CURRENT Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Lange Medical Books), 5th Edition

CURRENT Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Lange Medical Books), 5th Edition


Section I. Occupational Health

Chapter 1. The Practice of Occupational Medicine

Chapter 2. International Occupational & Environmental Health

Chapter 3. Migration & Occupational Health

Chapter 4. The Occupational & Environmental Medical History

Chapter 5. Electronic Health Records

Chapter 6. Workers’ Compensation

Chapter 7. Disability Management & Prevention

Section II. Occupational Injuries

Chapter 8. Musculoskeletal Injuries

Chapter 9. Shoulder, Elbow, & Hand Injuries

Chapter 10. Back & Lower Extremity Injuries

Chapter 11. Management of Chronic Pain

Chapter 12. Eye Injuries

Chapter 13. Hearing Loss

Chapter 14. Injuries Caused by Physical Hazards

Chapter 15. Ergonomics & the Prevention of Occupational Injuries

Section III. Occupational Illnesses

Chapter 16. Medical Toxicology

Chapter 17. Clinical Immunology

Chapter 18. Occupational Hematology

Chapter 19. Occupational Cancer

Chapter 20. Occupational Infections

Chapter 21. Occupational Skin Disorders

Chapter 22. Upper Respiratory Tract Disorders

Chapter 23. Occupational Lung Diseases

Chapter 24. Cardiovascular Toxicology

Chapter 25. Liver Toxicology

Chapter 26. Renal Toxicology

Chapter 27. Neurotoxicology

Chapter 28. Female Reproductive Toxicology

Section IV. Occupational and Environmental Exposures

Chapter 29. Male Reproductive Toxicology

Chapter 30. Metals

Chapter 31. Chemicals

Chapter 32. Solvents

Chapter 33. Gases & Other Airborne Toxicants

Section V. Program Management

Chapter 34. Pesticides

Chapter 35. Occupational Mental Health & Workplace Violence

Chapter 36. Substance Use Disorders

Chapter 37. CBRNE Preparedness

Chapter 38. Occupational Safety

Chapter 39. Industrial (Occupational) Hygiene

Chapter 40. Disease Surveillance

Chapter 41. Medical Surveillance

Chapter 42. Biologic Monitoring

Section VI. Environmental Health

Chapter 43. Principles of Environmental Health

Chapter 44. International Chemicals Policy, Health, & Human Rights

Chapter 45. Industrial Emissions, Accidental Releases, & Hazardous Waste

Chapter 46. Outdoor Air Pollution

Chapter 47. Building-Associated Illness

Chapter 48. Water Pollution

Chapter 49. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Chapter 50. Health Risk Assessment

Appendix A: Biostatistics & Epidemiology

Appendix B: Answers to Self-Assessment Questions