A Clinical guide to pediatric infectious disease


A Clinical Guide to Pediatric Infectious Disease arose from ten years of lectures to medical students, residents, and community-based attending physicians. The need was there for a text that would provide a straightforward laboratory and clinical approach to the numerous infectious diseases encountered by physicians who care for children. The evaluation and treatment of infections comprises a significant part of any pediatric practice. General practitioners too are often required to provide evaluations of patients with specialized conditions such as fever, neutropenia, and infection following organ transplantation.

This book is intended to give both the trainee and general practitioner a quick reference, supplying answers to the fundamental questions of “which bacteria?” “what do I order?” and “how long do I treat?” that frequently arise in a busy office practice or hospital ward. Also included are basic concepts such as the use of a gram stain, interpretation of bacterial cultures, and the meaning of a minimal inhibital concentration—fundamental issues for infectious disease specialists.

This text is not meant to replace other more extensive volumes available on the subject; rather, it is meant to serve as an introduction to a clinical approach that can be utilized when facing the classic infectious diseases of pediatrics.