Fatigue

Case 34. 32-Year-Old Woman with Fatigue

Case 35. 27-Year-Old Man with Visual Hallucinations

Case 36. 32-Year-Old Man Presents for Preemployment Physical

Case 37. 55-Year-Old Man with Bloody Stool

Case 38. 66-Year-Old Man with Tremor

Case 39. 30-Year-Old Woman with Weight Gain

Case 40. 6-Month-Old Girl with Diarrhea

Case 41. 8-Year-Old Boy with Bed-Wetting

Case 42. 11-Month-Old Girl with Seizures

Case 43. 21-Year-Old Man with Sore Throat

Case 44. 49-Year-Old Man with Loss of Consciousness

Section 5. Top-Rated Review Resources


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