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Class: Vaccine, Live, Viral

Dosage Forms. Suspension for Oral Administration: Monovalent attenuated human rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix), pentavalent attenuated bovine rotavirus vaccine (RotaTeq)


Common FDA Label Indication, Dosing, and Titration.

1. Prophylaxis of viral gastroenteritis due to rotavirus infection: One dose po for all infants at age 2 and 4 mo (Rotarix), or 2, 4, and 6 mo (RotaTeq); the first dose should be administered between 6 and 14 wk of age; do not start the series if infant is older than 14 wk of age; all doses should be administered at least 4 wk apart and before infant reaches 24 wk of age

Off-Label Uses. None

Drug Characteristics: Rotavirus Vaccine, Live


Medication Safety Issues: Rotavirus Vaccine, Live


Drug Interactions: Rotavirus Vaccine, Live


Adverse Reactions: Rotavirus Vaccine, Live


Efficacy Monitoring Parameters. Prevention of viral gastroenteritis due to rotavirus infection.

Toxicity Monitoring Parameters. Temperature, number of stools, abdominal pain.

Key Patient Counseling Points. Return to provider for each dose in the series. Contact a healthcare provider right away if the child has diarrhea, blood in his stool, vomiting, high fever, or abdominal pain as these may be symptoms of intussusception.

Clinical Pearls. If the infant fails to swallow or vomits the vaccine dose, do not re-administer the dose. Immunized infant may shed virus in stools. Routine precautions are recommended, with heightened caution if close contact with an immunocompromised individual.