Cancer, Intimacy and Sexuality

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Awareness and Paying Attention

Chapter 3. The Value of Paying Attention

Chapter 4. Relevant Aspects of Sexuality

Chapter 5. The Various Levels of Impact

Chapter 6. A Comprehensive Guideline on Sexual Care in Case of Cancer

Chapter 7. Training in Oncosexology

Chapter 8. Sexual Consequences of the Various Process Phases

Chapter 9. Psychosexual Consequences of Cancer Diagnosis

Chapter 10. Sexual Consequences of Pelvic Radiotherapy

Chapter 11. Sexual Consequences of Chemotherapy

Chapter 12. The Sexual Consequences of Cancer Surgery

Chapter 13. Sexual Consequences of Cancer Medication and Cancer-Related Medication

Chapter 14. Sexual Aspects of Specific Cancers

Chapter 15. Breast Cancer and Sexuality

Chapter 16. Sexual Function After Gynaecological Cancer

Chapter 17. Prostate Cancer

Chapter 18. Sexual Problems Related to Bladder Cancer

Chapter 19. Sexual Consequences of Testicular Cancer

Chapter 20. Penile Cancer and Sexuality

Chapter 21. Colorectal and Anal Cancer

Chapter 22. Blood and Lymph Node Cancer

Chapter 23. Sexual Consequences of Head and Neck Cancer

Chapter 24. “Dealing with”

Chapter 25. Couple Sexual Rehabilitation

Chapter 26. Male Sexual Rehabilitation After Pelvic Cancer

Chapter 27. Sexual Rehabilitation After Gynaecological Cancers

Chapter 28. Sexual Tools and Toys in Oncosexology

Chapter 29. Special Groups

Chapter 30. The Partner

Chapter 31. The Impact of Cancer Treatment on Sexuality and Relationships for Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Survivors

Chapter 32. Sexuality and Cancer in the Aged/Aging Population

Chapter 33. Homosexual Men and Women, Cancer, and the Health Care System

Chapter 34. Sexuality and Intimacy at the End of Life

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