Medical Physiology, 3rd Edition

CHAPTER 39. Transport of Acids and Bases

Gerhard Giebisch, Erich E. Windhager, Peter S. Aronson

The lungs and the kidneys are largely responsible for regulating the acid-base balance of the blood (see Chapter 28). They do so by independently controlling the two major components of the body's major buffering system: CO2 and image (Fig. 39-1). Chapter 31 focuses on how the lungs control plasma [CO2]. In this chapter we see how the kidneys control plasma [image].


FIGURE 39-1 Acid-base balance. All values are for a 70-kg human consuming a typical Western acid-ash diet. The values in the boxes are approximations.

Acid-Base Balance and the Overall Renal Handling of Acid

Acid-Base Transport by Different Segments of the Nephron

Acid-Base Transport at the Cellular and Molecular Levels

Regulation of Renal Acid Secretion