Pediatric Primary Care: Practice Guidelines for Nurses, 2nd Ed.

CHAPTER 1. Obtaining an Initial History

CHAPTER 2. Obtaining an Interval History

CHAPTER 3. Performing a Physical Examination

CHAPTER 4. Making Newborn Rounds

CHAPTER 5. Guidelines for Breastfeeding

CHAPTER 6. Two-Week Visit

CHAPTER 7. One-Month Visit

CHAPTER 8. Two-Month Visit

CHAPTER 9. Four-Month Visit

CHAPTER 10. Six-Month Visit

CHAPTER 11. Nine-Month Visit

CHAPTER 12. Twelve-Month Visit

CHAPTER 13. Fifteen- to Eighteen-Month Visit

CHAPTER 14. Two-Year Visit

CHAPTER 15. Three-Year Visit (Preschool)

CHAPTER 16. Six-Year Visit (School Readiness)

CHAPTER 17. Seven- to Ten-Year Visit(School Age)

CHAPTER 18. Eleven- to Thirteen-Year Visit (Preadolescent)

CHAPTER 19. Fourteen- to Eighteen-Year Visit (Adolescent)

CHAPTER 20. Dermatologic Problems

CHAPTER 21. Eye Disorders

CHAPTER 22. Ear Disorders

CHAPTER 23. Sinus, Mouth, Throat, and Neck Disorders

CHAPTER 24. Respiratory Disorders

CHAPTER 25. Cardiovascular Disorders

CHAPTER 26. Gastrointestinal Disorders

CHAPTER 27. Genitourinary Disorders

CHAPTER 28. Gynecologic Disorders

CHAPTER 29. Endocrine Disorders

CHAPTER 30. Musculoskeletal Disorders

CHAPTER 31. Neurologic Disorders: Altered States of Consciousness

CHAPTER 32. Hematologic Disorders

CHAPTER 33. Pediatric Obesity

CHAPTER 34. Behavioral Disorders

CHAPTER 35. Mental Health Disorders

APPENDIX A. Recommended Immunization Schedule

APPENDIX C. Children's Growth Charts



APPENDIX F. Predicted Peak Flow Measurements

APPENDIX G. Asthma Management Plan

APPENDIX H. Pediatric Dosage Schedules

APPENDIX I. Pediatric Medications

APPENDIX J. Abbreviations


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