Top 300 Pharmacy Drug Cards

BENZONATATE: Tessalon Perles, Various

Class: Antitussive

Dosage Forms. Capsule, Liquid Filled: 100 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg


Common FDA Label Indication, Dosing, and Titration.

1. Cough: 100-200 mg po tid prn, max 600 mg/d

Off-Label Uses.

1. Endotracheal intubation hiccups: 100 mg po × 1 dose, may repeat in 4 h

MOA. Benzonatate acts peripherally by anesthetizing the stretch receptors located in the respiratory passages, lungs, and pleura by dampening their activity and thereby reducing the cough reflex at its source.

Drug Characteristics: Benzonatate


Medication Safety Issues: Benzonatate


Drug Interactions: Benzonatate. None known

Adverse Reactions: Benzonatate


Efficacy Monitoring Parameters. Resolution of clinical signs of cough.

Toxicity Monitoring Parameters. Seek medical attention if rash or hives, itching, difficulty breathing or swallowing, confusion, or hallucinations occur.

Key Patient Counseling Points. Do not chew capsules or allow capsules to dissolve in mouth as oropharyngeal anesthesia will occur. Accidental ingestion of as few as 1-2 capsules by children <2 y of age has been fatal. The drug appearance (round, clear liquid-filled capsules) may be attractive to children, so particular care should be taken to keep out of reach.

Clinical Pearls. Benzonatate was approved by the FDA in 1958. Very little pharmacologic or pharmacokinetic data exist for this product. Do not spill the bottle—will take you hours to track down capsules that are spilled.

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