Baby Care & Child Health Problems

Preparing for the Baby

The arrival of the baby is the most awaited moment of your life. You would not like to spoil by having to run here and there in search of right things for the baby at the last moment. Here is a list of things which you should keep ready before the arrival of the newborn.

For the Baby

 A crib with a soft but firm baby mattress.

 Baby blankets for winter

 Pillows (optional)

 Waterproof sheeting of plastic or rubber for the crib

 Soft bed sheets and covers

 Baby clothes which are soft and comfortable

 Baby caps, socks, mittens/gloves for winter

 Soft towels

 Diapers, which are soft, such as those made from old linen in the house are very soft and should be used for the first few days as baby's skin is very delicate during this period.

 Cotton cloth pieces and wipes

 Cotton and gauze for making cotton pads

 Cotton balls for wiping baby's eyes

 Baby towels

 Mild baby soap

 Baby powder

 Baby oil

 Baby cream

 Nappy rash cream (as and when required)

 Baby bath or tub with rounded edges

 Two feeding bottles and two nipples

 A tin of milk powder

 Brushes to clean the bottles

 Bottle sterilizer

Baby accessories

For the Mother

 Maternity clothes

 Hand and body cream

 Other toiletries

 Sanitary Towels

 Breast pump (as and when required)

Mother and baby accessories