Werner & Ingbar's The Thyroid: A Fundamental & Clinical Text, 9th Edition

Part 1 - The Normal Thyroid

SECTION 1. History, Development, Anatomy

Chapter 1.The Heritage of the Thyroid: A Brief History

Chapter 2.Development and Anatomy of the Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Thyroid Axis

Chapter 3.Anatomy and Pathology of the Thyrotrophs

SECTION 2. Thyroid Synthesis and Secretion

Chapter 4A. Thyroid Iodine Transport

Chapter 4B.Thyroid Hormone Synthesis

Chapter 5.Thyroglobulin Structure, Function, and Biosynthesis

SECTION 3. Peripheral Hormone Metabolism

Chapter 6.Thyroid Hormone Transport Proteins and the Physiology of Hormone Binding

Chapter 7.Intracellular Pathways of Iodothyronine Metabolism

SECTION 4. Thyroid Hormone Action

Chapter 8.Genomic and Nongenomic Actions of Thyroid Hormones

Chapter 9.Thyroid Hormone Structure–Function Relationships

SECTION 5. Factors That Control Thyroid Function

Chapter 10A.Chemistry and Biosynthesis of Thyrotropin

Chapter 10B.The Thyrotropin Receptor

Chapter 10C.Biological Actions of Thyrotropin

Chapter 10D.Regulation of Thyrotropin Secretion

Chapter 11A.Age-Related Changes in Thyroid Secretion

Chapter 11B.Environmental Influences Upon Thyroid Hormone Regulation

Chapter 11C.Effects of Drugs and Other Substances on Thyroid Hormone Synthesis and Metabolism

Chapter 11D.Nonthyroidal Illness

Chapter 11E.Iodine Deficiency

Chapter 11F.Effect of Excess Iodide: Clinical Aspects

Part 2 - Laboratory Assessment of Thyroid Function

Chapter 12.In vivo Radionuclide Tests and Imaging

Chapter 13.Measuring Serum Thyrotropin and Thyroid Hormone and Assessing Thyroid Hormone Transport

Chapter 14.Thyroglobulin

Chapter 15.Thyroid-Directed Antibodies

Chapter 16.Nonisotopic Techniques of Thyroid Imaging

Part 3 - Introduction to Thyroid Diseases

Chapter 17.Surgical Anatomy

Chapter 18.Physical Examination of the Thyroid Gland

Chapter 19.The Epidemiology of Thyroid Diseases

Chapter 20.Genetic Factors in Thyroid Disease

Chapter 21.Pathology

Part 4 - Thyroid Diseases: Thyrotoxicosis

SECTION 1. Introduction

Chapter 22.Introduction to Thyrotoxicosis

SECTION 2. Causes of Hyperthyroidism

Chapter 23A.The Pathogenesis of Graves' Disease

Chapter 23B.Ophthalmopathy

Chapter 23C.Localized Myxedema and Thyroid Acropachy

Chapter 24.Thyrotropin-Induced Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 25.Toxic Adenoma and Toxic Multinodular Goiter

Chapter 26.Trophoblastic Tumors

Chapter 27.Sporadic and Postpartum Thyroiditis

Chapter 28.Subacute Thyroiditis and Acute Infectious Thyroiditis

Chapter 29.Thyrotoxicosis of Extrathyroid Origin

SECTION 3. Organ System Manifestations

Chapter 30.The Skin in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 31.The Cardiovascular System in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 32.The Pulmonary System in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 33.The Kidneys and Electrolyte Metabolism in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 34.The Gastrointestinal Tract and Liver in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 35.The Blood in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 36.The Pituitary in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 37.The Adrenal Cortex in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 38.Thermogenesis and the Sympathoadrenal System in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 39.The Male and Female Reproductive System in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 40.The Skeletal System in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 41.The Neuromuscular System and Brain in Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 42.Behavioral and Psychiatric Aspects of Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 43.Thyrotoxic Storm

Chapter 44.Diagnosis of Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 45.Treatment of Thyrotoxicosis

Part 5 - Thyroid Diseases: Hypothyroidism

SECTION 1. Introduction

Chapter 46.Introduction to Hypothyroidism

SECTION 2. Causes of Hypothyroidism

Chapter 47.Chronic Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Chapter 48.Genetic Defects Causing Hypothyroidism

Chapter 49.Endemic Cretinism

Chapter 50.Primary Hypothyroidism Due to Other Causes

Chapter 51.Central Hypothyroidism

SECTION 2. Organ System Manifestations of Hypothyroidism

Chapter 52.The Skin and Connective Tissue in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 53.The Cardiovascular System in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 54.The Pulmonary System in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 55.The Kidneys and Electrolyte Metabolism in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 56.The Gastrointestinal Tract and Liver in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 57.The Blood in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 58.The Pituitary in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 59.The Adrenal Cortex in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 60.Intermediary Metabolism and the Sympathoadrenal System in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 61.The Male and Female Reproductive System in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 62.The Skeletal System in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 63.The Neuromuscular System and Brain in Hypothyroidism

Chapter 64.Behavioral and Psychiatric Aspects of Hypothyroidism

Chapter 65.Myxedema Coma

SECTION 3. Management of Hypothyroidism

Chapter 66.Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism

Chapter 67.Treatment of Hypothyroidism

Part 6 - Thyroid Diseases: Nontoxic Diffuse and Multinodular Goiter

Chapter 68.Pathogenesis of Nontoxic Diffuse and Nodular Goiter

Chapter 69.Clinical Manifestations and Treatment of Nontoxic Diffuse and Nodular Goiter

Part 7 - Thyroid Diseases: Tumors

Chapter 70A.Epidemiology and Pathogenesis

Chapter 70B.Molecular Genetics of Tumors of Thyroid Follicular Cells

Chapter 70C.Carcinoma of Follicular Epithelium: Surgical Therapy

Chapter 70D.Carcinoma of Follicular Epithelium: Radioiodine and Other Treatments and Outcomes

Chapter 71. Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma

Chapter 72. Miscellaneous Tumors of the Thyroid

Chapter 73. Clinical Evaluation and Management of Solitary Thyroid Nodules

Part 8 - The Thyroid in Infancy and Childhood

Chapter 74. The Maturation of Thyroid Function in the Perinatal Period and During Childhood

Chapter 75A. Hypothyroidism in Infants and Children: Neonatal Screening

Chapter 75B. Hypothyroidism in Infants and Children: Congenital Hypothyroidism

Chapter 75C. Hypothyroidism in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Acquired Hypothyroidism

Chapter 76. Graves' Disease in the Neonatal Period and Childhood

Part 9 - Special Topics in Thyroidology

Chapter 77. Morbidity and Mortality in Thyroid Dysfunction and its Treatment

Chapter 78. Subclinical Hypothyroidism

Chapter 79. Subclinical Thyrotoxicosis

Chapter 80. Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy

Chapter 81. Resistance to Thyroid Hormone

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