Brenner and Rector's The Kidney, 8th ed.


SECTION I – Normal Renal Function: Molecular, Cellular, Structural and Physiological Principles

CHAPTER 1. Embryology of the Kidney

CHAPTER 2. Anatomy of the Kidney

CHAPTER 3. The Renal Circulations and Glomerular Ultrafiltration

CHAPTER 4. Metabolic Basis of Solute Transport

CHAPTER 5. Transport of Inorganic Solutes: Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Phosphate

CHAPTER 6. Renal Handling of Organic Solutes

CHAPTER 7. Renal Acidification

CHAPTER 8. Cell Biology of Vasopressin Action

CHAPTER 9. Urine Concentration and Dilution

SECTION II – Integrated Control of Body Fluid Volume and Composition

CHAPTER 10. Vasoactive Peptides and the Kidney

CHAPTER 11. Arachidonic Acid Metabolites and the Kidney

CHAPTER 12. Extracellular Fluid and Edema Formation

CHAPTER 13. Disorders of Water Balance

CHAPTER 14. Disorders of Acid-Base Balance

CHAPTER 15. Disorders of Potassium Balance

CHAPTER 16. Disorders of Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphate Balance

SECTION III – Epidemiology and Risk Factors in Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 17. Epidemiology of Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 18. Risk Factors and Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 19. Nephron Endowment

CHAPTER 20. Gender and Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 21. Aging and Kidney Disease

SECTION IV – Pathogenesis of Renal Disease

CHAPTER 22. Approach to the Patient with Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 23. Laboratory Assessment of Kidney Disease: Clearance, Urinalysis, and Kidney Biopsy[*]

CHAPTER 24. Interpretation of Electrolyte and Acid-Base Parameters in Blood and Urine

CHAPTER 25. Adaptation to Nephron Loss

CHAPTER 26. Renal and Systemic Manifestations of Glomerular Disease

CHAPTER 27. Diagnostic Kidney Imaging

CHAPTER 28. Interventional Nephrology

SECTION V – Disorders of Kidney Function

CHAPTER 29. Acute Kidney Injury

CHAPTER 30. Primary Glomerular Disease

CHAPTER 31. Secondary Glomerular Disease

CHAPTER 32. Microvascular and Macrovascular Diseases of the Kidney

CHAPTER 33. Tubulointerstitial Diseases

CHAPTER 34. Urinary Tract Infection, Pyelonephritis, and Reflux Nephropathy

CHAPTER 35. Urinary Tract Obstruction

CHAPTER 36. Diabetic Nephropathy

CHAPTER 37. Nephrolithiasis

CHAPTER 38. Renal Neoplasia

SECTION VI – Genetic Basis of Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 39. Inherited Disorders of Podocyte Function

CHAPTER 40. Inherited Disorders of the Renal Tubule

CHAPTER 41. Cystic Diseases of the Kidney

SECTION VII – Hypertension and the Kidney

CHAPTER 42. Primary and Secondary Hypertension

CHAPTER 43. Renovascular Hypertension and Ischemic Nephropathy

CHAPTER 44. Hypertension and Kidney Disease in Pregnancy

CHAPTER 45. Antihypertensive Drugs

CHAPTER 46. Diuretics

SECTION VIII – The Consequences of Renal Failure

CHAPTER 47. Pathophysiology of Uremia

CHAPTER 48. Cardiovascular Aspects of Chronic Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 49. Hematologic Aspects of Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 50. Endocrine Aspects of Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 51. Neurologic Aspects of Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 52. Mineral Bone Disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease

SECTION IX – Conservative and Pharmacologic Management of Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 53. Diet and Kidney Disease

CHAPTER 54. Specific Pharmacologic Approaches to Clinical Renoprotection

CHAPTER 55. Erythropoietin Therapy in Renal Disease and Renal Failure

CHAPTER 56. Vitamin D, Calcimimetics, and Phosphate-Binders[*]

CHAPTER 57. Prescribing Drugs in Kidney Disease [*]

SECTION X – Invasive Therapy of Renal Failure

CHAPTER 58. Hemodialysis

CHAPTER 59. Peritoneal Dialysis

CHAPTER 60. Intensive Care Nephrology

CHAPTER 61. Plasmapheresis

CHAPTER 62. Extracorporeal Treatment of Poisoning

SECTION XI – Renal Transplantation

CHAPTER 63. Transplantation Immunobiology

CHAPTER 64. Donor and Recipient Issues

CHAPTER 65. Clinical Management

SECTION XII – Frontiers in Nephrology

CHAPTER 66. Attaining Immunologic Tolerance in the Clinic

CHAPTER 67. Xenotransplantation

CHAPTER 68. Tissue Engineering and Regeneration

CHAPTER 69. Stem Cells in Renal Biology and Medicine

CHAPTER 70. Genomics and Proteomics in Nephrology

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