Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body


Writing a book like Girl to Girl takes a village—and frankly, I’ve got a pretty cool village. Many, many thanks to all the incredible experts who shared their time and knowledge to make this a better book, including:

Image Norah Alberto, Maidenform senior style director

Image Michele Borba, EdD, author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions and Today Show contributor

Image Carmindy, professional makeup artist, TV show personality, and bestselling author

Image Joseph Checchio, DDS, Genesis Dental

Image Rosemarie Ingleton, MD, Ingleton Dermatology

Image Nora Lisman, LMSW, HC, Nora Lisman Wellness Coaching

Image Elaine Plummer, RN, BNS, Tampax and Always community manager, and part of the FemCare team of health experts, the Procter & Gamble Company

Image Sara Szkola, MD

Official experts weren’t the only help I got. I couldn’t have written this book without all the stories, questions, and advice from girls who are going through puberty now and the many girls who have been there. They are my real-life experts. Thank you, all of you! You know who you are.

My husband, Grant, is supportive and loving, and was completely wonderful during the entire writing and publication process. What can I say? I did good. He’s the best husband on the planet. I was pregnant with my incredible daughter, Leigh, while I was writing this book, and thinking about what I would want to share with her one day really inspired me. I feel so lucky that I get to watch her grow up.

I also want to thank my family. My parents, Julie and David, were patient and loving before, during, and after I went through puberty. They are truly fab parents. Having three sisters and one brother meant that my house while growing up was kind of chaotic and constantly full of life. We had a lot of fun as kids and now, as adults, I’m lucky to count them as friends as well as siblings. My two brothers-in-law feel much more like brothers than in-laws and thanks to their help, I’m an aunt to the cutest nieces and nephews you can imagine. I also married into a wonderful family, all of whom I adore.

This is my third book with Chronicle Books. Sometimes I pinch myself (not too hard) to make sure that being published by them is real and not just a happy dream. My literary agent, Stefanie von Borstel, is lovely with a capital L and helped make this book happen. My editor, Julie Romeis, was thoughtful and kind, and her editorial guidance was nothing short of genius. I was also incredibly lucky to work with Ariel Richardson and Ginee Seo who graciously shared their energy and experience! Managing editors Ann Spradlin and Claire Fletcher were lifesavers and the wonderfully talented designer Jen Tolo Pierce and production manager Michelle Clair, who work behind the scenes to make the book both beautiful and functional, are simply amazing. And of course, I would never forget the talented sales, marketing, and publicity teams, who work to get the book out into the world. They don’t get thanked enough for the energy and creativity it takes to break through the noise out there. Special thanks to marketing manager Stephanie Wong, and publicity manager Lara Starr, who have worked so hard on Girl to Girl.

Can you imagine this book without the artistic genius of Alli Arnold? Neither can I! Alli’s warm, inviting illustrations make the book something special.

I am also lucky to have incredible, supportive friends (all wise beyond their years, of course). As a teenager, I only had a handful of friends with whom I could really be myself (thank you, Jillian). I worried that I would never have more than one or two friends who would make me think and laugh and who would really be around when I needed them. But I realize now that my high school years were just practice years for the true friends I would find as I got older. Thank you Chrissy, Amanda, Joy, Lauren, Beth, Kelsey, Allen, Kathy, Ben, and Michael. I am a lucky girl to have you all in my life.

And finally, I want to thank you, wonderful reader, for giving me a reason to write Girl to Girl. So please put your name right here:


I hope this book is useful, encouraging, and fun, and most importantly, that it reminds you how amazing you are, no matter what’s going on in your body (or anywhere else!).

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