Obstetrics in Family Medicine: A Practical Guide (Current Clinical Practice) 2nd ed.

Part I Preconception and Prenatal Care

Chapter 1. Physiology

Chapter 2. Preconception Counseling

Chapter 3. Prenatal Care

Chapter 4. Medications in Pregnancy

Part II Complications of Pregnancy

Chapter 5. Dysmorphic Growth and Genetic Abnormalities

Chapter 6. Intrauterine Growth Restriction

Chapter 7. Preterm Labor

Chapter 8. Premature Rupture of Membranes

Chapter 9. Early Pregnancy Bleeding

Chapter 10. Late-Pregnancy Bleeding

Chapter 11. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Chapter 12. Rh Isoimmunization

Chapter 13. Infection in Pregnancy

Chapter 14. Hypertension in Pregnancy

Chapter 15. Diabetes in Pregnancy

Chapter 16. Multigestational Pregnancy

Chapter 17. Postdates Pregnancy

Part III Labor and Delivery

Chapter 18. Normal Labor

Chapter 19. Induction and Augmentation

Chapter 20. Pain Management in Labor

Chapter 21. Operative Delivery

Part IV Complications of Labor and Delivery

Chapter 22. Prolonged Labor

Chapter 23. Shoulder Dystocia

Chapter 24. Malpresentation

Chapter 25. Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

Chapter 26. Maternal Fever in Labor

Chapter 27. Postpartum Hemorrhage

Chapter 28. Perineal Laceration and Episiotomy

Part V Postpartum Management

Chapter 29. Newborn Evaluation

Chapter 30. Routine Hospital Postpartum Management

Chapter 31. Complications of the Hospital Postpartum Period