Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology, 24th Edition


SECTION I Cellular and Molecular Basis for Medical Physiology

CHAPTER 1 General Principles & Energy Production in Medical Physiology

CHAPTER 2 Overview of Cellular Physiology in Medical Physiology

CHAPTER 3 Immunity, Infection, & Inflammation

CHAPTER 4 Excitable Tissue: Nerve

CHAPTER 5 Excitable Tissue: Muscle

CHAPTER 6 Synaptic & Junctional Transmission

CHAPTER 7 Neurotransmitters & Neuromodulators

SECTION II Central and Peripheral Neurophysiology

CHAPTER 8 Somatosensory Neurotransmission: Touch, Pain, and Temperature

CHAPTER 9 Vision

CHAPTER 10 Hearing & Equilibrium

CHAPTER 11 Smell & Taste

CHAPTER 12 Reflex and Voluntary Control of Posture & Movement

CHAPTER 13 Autonomic Nervous System

CHAPTER 14 Electrical Activity of the Brain, Sleep-Wake States, & Circadian Rhythms

CHAPTER 15 Learning, Memory, Language, & Speech

SECTION III Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology

CHAPTER 16 Basic Concepts of Endocrine Regulation

CHAPTER 17 Hypothalamic Regulation of Hormonal Functions

CHAPTER 18 The Pituitary Gland

CHAPTER 19 The Thyroid Gland

CHAPTER 20 The Adrenal Medulla & Adrenal Cortex

CHAPTER 21 Hormonal Control of Calcium & Phosphate Metabolism & the Physiology of Bone

CHAPTER 22 Reproductive Development & Function of the Female Reproductive System

CHAPTER 23 Function of the Male Reproductive System

CHAPTER 24 Endocrine Functions of the Pancreas & Regulation of Carbohydrate Metabolism

SECTION IV: Gastrointestinal Physiology

CHAPTER 25 Overview of Gastrointestinal Function & Regulation

CHAPTER 26 Digestion, Absorption, & Nutritional Principles

CHAPTER 27 Gastrointestinal Motility

CHAPTER 28 Transport & Metabolic Functions of the Liver

SECTION V Cardiovascular Physiology

CHAPTER 29 Origin of the Heartbeat & the Electrical Activity of the Heart

CHAPTER 30 The Heart as a Pump

CHAPTER 31 Blood as a Circulatory Fluid & the Dynamics of Blood & Lymph Flow

CHAPTER 32 Cardiovascular Regulatory Mechanisms

CHAPTER 33 Circulation Through Special Regions

SECTION VI Respiratory Physiology

CHAPTER 34 Introduction to Pulmonary Structure and Mechanics

CHAPTER 35 Gas Transport & pH

CHAPTER 36 Regulation of Respiration

SECTION VII Renal Physiology

CHAPTER 37 Renal Function & Micturition

CHAPTER 38 Regulation of Extracellular Fluid Composition & Volume

CHAPTER 39 Acidification of the Urine & Bicarbonate Excretion

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