The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

Initial Evaluation and Admission Orders for the General Medicine Patient

CHAPTER 1. Genetic Genealogy Basics

CHAPTER 2. Common Misconceptions

CHAPTER 3. Ethics and Genetic Genealogy

CHAPTER 4. Mitochondrial-DNA (mtDNA) Testing

CHAPTER 5. Y-Chromosomal (Y-DNA) Testing

CHAPTER 6. Autosomal-DNA (atDNA) Testing

CHAPTER 7. X-Chromosomal (X-DNA) Testing

CHAPTER 8. Third-Party Autosomal-DNA Tools

CHAPTER 9. Ethnicity Estimates

CHAPTER 10. Analyzing Complex Questions with DNA

CHAPTER 11. Genetic Testing for Adoptees

CHAPTER 12. The Future of Genetic Genealogy


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