Gynecologic Oncology: Clinical Practice and Surgical Atlas, 1st Ed.

PART I. Principles of Oncology

Chapter 1. Epidemiology of Gynecologic Cancers, Clinical Trials, and Statistical Considerations

Chapter 2. Genetics and Biology of Gynecologic Cancers

Chapter 3. Diagnostic Modalities

Chapter 4. Preinvasive Disease of the Lower Genital Tract

Chapter 5. Cervical Cancer

Chapter 6. Endometrial Hyperplasia and Cancer

Chapter 7. Uterine Sarcomas

Chapter 8. Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

Chapter 9. Vulvar Cancer

Chapter 10. Vaginal Cancer

Chapter 11. Management of the Adnexal Mass

Chapter 12. High-Grade Serous Carcinomas of the Ovary, Fallopian Tube, and Peritoneum

Chapter 13. Epithelial Ovarian Cancers: Low Malignant Potential and Non-Serous Ovarian Histologies

Chapter 14. Germ Cell and Sex Cord-Stromal Ovarian Cancers

Chapter 15. Breast Cancer and Related Diseases

Chapter 16. Cancer in Pregnancy

Chapter 17. Metastases to the Gynecologic Tract

Chapter 18. Perioperative and Critical Care

Chapter 19. Principles of Radiation Therapy

Chapter 20. Principles of Chemotherapy

Chapter 21. Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy

Chapter 22. Integrative Oncology, Quality of Life, and Supportive Care

Chapter 23. Surgical Instrumentation and Sutures

Chapter 24. Ovarian and Fallopian Tube Procedures

Chapter 25. Uterine Procedures

Chapter 26. Cervical Procedures

Chapter 27. Vulvar and Vaginal Excisional Procedures

Chapter 28. Lymphadenectomy

Chapter 29. Staging Procedures

Chapter 30. Cytoreductive Procedures

Chapter 31. Minimally Invasive Surgery

Chapter 32. Pelvic Exenteration A. Total Pelvic Exenteration

Chapter 33. Pelvic Exenteration B. Urinary Diversions

Chapter 34. Pelvic Exenteration C. Vaginal and Vulvar Reconstruction

Chapter 35. Ancillary Procedures

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