Clinical Calculations Made Easy: Solving Problems Using Dimensional Analysis, 3rd Edition

Case Study 9. Pain

A patient is admitted to the hospital with intractable bone pain secondary to prostate cancer. The orders from the physician include:

·     IV D5W/½ NS with 20 mEq KCl/L at 60 cc/hr

·     IV 500 cc NS with 25 mg Dilaudid and 50 mg Thorazine at 21 cc/hr

·     Heparin 25,000 units/250 cc D5W at 11 cc/hr

·     Bed rest

·     Do not resuscitate

·     O2 at 2 L/min per nasal cannula

·     Bumex 2 mg IV qAM after albumin infusion

·     Albumin 12.5 g IV qAM

Identify the orders that require calculations.

Set up and solve each problem using dimensional analysis.


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