Top 300 Pharmacy Drug Cards

MARAVIROC: Selzentry

Class: Antiretroviral Agent, CCR5 Antagonist

Dosage Forms. Tablet: 150 mg, 300 mg


Common FDA Label Indication, Dosing, and Titration.

1. Treatment of CCR5-tropic HIV-1 infection, in combination with other antiretroviral agents: Adults: 300 mg po bid

Off-Label Uses. None

MOA. Selectively and reversibly binds to the chemokine (C-C motif receptor 5 [CCR5]) coreceptors located on human CD4 cells. CCR5 antagonism prevents interaction between the human CCR5 coreceptor and the gp120 subunit of the viral envelope glycoprotein, thereby inhibiting gp120 conformational change required for CCR5-tropic HIV-1 fusion with the CD4 cell and subsequent cell entry.

Drug Characteristics: Mariviroc


Medication Safety Issues: Mariviroc


Drug Interactions: Mariviroc


Adverse Reactions: Mariviroc


Efficacy Monitoring Parameters. HIV viral load, CD4 count, tropism assay, HIV resistance testing.

Toxicity Monitoring Parameters. Liver function tests, bilirubin.

Key Patient Counseling Points. Take with or without food. Do not chew or crush tablet. Does not prevent transmission of HIV, practice safe sex, do not share needles, etc. May cause drowsiness, avoid driving and concurrent CNS depressants.

Clinical Pearls. Not recommended for children less than 16 y of age. HIV may enter the cell via CCR5, CXCR4, or both receptors (called dual or mixed). Maraviroc is only indicated for HIV that only uses CCR5 for cell entry. Does not cure HIV. Medication guide required at dispensing.