Pocket Oncology (Pocket Notebook Series), 1st Ed.


Jacob L. Glass and Stephen S. Chung


Classically, a tumor marker is a substance measurable in blood or other body fluid that can be used as a surrogate marker for the presence of malignancy. Often these are followed to evaluate the efficacy of a tx or for disease recurrence. While some tumor markers are highly specific & may be used for CA dx or screening when sufficiently elevated, most are not & must be used in conjunction w/other sources of info

Current Tumor Markers by Cancer Site (Alphabetical)

• Breast

- CA 125/CA Ag 125

- CA 15-3, CA 27-29 (both tests measure the same serum antigen)


- Calcitonin

• Gastrointestinal

- AFP (liver)

- CA 19-9 (pancreas, colorectal, bile duct, stomach)

- CA 125 (pancreas, colorectal)

- CEA (pancreas, colorectal, liver)

- DES (hepatocellular)

- hCG (stomach, pancreas)

- NSE (pancreatic endocrine)

• Genitourinary

- BTA (bladder; urine test)

- CEA (prostate)

- PAP (prostate)

- PSA (prostate)

- PSMA (prostate)

- NMP22 (bladder; urine test)


- AFP (ovary, testis)

- hCG (trophoblastic disease, choriocarcinoma, ovary, testis)


• Gynecologic

- CA 125 (ovary)

- CEA (cervix)

- hCG (cervix)

- HE-4 (ovary)

• Lung

- CA 15-3

- Calcitonin (small cell)

- Calretinin (mesothelioma)


- hCG

- NSE (small cell)


- SMRP (mesothelioma)

- TTF-1 (adenocarcinoma & small cell)

- Napsin A (adenocarcinoma)

• Lymphoma

- B2M (multiple myeloma, lymphomas)

- Monoclonal immunoglobulins (Waldenstrom, Multiple Myeloma; blood & urine tests)

- FLC (multiple myeloma)


- PAP (multiple myeloma)

• Melanoma



- S100/100% soluble in ammonium sulfate at neutral pH

- TA-90/90 kDa tumor-associated antigen

• Neuroendocrine

- Calretinin (adrenocortical carcinoma)

- CgA (neuroendocrine, carcinoid)

- LDH (neuroblastoma)

- NSE (neuroblastoma, carcinoid)

• Thyroid

- Calcitonin (medullary thyroid)


- NSE (medullary thyroid)

- Thyroglobulin

CUP (CK staining may be combined w/the above-listed markers to suggest a 1° tumor site)

- CK7+CK20- (Lung, Breast, Thyroid, Endometrial, Cervical, Salivary Gland, & Pancreas Adenocarcinomas, CC)

- CK7-CK20+ (Colorectal & Merkel Cell Carcinomas)

- CK7+CK20+ (Urothelial, Ovarian, & Pancreas Adenocarcinomas, CC)

- CK7-CK20- (HCC, RCC, Prostate, SQCLC & Small Cell Lung Carcinoma, Head & Neck Carcinoma)

Specificity of Tumor Markers

The Sn & Sp of tumor markers is limited due to their correlation w/other biologic processes


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