Pediatric Primary Care Case Studies, 1st Ed.


Chapter 1. Diagnostic Reasoning: A Complex Issue for Pediatric Primary Care

UNIT I. Developmental Problems

Chapter 2. An Infant with Gross Motor Delays

Chapter 3. A Toddler with Language and Social Delays

Chapter 4. A School-Age Child with School Failure Problems

Chapter 5. An Adolescent with Fatigue

UNIT II. Functional Health and Mental Health Problems

Chapter 6. The Well Infant

Chapter 7. The Overweight Preschooler

Chapter 8. The Breastfed Infant Who Is Not Gaining

Chapter 9. The Constipated 8-Year-Old

Chapter 10. The Teen Needing a Sports Physical

Chapter 11. The Infant Not Sleeping Through the Night

Chapter 12. The Child Who Is Very Busy and Doesn’t Listen

Chapter 13. The Boy Who Draws a Picture Suggesting an Abuse Situation

Chapter 14. The 14-Year-Old Who Looks Depressed

Chapter 15. The Teen Who Thinks She Might Be Gay

UNIT III. Diseases

Chapter 16. The Child with a Fever for Six Days

Chapter 17. The Wheezing Child

Chapter 18. The Overweight Child with High Blood Sugar

Chapter 19. Migrant Farmworker’s Toddler with Anemia

Chapter 20. The Child with a Headache

Chapter 21. The Preschooler with a Red Eye

Chapter 22. The Toddler with Recurrent Ear Infections

Chapter 23. The Athlete Who Experienced Syncope

Chapter 24. The Child Presenting with Cough

Chapter 25. The Child with Vomiting and Diarrhea

Chapter 26. Three Cases of Oral Trauma

Chapter 27. The Preschooler with Urinary Urgency and Urinary Incontinence

Chapter 28. The 15-Year-Old Girl Who Wants Birth Control

Chapter 29. The 16-Year-Old Girl with a Vaginal Discharge

Chapter 30. The Child with an Itchy Rash

Chapter 31. The Teen Boy with Acne

Chapter 32. The Limping Child

Chapter 33. The Late-Preterm Baby Beginning Well-Child Care

Chapter 34. A Child with Short Stature

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