Baby Care & Child Health Problems

Part I

Raising a Green Baby

Environmental issues have become a major concern in today's world. We have to make conscious efforts to take the pressure off the environment. Well, if you thought that your newborn baby cannot contribute his/ her bit towards restoring ecological balance, you are definitely in for a surprise. Your little one can be made eco-friendly right from his/her birth. This is the only way we can safeguard the planet resources and ensure that our children's future is safe as well.

Environmental consciousness can begin right from the time of birth of your baby. By being eco-friendly, don't assume that you are not doing the best for your kid. You just need to follow the basics and buy products that are both suitable for your baby and the environment.

You also need to change your habits in order to be environmental friendly. It is not only good for the baby but for your ownself. While feeding the baby if you consume organic foods which are free of chemicals like pesticides and insecticides, then it is good for both you and your baby.

1. Raising Eco-Friendly Baby

Raising an eco-friendly baby is not a tough task. All that you need to do is change a few habits and get the baby accustomed to the things that are environment friendly.

Baby playing with wooden toys

 The first step would be to make a list of the things that your baby would require. Certain things like cots, beds and cupboard can either be borrowed from friends and family or you can buy them second-hand.

 Next in line, comes the type of items you buy. Rather than buying things that can be exclusively used by a boy or girl, buy things that both can use. This will lead to saving resources as well.

 Breast-feeding qualifies as the most environment friendly food for your baby. Mother's milks is deemed as the most sterile and healthy food for a toddler. Feed breast milk to your baby instead of formula food, as long it is practicable.

 Do not opt for disposable breast pads. Instead, use washable breast pads, as they are eco-friendly.

 When it comes to infant's nappies, get reusable cloth nappies made of cotton. These are simple to use and long lasting and can be used for more than one child.

 You can get your baby wooden toys rather than the plastic ones. This is an effective way for being eco-friendly parent.

 In terms of clothes, the best bet would be to buy secondhand baby clothes. Since babies grow very quickly, the clothes are hardly worn.

 Some of the other items which you can get second hand include cot linen, soft furnishings, bouncy chairs and inflatable baby nests.

 While getting wooden objects, such as high chairs and baby toys, keep away from tropical hardwoods. Instead, look for ones made from trees grown in sustainable forests.

 In terms of baby care toiletries, use the ones that are eco-friendly. These items use natural ingredients that are soft and kind to baby and toddler's skin.

 Once you baby has grown and can consume solids, make him/her your own baby food rather than getting packaged ones.

2. Organic Diapers

In the tug of war between the cloth diapers and the disposable ones, it is the more recently introduced organic or biodegradable disposable diapers that seem to have won conclusively. With cloth diapers being messy to handle, and the disposable diapers considered to be ecological threats, the organic diapers seems to be a perfect solution to all of these problems. Organic diapers are believed to be made of biodegradable materials that decompose easily and can be easily flushed or composted. Concerned parents now can opt for this healthier, more environment-friendly option for their little babies, who unknowingly contribute to this entire biodegradation process. The ever-growing heaps of non-biodegradable diaper waste are a big threat to our environment. To bail us out from further damage, concerned manufacturers have come up with organic diapers, also called the smart cloth. Organic diapers have all the benefits of their disposable counterparts, with the added advantage of being eco-friendly. They can be flushed or changed into compost for your garden.

A baby with an organic diaper

Benefits of Organic Diapers

 The greatest advantage of organic disposable diapers is that you can trash it in your garbage can without worry.

 An organic diaper comes with the goodness of both cloth and disposable diapers. They are easy on your baby's skin.

 Organic diapers are much more absorbent than their cloth equivalents, and hence help in keeping your babies dry and comfortable for longer hours.

 The best thing about organic diapers is that they are 100% natural and non-allergic. They are the best choice for your baby's tender skin, as they are softer and run no risk of rashes and skin irritations.

 What more, you don't have to wash these disposable diapers. Just flush them or use them as compost.

Tips to Choose Organic Diapers

 If cost is a concern for you, you can go for the organic pre-fold diapers. Apart from being affordable, these diapers are easily adjustable and can be used from birth till toilet training and beyond. However, there is a flipside to these diapers. Tying pre-fold organic diapers can be a time-consuming affair, and they are a bit difficult to handle. They are also more susceptible to leakages than the more fitted ones.

 If you are looking for options on organic diapers, totally-organic fitted cloth diapers are the ones to go for. Available in a variety of sizes these diapers are adjustable and can be used till your baby gets toilet trained. However, you would need pins or diaper fasteners to secure them. These nappies are less prone to leakages because of elastic fittings, and run a lower risk of rashes.

 If time is a concern for you, then you can opt for all-in-one organic diapers that are easy to fix and are available in a host of different colours and sizes. These have strong built-in moisture barriers and are washable. All-in-one organic diapers come with Velcro or snaps and can be easily adjusted to your baby's size. The downside is that they are more expensive than the regular pre-fold diapers and can cause skin rashes at times.

 Pocket all-in-one diapers are a better option than the normal all-in-one diapers. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes and are moisture-resistant.

 Organic diapers are usually made of cotton, hemp, bamboo and soya fibre. To know what is best for your baby, pick a sample of each fabric. Hot wash the fabrics with mild detergent and dry on medium heat in order to understand how soft these fabrics are and how absorbent they can be.

3. Organic Baby Clothing

Amazingly soft, naturally made fibre without the use of chemicals are healthier for your baby. This is not a figment of imagination or a fairy tale to be told to your baby. In reality, you can gift your adorable loved ones these organic clothes that are extremely durable and have micro-bacterial properties, which shield them against germs. These small activities also give rise to more attachment and bonding. Your baby can be a good example for others to go eco-friendly. Conventional baby clothes come dyed in chemicals and contain pesticides, which do not go away in one wash. If you think that organic baby clothes do not offer many varieties in clothes, you are in for a surprise! From diapers to jackets to swimsuits to jumpers, just about anything is available in organic clothing shops.

Organic Clothes for Babies

 Cyanazine, dicofol, naled, propargite, and trifluralin are some dangerous chemicals, which can cause cancer and are most commonly involved in fabricating cotton clothes. Avoid these.

 Allergic reactions can be triggered out of using clothes on which many manufacturers use dyes and chemicals to impart good colour and look. Therefore, go in for pale colours, as this eliminates the chance of harmful side-effects of dyes.

Organic clothes

 Organic clothing is high in style and you can clad your babies into creative and natural outfits and make them feel different from others. They are available in varied colours, shapes, designs and patterns.

 Organic clothes for babies can also form a memorable and unique moment in the life of parents, as they always think of getting the most special, safe and amazing gift for their babies and organic clothing provides them the opportunity to make clothing a special experience for their babies.

 Parents can bring in various baby gifts in the form of a complete range of baby products, such as clothes, bedding material, toys, etc and rest assured that organic clothing will be an eye-catching idea to flaunt around a bit.

 The main purpose of organic baby clothing is to create a natural care criteria, which includes everything, right from clothing, toys, bedding or food. As the world has grown highly inorganic and almost everything is polluted, it's better that the parents of newborns decide to go natural and save their babies from chemicals, pesticides and pollution. After all, nature is all about creating a balance in the world and these small acts can add to it.


Q-1. I would like to buy best and most expensive things for my baby and at the same time I would like to be environment-friendly. But it seems the two do not mix. What should I do?

Ans. If a thing is expensive, it does not necessarily be good for your baby or environment-friendly. So choose those things which are healthy and useful for your baby and favour environment as well.

Q-2. I would like to buy organic clothes for my baby but they are not easily available in the market. Sometimes people dupe in the name of organic cloth. What should be done?

Ans. For buying good organic clothes for your baby, go to well-established stores or shopping malls which have a reputation of selling such products. There are no chances of cheating in such places. You may choose from different designs and variety there.

Q-3. The organic diapers available in the market are very expensive and short in supply. What alternative do I have?

Ans. If you cannot find the organic diapers in the market easily, then the next best option is the home-made cloth diapers which are inexpensive, easy to make and readily available. These diapers are soft on your baby's skin and environment-friendly too.

Q-4. Wooden toys are said to be environment-friendly toys. But will they not hurt my baby?

Ans. Do not buy heavy wooden toys which may hurt your baby. Buy the light ones with rounded edges. If the baby is very small, then just place them above the crib from where the baby can see them and play from a distance.

Q-5. How should I dispose of organic diapers?

Ans. Organic diapers are made from biodegradable material. It is safe to dispose them off with other biodegradable waste. Do not wrap them in plastic bags instead wrap them in pieces of newspaper and throw them along with biodegradable wastes.

Q-6. Whenever my baby wears dark, printed, colourful clothes, he develops a rash all over the body. Why does this happen?

Ans. Many dark-coloured dyes and chemicals used in coloured clothes can trigger an allergic reaction in children. So go for white or pale colours which will eliminate the chances of any allergic reaction on your baby's sensitive skin.