Pregnancy All-in-One For Dummies


Book 1: Getting Started with Your Pregnancy Preparation

Chapter 1. Seeing Double (Lines): And So It Begins

Chapter 2. Practitioners, Prenatal Visits, and Maintaining Good Health

Chapter 3. Diet, Exercise, and Expectant Moms

Chapter 4. Oh, the Changes You'll See: Physical, Emotional, and Embarrassing Unmentionables

Chapter 5. Creating a Birth Plan

Book 2: From Twinkle to Term: The Countdown to Labor and Beyond

Chapter 1. The First Trimester

Chapter 2. The Second Trimester

Chapter 3. The Third Trimester

Chapter 4. Honey, I Think I'm in Labor!

Chapter 5. Special Delivery: Bringing Your Baby into the World

Chapter 6. Hello, World! Meeting Your Newborn

Chapter 7. Taking Care of Yourself after Delivery

Book 3: All about Nutrition While Pregnant

Chapter 1. Managing Your Eating Habits and Weight Gain

Chapter 2. Nourishing Your Bump: Proper Nutrition during Pregnancy

Chapter 3. Knowing What Foods to Avoid

Book 4: Staying Fit While Pregnant

Chapter 1. Recognizing the Benefits of a Fit Pregnancy

Chapter 2. Designing a Safe Prenatal Fitness Program

Chapter 3. Knowing Which Activities Are Best (And Which to Avoid)

Chapter 4. Getting Up and Moving

Chapter 5. Recovering from the Labor Marathon and Getting Up and at'Em

Book 5: Feeding Your Baby: Breast, Bottle, or Both?

Chapter 1. Feeding Your Baby: A Primer for Breast and Bottle

Chapter 2. Delving Deeper into Breastfeeding

Chapter 3. Common Concerns and Challenges

Book 6: Special Conditions

Chapter 1. Pregnancies with Special Considerations

Chapter 2. When Things Get Complicated

Chapter 3. Pregnancy from Sickness to Health

Chapter 4. Coping with the Unexpected

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