Good enough parenting


We hope you have enjoyed the journey of Good Enough Parenting. You have been introduced to “lifetraps” and “coping styles”, and learned how to avoid “exasperation interactions”. You have become extremely familiar with the four plus one core emotional needs, and you have gotten up close and personal with our family through the Louis Lowdowns. You have read more research than you knew was out there, and you have learned how to be vulnerable, and how to repair and reconnect when the need arises.

Our dream is for parents everywhere to grow in their self-awareness, break the cycle of dysfunction, and raise loving families. We want to help moms and dads meet their children’s core emotional needs, and create a legacy that leads to every successive generation becoming healthier. Hopefully you will be able to come back to these pages for reminders—“What was that second core emotional need again?” “Which one of the exasperation interactions did I do this time?” “How can I avoid the Vortex?!” Perhaps some of you will form Good Enough Parenting support groups in your neighborhoods and work with other parents, or organize workshops for communities, or schools. Remember that your children are not science projects, they are more like works of art . . . So hopefully, whether you are working on a Van Gogh, a Rembrandt or a Picasso, your masterpieces will be unique and beautiful, and will one day turn around to you and say, “Thanks for being Good Enough Parents!”