Practical Pulmonary Pathology 3rd ed. Kevin O. Leslie, MD


Pattern-Based Approach to Diagnosis

Chapter 1. Lung Anatomy

Chapter 2. Pulmonary Function Testing for Pathologists

Chapter 3. Optimal Processing of Diagnostic Lung Specimens

Chapter 4. Computed Tomography of Diffuse Lung Diseases and Solitary Pulmonary Nodules

Chapter 5. Developmental and Pediatric Lung Disease

Chapter 6. Acute Lung Injury

Chapter 7. Lung Infections

Chapter 8. Chronic Diffuse Lung Diseases

Chapter 9. Nonneoplastic Pathology of the Large and Small Airways

Chapter 10. Pneumoconioses

Chapter 11. Pulmonary Vasculitis and Pulmonary Hemorrhage

Chapter 12. Pulmonary Hypertension

Chapter 13. Pathology of Lung Transplantation

Chapter 14. Neuroendocrine Neoplasms of the Lung

Chapter 15. Sarcomas and Sarcomatoid Neoplasms of the Lungs and Pleural Surfaces

Chapter 16. Hematolymphoid Disorders

Chapter 17. Nonneuroendocrine Carcinomas and Salivary Gland Analogue Tumors of the Lung

Chapter 18. Metastatic Tumors in the Lung: A Practical Approach to Diagnosis

Chapter 19. Pseudoneoplastic Lesions of the Lungs and Pleural Surfaces

Chapter 20. Benign and Borderline Tumors of the Lungs and Pleura

Chapter 21. Malignant and Borderline Mesothelial Tumors of the Pleura